Parents Have A Good Marriage, Does This Help Their Children In Love?

Now this is pure speculation but I’m wondering if love can be a legacy, left to you by your parents. Let’s say a person grew up with parents who loved each other deeply.

Do you think this is an advantage to that individual when it comes to finding love and lasting relationship in their own life?

Or do you think the parents love fortune is irrelevant to their descendants?

Can you back your opinion with astrology?

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  2. I didn’t have one good marriage around me. My paternal grandparents seemed okay. I never saw them fight but when I look back at it now, he spent a lot of time in the basement and she in the living room, plus they had separate bedrooms.

    My maternal grandparents had separate beds all the years of my life but in the same room. My maternal grandmother lived a dogs life with my grandpa. He ran around, he cheated on her, he never let her learn to drive and she was trapped with no money and no way out. If she’d had a way she would have left him.

    My mother and step father fought like cats and dogs. It was horrible and embarrassing and really bad.

    There are 5 of us and every one of us have been divorced more than once, with one of us never married at all.

    I think that is proof.

    I did finally find the right person in my late 30’s and we have been together ever since. But, I do attribute some of this to his having a better understanding of what a good marriage looks like. His parents were crazy in love and his father doted on his mother. They held hands and probably still do. They were shitty parents …I mean the WORST…but they loved each other and have been together for almost 50 years.

    He watched two people love each other. I never witnessed it in my life. He is the voice of reason in this home for sure. And he has taught me a lot about what he has lived.

    Now, his parents haven’t spoken to him in almost 10 years, but they are together and still happy

  3. I think the effects of the marriage in the childhood home filter down, good or bad. But, I also think if the chart shows a solid marriage it will be.

  4. My parents have been together for decades and they seem to have a good thing going on but it really hasn’t helped me, my love life has not turned out that well. For what it’s worth, my parents almost never openly expressed affection or discussed this stuff with me. I basically learned about love and sex from TV.

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    A person’s ability or luck to find love easily, or to form lasting relationships easily depends on many things, and to have parents that have a good relationship is only one of these many things. However, I do think that parents that are fine with each other helps the person to be more loving, more trusting and more open to form relationships in general. I’m not sure about the astrology, but both my mother’s and my father’s Pluto conjuncts my Sun in synastry, they were not only very oppressive and controlling but my father was a very insidious man but my mother was kind of naive and trusted him a lot. When my mother was having her second Saturn return and Pluto was conjuncting her natal Mercury; everywhere was just flooded with what my father was actually doing and thinking. The nervous breakdown of my mother was juust a movie! It’s always disgusting to watch such a thing, and I have a very low opinion of men in general; but it’s backed up by so many other experiences.

    My Capricorn moon is squared by Pluto natally and Pluto is my strongest planet. Maybe a strong Pluto causes such things. I’m not sure. (And I still think family thing should be banned altogether, it’s the mother of all evil to me!)

  6. My parents did not love each other deeply. My first marriage ended in divorce BUT becuase I was a child of divorce, I knew first hand how a child could be affected and that has probably made a huge difference. My husband and I are friends and we are awesome co-parents. We help each other and are constantly communicating about our daughter. We have shared custody and I see him nearly every day. We care about each other but he is more of a Saturn figure to me than a husband. I think that there is a lasting and deep love in my future. I think it’s very possible for someone to find this even though their parents were not an ideal model. I don’t think it’s totally irrevelant but it’s not the determining factor either! No way.

  7. I read somewhere (I forget where, sorry about that – I care about footnotes, citing sources) that if a child is neglected by their parents BUT has one adult that ecourages them, they have a chance for believing in themself.
    My experience, and observation, agrees. Likewise, knowing one strong loving couple increases the sense that a good relationship is possible… and desirable.
    My grandfather was very much in love with his wife, my grandmother, throughout their time together. He set the bar, for me. *Even though I usually couldn’t understand his words…* 🙂

  8. I think the way parents treat each other provides a model for how a person treats them self. And then that informs how people allow others to treat them.

    But I suppose it’s possible to have divorced parents that treat each other respectfully for example.

    I think this one is a possibly.

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