Pluto Moon Transit – Mine: Thoughts Contrary To Opinions Of Other Astrologers

cigarette cardI’ve got this Pluto Moon transit going and all kinds of things disturb me. For example, I mentioned last night the soldier and Vid and I rode our bikes / skateboard to the store but I did not mention we passed by the place where my daughter was hit by car on her bicycle last year.

My daughter actually hit the car not the other way around, as four witnesses stopped to testify to the four policemen on the scene. The whole thing was surreal… my daughter was shook but not injured and I was in fact liable for the damage to the gal’s car if you can get your head around that but anyway, I am also disturbed due my contrary opinion where I actually mean “opinions”.

I disagree with a whole bunch of astrologers these days about upcoming Saturn Uranus opposition specifically and I wish this was not the case because I just can’t figure it out. Why do I have a contrary opinion, huh? Is it because I have Libra? Is it because I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra and I simply MUST take an opposing viewpoint? Or could it be I really know something?

There is another angle too. Uranus rules astrology so it is possible I am acting as the Saturn figure opposing other astrologers. Chastising them even – No you are wrong!

But I may also be the Uranus figure in the equation. I may be going against the status quo or the party line.

So anyway, this is the horrible crap on my mind tonight. I would like to agree with people but I don’t.

What are you all up to?

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  1. Earlier this evening I drug John out of the house and made him start learning to drive stick shift. This is a man who spent his life as a musician and never learned to drive a car at all until he came to the states 7 or 8 years ago. He was a better student and I a better teacher than either of us expected.

    Came home and did a phone reading. Sandwiches for dinner so easy evening here at the house for us.

  2. I like how contrary you are.

    I’m up to freak-out obsessive cleaning every inch of my kitchen, even the tiny seams in the faucets. It’s only so I don’t eat a pie. A whole one.

  3. I’m working to finish up my stuff so I can take tomorrow off.

    Come to think of it, I’m obviously not working that hard if I’m checking out the ElsaElsa comments….

    ‘scuse me. /scurries

  4. Well, I say be contrary. Someone’s got to take the opposing viewpoint to keep the balance 🙂

    Trying to enjoy my week off. Eating, sleeping, sitting in the sun. And reading Elsa of course

  5. I agree with Ana, someone has to take the opposing viewpoint. It would be dangerous if all of us were seeing it from the same viewpoint, because if it turns out being wrong – God help. And when a whole bunch of astrologers are wrong, God help their clients too 🙂
    Here is a good song:

  6. Sticking to one´s own mind instead of agreeing to what all others think may be hard stuff for a libra person (I like the way Ana turned that situation libra-rian, keeping the balance…very smart!), but it´s the salt of the earth.

    What I´m up to? Shamanic stuff, I guess. Raising the spirits (once again), learning and teaching. Fear and courage. Turmoil and silence. Never knowing what happens the next minute… things like that.

  7. Took two exams today in my Criminal Justice classes.

    We studied the Milgram experiments this semester. Disagreeing with other people just because “Well, this is what I think is right!” is a GOOD THING.

  8. How funny! Disagreeing with everyone about a Uranus opposition! Isn’t that the very definition of same?

    As Fleetwood Mac sang, “You can go your own way.”

    Its all good until someone loses an I.

  9. there’s a boulder falling through the pit of my stomach.

    just a feeling, mind you.
    more of more of my dreams have been happening, which is not encouraging, considering what i’ve been dreaming about since i was a kid.

    what _do_ you think about the unranus/saturn opposition?

    …i’m getting kinda’ nervy about the uranus/pluto scquare in a couple years. might be feeling it already.

  10. Well, it seems just when I start to feel maybe i’m getting somewhere, my Scorpio guy pulls away. I think the idea of getting with me must be scary. I guess I should feel flattered, because I think maybe I matter. Us Scorpio’s and our control issues…

    Elsa, I wish you some peace in your head. Seems like it’s pretty turbulent in there right now…

  11. I’ll bite. (Hi, Elsa. Much love.)

    I’m also taking a contrarian position to the numerous watered-down interpretations out there, and I don’t know if it meshes with yours, but I think major shit’s gonna go down on many, many levels. This is a big-time deja vu of the castration of Uranus (succumbing to force in Pisces) by a strong, this-is-the-way-it’s-going-to-be Saturn on a worldwide level – a lockdown on freedom in just about all its expressions. I’m looking at major political and economic upheaval on a grand scale, not just some rinky-dink protests at a convention and high gas/food prices, and a counterattack by and on the masses to make Operation Shock and Awe look like an episode of Romper Room. This happened in the 60s on a pretty benign level, but this time, Pluto’s involved, too.

    Of course, when Saturn cast Uranus’ junk into the ocean, up came Miss Congeniality (Venus) from the foam, but we’ll be hard pressed to salvage the beauty from this. I’m thinking we’re going to find out who our friends really are.

  12. I vote Libra. I have a ton of it in my chart & I always seem to be the person pointing out the “other” side of any issue. Of course in your case Elsa, you not only are pointing it out, but agreeing with it.. so maybe its NOT Libra… just cant decide 😉 hehe

  13. I am with you Avery! Do you have any ideas about how you are going to ride this one out? It seems like it is a big wave with more big waves behind it. Somehow I don’t think that you will be listening to ‘surfer girl’ in the background.

  14. Spinner, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t really have a choice. I have a daughter and a job that enables me to take good care of that daughter, and I think I’m reasonably sheltered compared to others in the volatile private sector since I work for the state and it would take an Act of God to get rid of me, at least in the capacity in which I’m employed. I’m going to lie low and keep myself off of certain blacklists, try not to piss anybody off and offer spiritual first aid to those in my sphere who need it. I’m consciously expanding my world of acquaintances, because we’re going to need each other, I think. And finally, I can educate my kid in the midst of all of this as to what’s going on. She’s our future, might as well get her up to speed effective, oh, NOW.

  15. I don’t mean to sound so apocalyptic. The world is not ending. There have always been war, famine, natural disasters, drought, unstable economics, religious intolerance, changing of guards, disease, and a broad spectrum of the expression of stupidity… that’s simply part of the experience of living on this planet among others of this species. Maybe we’ve been too sheltered in our infancy and it’s time to move out of the nursery.

    I’m just having a hard time figuring out if I’m going to be aligned with the establishment or the revolution. Both sound kind of nuts to me at this point.

  16. Good morning Elsa. Thanks for letting us know. I did not know the details before this post. You may have put this out before, but if so, I missed those posts. I cannot believe that you were liable for damages to the car involved. I find it incredulous that your daughter rammed her bike into a car. It sounds like the people involved were more concerned about a car than the well being of a young girl. Unbelievable!

  17. “I would like to agree with people but I don’t.”

    Me too. Reading this line, I thought ‘Then don’t.’ That must be my Sun/Uranus opposition talking. Out of curiosity…what is your take on Saturn/Uranus? I’m not sure I’ve got the gist of what your take is. (I’ve been reading carefully but you know Sag–prone to miss details whilst busy frolicking).

    I like the unpredictable stuff–and I’d love to read a piece on the Saturn/Uranus opposition (if you felt like it, of course).

    What am I up to today? I met some strangers yesterday, and go to know some casual acquaintances better. I guess I’m an oddball myself–I don’t worry about the future (I’ll be in it or I won’t). I do worry about my emotional faculties…all pistons need to be firing effectively for me to feel at ease.

  18. Elsa we have enough Lemmings on the planet say what you truly feel!

    I have never ever failed to pick the next President. This time something is off balance. I can’t put my finger on it yet.

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