Mercury @ 0 Taurus Square Pluto @ 0 Aquarius – Black Monday?

Batman watch vintageMercury in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius at zero degrees on Monday, April 3rd.  This will be the first exact aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. Considering the last exact aspect was roughly 230 years ago, I think it should be noted.

Six weeks ago, it occurred to me, we could see a sudden (Aquarius) collapse (Pluto) with Pluto changing signs. I started a thread about this, here.

I’ve heard many times, the stock market corrects, slow, slow, slow, then FAST. Mercury rules timing so this gets my attention.  Black Monday? Maybe, maybe not. But I certainly expect some hardcore news.

If you have planets in the very early degrees of Fixed signs, I know you’re already quaking but this needs to be said. If you have a message you want to deliver or anything else you want to “time”, this knowledge may help you do that.

What do you expect from this first aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, in modern times?

29 thoughts on “Mercury @ 0 Taurus Square Pluto @ 0 Aquarius – Black Monday?”

  1. I think the ChatGPT is going to trump every other kind of disruption in the recent past, including this financial/banking crisis and covid. With the adoption into Microsoft….billions of users and job loss and disruption is mind blowing.

  2. No it’s not. The techies are ecstatic but not considering the many layers of employment that will unravel. We are not prepared to re-think employment and compensation to the degree we will have to. Sure there will be money to be made, but at a huge incalculable human cost. I thought Pluto in Aqua was going to bring an energy tech leap like fusion and have a similar effect. There have been some breakthrough but we are still years away. Either way we are not designed for this kind of expontential change.

  3. When something happens with US markets–we feel it here in Australia. I always thought the COVID recovery in regard to finance was too good to be true. Hopefully, it will be a correction only and your pension funds will be safe.
    Tech. issues: hacking by foreign powers, which is happening a lot is a worry too here esp. with id theft. l only have one bank account ‘on line’ and l still have one linked to a cheque book. I know every $ going in and out –an old habit from counting cents.

    1. Good for you. Me too. I am amazed how many people don’t do this. I need to know my numbers- my boundaries. I have strong Saturn, and I am glad to have it these $trange days 😬

  4. Oh my! And Mercury is also quite close to the North node too! Even the North node is 1° orb close to the upcoming Mercury retrograde (station direct degree of 5°Taurus)

    Pluto will be drawing in to square the nodes, it will be exact mid year (July, August) when the nodes shift into Aries/Libra, and Pluto slips back into Capricorn.

    But the square will start when Pluto enters Aquarius.

    So Mercury/node square Pluto? As the first aspect? And Mercury entering the retrograde shadow zone couple days later? At least we may have a chance to correct whatever big thing occurred during Mercury/Pluto!

  5. This country needs a 2nd r-evolution! This time it won’t involves guns, but a change of consciousness! Even as a kid, I always knew that the problem with this country is that the “foreigners” who came here also brought their corruption and out-moded ways of viewing reality that we all need to overcome. I think of tradition as a 4-letter word! Are you aware that the British took over the American banking system in 1871? It was after the civil war, and the war had totally decimated the monetary situation here in the states. It’s almost as if the America that we think we have/had was handed over to the British banks!!! If you don’t believe me then do the research. I don’t remember the name of the act but it was either 1870 or 1871. A sad day for the Republic.

  6. I might regret asking but what banking system would you prefer, Ron?
    Regulation seems to be the problem…it has been your banking system for awhile now. I am thinking of what happened and didnt happened after the last crash.

    PS. I am not English and l am not a fan of all things British–although, l prefer their legal system to yours if l had to choose.

  7. Wow! What interesting comments. These are exciting and highly significant times. I feel like hoarding brown rice…that’s usually my signal to batten down the hatches. Keep thinking that nought degrees are somewhat scary…Uranus was nought degrees of Aries when Fukushima blew up but perhaps it’s only critical when in cardinal signs?

    1. That’s interesting, Maria. The nought signs. As to looking at patterns, Elsa mentioned that this square between Mercury and Pluto in the signs of Taurus and Aquarius, respectively, last happened 230 years ago. So this got me thinking…what happened 230 years ago? In approx. 1793? Any history buffs out there? And would this be a worldwide phenomenon? I’m guessing yes since this will affect everyone. How does this aspect affect the US chart? Fascinating topic!!

  8. I am scanning the ephemeris, but I don’t have any software. Pluto into Aq. 1778. Not a good year for George III <3 Trying to dial in a time between Direct and Rx when it's conjunct Mercury at 0 Taurus. Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Trying to get a history fix on this.

    1. Here’s the reference I used:
      “Finally, the most recent Pluto transit of Aquarius was in 1777 – 1797 while Uranus was in Gemini. This was when the Enlightenment reached its peak and the ideas of individualism and rationalism were spreading. In Russia, Catherine the Great came to the throne in 1762 during Pluto in Capricorn, and reigned until 1796. As Pluto entered Aquarius, she made many reforms encouraging the ideals of the Enlightenment and was a great patron of the arts and sciences.” Jessica Davidson

      1. Awesome. Thanks, Elsa. Sounds like change. As a corollary to this, how is Pluto in AQ going to affect us Aquarians? More zig-zaggy than we already are? I’m feeling the need to do something drastically different and am taking steps to make that happen. Complete career change. Is that a possible effect? Positive upheaval?

  9. Years ago I spoke with a fellow astrologer about my mother with zero degree cancer Sun. His comment was that she must be strong to have gone through life with that. All of her illnesses would pop up unexpectedly with no warning.

    That was typically true of her life. The approach of all transits would be more un noticed being in previous sign. Until it hit suddenly.

  10. My sun is at 0 Deg Taurus, on the midheaven..I am a super talented artist with a weird life ..I have been underachieving, as the result of a decision to work ina restaurant as an easy way of coping with ongoing health problems, which are difficult to negotiate in a more demanding job…suddenly the health problems seem to have gotten worse, and I suddenly developed a floater in my right eye, as well as some flashes and spent five hours in emergency at the eye hospital, waiting to be seen ..I also worked a short staffed management shift at the restaurant and after being on my feet for nine hours, could barely walk the next day, have banged my knee and seem to have a swelling, possibly a ” baker’s cyst”, behind the knee, my lower back is painful and needs daily excercises and massage and heat ..I am wondering how much longer I can keep this job…my health has affected the rate of productivity of my art, am trying to pick things apart and give each symptom the attention it deserves…my life is structured in such a way that it needs a fine balance of each priority and cannot cope with someone else saying, “Well she is so capable, she can do it”, when my own priorities just seem to be escaping me…

  11. I have 2 degree Taurus sun & 4 degree Taurus mercury. Most of my placements are fixed signs less than 10 degrees actually. Honestly life has been absolutely hell for the past few years and I am ready to embrace this Pluto energy and make the most of it. But yes I am terrified lol

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