Mercury Conjunct Mars: Marker For Sexual Abuse

There are a number of markers for sexual abuse. A Mercury Mars conjunction is one of them.  I’m so glad, I found this old class. It’s from 2001. This is the kind of astrology that’s being lost at this time

I’m going to present this, nearly unedited. Keep in mind, things were different back then; night and day, from my perspective.  It’s the difference between saying what you want vs saying what you can.  Conversations like this can only be had one on one.

I especially wanted to get the C.F. Perez quote out here.  It’s from a private email so not available, at large.

Here’s the copy from the class… which was about chart-reading.



She says she was singled out for abuse in her family. The scapegoat. She wants to know why. Well I may take some heat for this ala “blame the victim” but if I do, it’ll be because I’m misunderstood and in any case, I can take it.

Fact is we come into the world and we are already have energy. We already exude *something. If you have ever been present when someone is born… well, the air changes when this person comes into the room. This is not some innocuous blob being born. It is a complete human being, albeit in raw form.

Now here is a little fact. Some kids are more likely to be abused than others. This is primarily because their energy in provocative in some way. Specific to this chart… this gal’s energy is highly erotic.

First she’s got the Mars Mercury conjunction:

“When the Mars and Mercury are present together in any combination, it does place the shrewish side of a woman’s psychology into vulnerable position for receiving attacks from the Oppressor Figures, very often the father. Why is this so? Because of improper management of all the loose Mars that she has running around without supervision. She is not conscious of this additional energy still untapped and available for her own creativity. It goes out. Her father sniffs it and finds it highly inappropriate for his daughter whom he much teach to submit to him because the unruliness of her untapped energy hits him like an inspiration to torture her: she receives the beatings of an unconsciousness about her own femininity. We’re all on a path trying to redeem the Feminine.”
                                         C.F. Perez

The conjunction is in the 8th house, the sex house… along with her Sun so what kind of vibe do you think she puts out?

Answer? One that goes straight to the crotch. Straight to the pit in the stomach. She exudes a vibe that goes right to the un-comfort zone of other people and do you think she can do anything about it? She’s five! She can’t do anything about it. Now’s she’s ten… Now she hits puberty…

With this chart, the 8th house is just the beginning. Where is Venus? Conjunct Pluto in Virgo. So you’ve got a maiden in a white dress, covered in blood and worse yet, the whole thing is amplified because look at the square to Jupiter. In Scorpio no less! On the Midheaven!! This means it’s public, folks.

So, she’s exuding from the 8th house, a sort of sexual undertow. She’s broadcasting more sex via Jupiter bullhorn at the top of the chart, which is fed (exacerbated) by Venus Pluto conjunction.

Taboo anyone?

That’s not all. Factor in Neptune in Scorpio. What about the Aquarius rising? It just goes on and on. When this little girl walks through the mall people see her. They are triggered by her. They are very likely disturbed by her and this provokes a response based on their nature.

To some, she becomes a target. They want to take her power. To someone like me? Well I would see this little girl and immediately scan the periphery for the perps who I know would be close by! And what did she do wrong again?? Nothing.

So this is my answer. Think Elizabeth Smart.

Check her chart.
Mars Mercury!
Sun in Scorp conjunct Pluto
Venus in Scorpio
Top of the chart.. Public.

And if you have a kid like this? Girl or boy, doesn’t matter. Get them hip to rape and the abuse of power in general because the odds they are going to have to deal with it throughout their life is roughly, 100%.

Upside? Well, she has access to everything Scorpio, for good or ill. Tremendous capacity to use other people’s energy for whatever purpose. Tremendous capacity to transform herself and others. In my opinion all of this potential goes right down the tubes as long as she maintains victim stance and I will demystify this with a handy example.

<large snip>

So back to this chart… And yes, I am trying to catapult you…

Think about losing the “why me”, because it is you! Try embracing your energy and the energy you attract.

Think about Elizabeth Smart. Think of what she has been through. May she soar for the rest of her life. I mean, think about it. She can either say “look what happened to me” and play victim all her life, OR…. Well after what she’s been through I wouldn’t exactly mess with this little chick, you know? She’s got some energy, and what if she runs the energy through and transforms it?

Think Obi Wan Kenobi. “Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

If you understand this, you really don’t have to worry about whatever someone is doing to you. However, you’re going nowhere as long as it’s, “why me?” Energy comes to you because you are you. After that, it’s a choice.


*Beginners… Pluto / Scorpio / 8th house are related. They all have to do with intensity, sex… check your cheat sheet.

And one more thing. Notice this person is a Libra. So much for Sun sign astrology, eh?


If it’s not clear, I am talking about this, here:

8th House Perspective: Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

Do you have a chart like this?  Tell us!?

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  1. My guy has a Gemini Mercury Mars conjunction in the 10th House. I fell for him almost on sight. He’s not traditionally handsome, but he’s intensely…everything. He is sexy, but it’s as mental as it is physical. At 74 he’s still the person people want to talk to when he enters a room. Sex is always fun, but sometimes dark. He enjoys coaxing me and I love being coaxed.

    1. My husband has a Gemini Mercury Mars conjunction in the 10th house and he’s 74 as well. It’s channeled into workaholism!

      Incidentally, Elsa, I love this post. Love to learn about planetary placements that aren’t usually taught.

  2. This post is hitting so close to home for me. Comparing my Mercury/Mars conjunction in Pisces, to my sister’s Mercury/Mars conjunction in Taurus. I always wondered how those planets could affect a person – and after this post, I now know. My sister and I were abused (mentally and physically) our whole life by our mother, and when we were too old to physically abuse, the psychological manipulation began. My dad was too intimidated by her to shield us, so he wasn’t there to moderate any of her angry, threatening moments.
    My mother is in hospice and is not expected to live more than another week. Everyone thinks I am sad about her end of life situation and truthfully, I do not wish her any more suffering. I made my peace with my childhood long ago, and made sure I broke the chain of violence when I had my children.
    It’s difficult to understand if you haven’t been through the terror of walking into your home and not knowing what fate awaits you from your own mother. If you have lived this (((((love)))).

    1. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. I have mars mercury chiron conjunction in 10H Taurus opposite my moon in 4H. My mother had a vile covert narcissistic personality. She treated me as if I was her slave not her child. She hated me. She died a decade ago and I felt so liberated.

      1. I am sorry Sofie. My mother was a narcissist too – with underlying anxiety and depression.
        Not pretty, but we made it!

  3. Thank you, I completely understand how you feel (my Scorpio moon) and I am happy that you have worked on your trauma..

  4. Interesting, I have the Mars-Moon Opposition. Mars is in house 8 and the Moon is on house 2. I have certainly been a victim of emotional, psychological and financial abuse for a very good part of my life at 37 years old, coming from a narcissist/sociopath relative.

  5. Very interesting! I have a Mars, Mercury, Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and was totally unaware when younger how I came across, what type of energy I carried and why I seemed to repel some folks but not others. My Mom accused my dad at one point of sexually abusing me when I was younger but I have always been a Daddy’s girl and thought she was just trying to create problems. She had a history of mental illness. I now wonder if there was some truth there. They were good parents in so many ways and have both passed on so I’m just on a personal journey of trying to make sense of some things. Thank you Elsa for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

  6. Liz Greene writes in one of her books that Mars – Pluto connections in women were correlated in clients she had seen to rape victims.

    I thought of this for a long time, and in reference to girls with that placement, and wondered if the Mars Pluto girl gives off a vibe that a guy “just wants to grab her and … etc.”, also a kind of “naughty animal” vibe, and then the rapists are the ones that yield to the temptation?

    What she said though was that she found that Mars Pluto girls were man haters, and the rapes allowed them to manifest and justify the beliefs they already held. I suppose that might be what you would consider an “unruly Mars placement” in real terms.

    Thinking of it now I think because sexuality is so dysfunctional in our society, there are a lot of dynamics in these discussions that can’t be discussed. Behaviours that happen because of further things that also can’t be discussed, exist as invisible pressures. Then right down at that level is where you start to see the plan as such. Why events are not responding to the outward dynamics but the invisible pressures. Thus people think karma and accountability don’t exist.

    This girl has Jupiter on the MC which is sextile Sun so she will not ever be able to hide in any way. The pressure and light will always be on her. Despite the squared Venus that probably does want to hide. Then Venus and Saturns exact trine at 0 degree orb. Even a trine at that orb will create discomfort. It feels like the Venus is getting pummeled a bit and it is already in the seventh house and thus “exposed to the elements”. That the Venus is only a tiny bit beyond Leo is a bit like it is saying “No, screw you Leo, I don’t want that much attention”.

    1. Phoenix, I share your reflections on society and dysfunctionality around sexuality and how so much lays around topics not being discussed, acknowledged.

      On another topic (a brief tangent) I think that similarly human beings’ capacity for violence against each other is another topic that is hardly really acknowledged and discussed (it’s so split off) that this reality is also responsible for a lot.

      1. I don’t know what you mean by the violence comment. Did you want to expand on that? I suppose the article is about sexual abuse and violence is definitely a part of that. In general I think that violence is generally a natural force of justice in the world and most societies will construct themselves along lines that violence is only used for justice.

        For instance, there is a meme that went round a few years ago where someone tried to rob a store in Texas and was shot by every customer in the store. When terrorists try things in open carry areas they are generally shot by a responsible citizen. I realise there is a whole other area in relation to domestic violence and such like that. But I don’t think violence is generally that complex. It is rather like a hammer.

        Sexuality is complex however since it is tied up with a lot of connecting social factors. Status, psychology and such, and the provision of a finite resource.

        In relation to violence though, I do live in a very middle class town in England without too much “diversity” so perhaps that is a reflection of my life.

    2. I have a Mars-Pluto quintile that replaces a sextile piece of a kite, with Pluto at the “top” and my Taurus Mercury at the long end almost perfectly trine Mars. My Mars is in 3 but conjunct the Imum Coeli. Sexual abuse and oppression are whole themes in my life at this point. The first was when I was 1- 2 and the most recents were the assaults by my chronic abuser in 2021. I had an actual fetishist stalker when I was only 14 or 15. I just won’t even bother going into any more of it here.

      I became Catholic around 15- 16 and stayed celibate until I left. I realized what I was being taught by my church about sexuality was destroying the sanity and lives of many women and queer people around me. You can pick and choose what parts work for you if you want, but I can’t.

      After I stopped attending, I suddenly became aware (Uranus transit?) of something, while sitting on a friend’s couch. Neglecting to embrace my essential state of being sexual, and not using it for ME and what I needed, was leaving it out there for other people to use it for themselves at my expense. The object is in the room and it will never go away. I have to be ready and know how to pick it up and use it when it’s time, or have it used against me. I don’t know how else to explain this to people who haven’t experienced it, or WHY it makes sense. But it does.

      Just a datum for the Mars-Pluto database. Maybe it will shed some light on the quintile as well, I have a gut feeling that this aspect is a lot more important than it gets credit for.

      1. Well, firstly I agree that a quintile is an important aspect. I have experienced a lot with the bi Quintile which is the literal pentagram formation on the zodiac. People with a lot of them tend to really have an ongoing spiritual message very strongly with them.

        There are a few other important aspects not generally understood by astrology such as the sesqui square -> I have seven of these.

        I am strongly Christian by my own definition but I have zero respect for the church. I consider them pretty much all Pharisees and I have told them that. I was thinking to myself today that since I am sick of non alcoholic wine, what should I do at communion? The Catholic Church says grape juice is OK but then… I literally don’t consider them even remotely an authority on anything. They are pharisees. The co operated with lockdown. They aren’t a thing. Jesus said wine so it’s wine and if I am sick of non alcoholic I will have to have alcoholic. Even though I don’t drink.

        There is a lot of too- ing and fro ing about what cultural rules should govern sex. It’s strange for me. I don’t process things like normal people. I don’t have that motivating factor of needing to believe I’m the best thing the girl has ever seen or had, so it is hard for me to care.. I suppose. Nevertheless it is something people talk about a lot. In my study of spirituality I have found many things wrong with the way society currently does things, these insights point in a direction so divergent from how things are done now that it would be impossible to engage with the discussion in any way. For instance, a strict reading of my spiritual understandings would say that marriage is a violation of the most important spiritual law there is, the law of free will. Contracting a relationship is obscene at its core.

        I hope I’m not too all over the place here. This is what it is like being me. I get very much what you said at the end there about ‘owning’ your sexuality, and I have things to say that directly speak to that, but it is not the right place to engage in more discussion about that.

        Best Wishes,

  7. This chart could be mine. Seriously, if there were any words that describes this kind of powerhouse energy, I think it’s this post.

    Scorpio: Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction, 10th house.

    Libra: Moon + Saturn/Pluto conjunction, 8th/9th house.

    Mars: On the cusp of 12th house, square Moon

    Neptune: Sagittarius, 11th house quincunx Chiron in the 4th house.

    My alcoholic dad abused me verbally, was VERY shady in his touching of me sometimes, took photos of me as a teenager while I was topless, reading a book. Nakedness was very much something he did a lot of, and was always there, with a camera!
    He liked to press my head into his side/hips as a “cuddle” (*pukes*) close to his you-know-what, both clothed and not clothed.
    My nose still remembers it.
    I shudder at the memory still.

    He was banned from my life for good last year.

    I once read that girls in alcohol abusive families with the dad being the perpetrator, was subconsciously acting this dynamic, especially in puberty, using her “female powers” to get ANY love from her dad.

    I have always been atruned to men’s erotic signals, but it has this tinge of … something bad, sick if you will. While Pluto has transitted my 12th, this dynamic has become visible to me and I have worked on my anger that resided always, deep down in my lower stomach area.

    Just goes to show you can pick at it, call the shithead out – but in the end, it’s you who suffers. The truth will set you free!

  8. Thank you, Elsa , for frequently bringing this sort of markers to our attention (or reminding us of them.)

    My toddler daughter has some other potential markers (Venus square Pluto and Mars trine Pluto, and Pluto square Ascendant) and she’s a force to be reckoned with! I intend to support her to keep this way and to age-appropriately explain to her that she’s powerful (she has intense Libra and Venus energy so she attracts attention/fans ever since she was a baby. Not always great. I’m very mindful of who enters our environment particularly as most abuse comes from people known to the child.)

    As she grows up I’ll try to help her channel the energies.

    My brother has Mercury conjunction Mars but from what he has shared so far he hasn’t suffered abuse. He was always hugely into martial arts and lots of physically demanding sports.

    So glad astrology gives such helpful guidance.

    1. Thankfully aspects between planets can express themselves in many ways, even if they seem scary (or not) at first sight.

      I knew a male with a strong Venus in Libra conjunct Mars in the 5th house and he was a motor head mechanic for most of his career. It then dawned on me: aha! Motors are beautiful to him! Oh, and his longterm girlfriend who became wife was beautiful (and raced cars).

      1. Yes, thankfully there are lots of possible manifestations for aspects 🙂

        Pluto square Ascendant – she had to be born by c-section.

        Mars trine Pluto – she is fierce and mega determined!

        Sounds like this male you knew thrives in life – what a powerful way to live out the chart.

  9. Wow, I would have never knew. Just took a glance at my own conjunctions and 8th house stuff. I was sexually abused for years as a child. And while Pluto has transited (and still is transiting) my 8th house, it was a lot of physical abuse from multiple partners. Has been in part, why I’ve been living in my own bubble for 3 years while simultaneously trying to date with a guard up 🥴 Doesn’t work quite well…

  10. I do have a chart like this. 6sco Mars/6sco Moon/8 Sco Mercury/10 Sco Neptune in 3rd house. Uranus 29Leo cj 2Virgo asc with Pluto and Venus in the 1st. BUT my Dad protected me from my malicious mother and 5 sisters that were varying degrees of abusive. I adored my dad as he protected me. He was a mechanical engineer for NASA missles in space program reengineering UFO materials. I had a sister who concertedly tried to abandon me in dangerous places, burn me with cigarettes, make me go out in lightning with a metal umbrella on a metal sewer plate, lure me into deep water, etc. My mom proved to be the psychopath that nearly pulled my legs from their sockets when I was a baby because I had colic from her smoking and breastfeeding me. I was never sexually abused. Terrible abuse from my mother screaming at me daily, not allowing me to watch tv with the family and refusing to carpool so I had to walk to school across freeway on and off ramps that terrified me so much with so many men staring at me from their cars at the height of the zodiac killer era that I began skating to school- not sure if I actually brought shoes for class or not…

  11. 3 degree Libra asc. with Venus 0 degrees Libra, Jupiter 2 degrees Libra, Mercury 23 degrees Virgo, Mars 7 degrees Virgo and Pluto 0 degrees Virgo. Depending on chart style (I use equal), I have Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in 12th house… with Moon at 20 degrees Gemini 9th house – and that’s the only Moon aspect to my chart – square Mercury in the 12th. My mother turned me over to the neighborhood pedophile before I was 5. I won’t go into details but it was really, really bad and repeatedly. She would call me a slut and whore whenever we were alone and I didn’t even know what it meant but I knew it was very shameful. My siblings still talk about how weird I was, especially the time I freaked out over getting into a taxi where I thought the driver was my former abuser. I screamed and held onto the handrail on our outside steps until my mother wrenched me off and whispered in my ear that I was a whore and to get into that cab. I sniffled in the back seat the whole ride. I kept her dark secret until I was getting surgery for breast cancer a couple of years ago and told my daughter beforehand. My mother was heavily invested in making me out to be crazy for my whole life and I went along with it to keep her secret and it most likely cost my son his life and certainly impacted me and my children for our whole lives. I didn’t want to die and my daughter not understand what had led to all of this. I recently told my sister about the abuse and my mother’s part in it. She believed me and recalled the pedo and that his family had moved into our neighborhood to escape criminal charges in another state and everybody knew it. He had attempted to violate many children in our neighborhood and they finally had to move on. She believed me but has never pursued it again as she is very close to our mother.

    1. Hopefully the upcoming Pluto transit to your early Libra planets brings the healing and transformation of the horrible treatment you had to endure, and the imprint it likely left. My thoughts are with you.

      I have a similar early Libra aspect involving my Moon and Pluto.

      1. Thanks Kristina. I already feel quite liberated from my mother’s dark secret since I’ve been able to tell others of what happened. It only took 60 odd years for me to get there… but I did get there, so that’s good. I think the present and upcoming transits may be the most positive of my life. I wish you good fortune in your transits as well.

  12. Mercury conjunct Mars here! Both in the 12th house and conjunct the Ascendant. Never a sexual victim, but always the scapecoat.

  13. wowzah – loving the teaching chart Elsa …taboo yes- we don’t like to think of these things … re libra cluster, my first worry was, oh no, they might be seen as a ‘nice, agreeable person, potentially seen as ‘on the fence’ … which could give rise to perps thinking they are an easy target … & very much against victim blaming aswell.

  14. What about Mars square Mercury? I’m the family scapegoat as well. My chart is a big square: 8H Gemini Merc/Sun square 4H Aquarius Mars (exact oppo 10H Leo Pluto), and Mars square 1H Scorpio Saturn. Blocked much of my childhood from conscious recall, and am in the process of doing the inner work to come to complete acceptance of myself, in every way. I’m learning to celebrate even the shame, since it really is all about trying to get love.

  15. I have mercury-mars conjunct in the 8th house, Capricorn, not abused to my knowledge, but yes, women have always been sexually attracted to me..That’s still a little bit true even in my old age….

  16. My former wife may fall into your Mars-Mercury concept, but in a different way. Being a newbie-astrologer, I took her to Llewellyn Publishing in St. Paul, MN, and an astrologer there pointed out how she was probably a victim of incest! That’s correct, she was! Her Venus in Gemini was inconjunct her Mars in Capricorn, and with Gemini also in her 3rd House, he accurately said it was a “close relative”. Hmmm. Being new to astrology myself (back in 1979), I was amazed that he could “see” this in her chart. She was only 8 yrs old at the time, and her brother was 14. How often this transpired I don’t know, but it was more than a one-time event. Her Mercury was conjunct her Sun in Taurus. Her Saturn was in the 8th House with Scorpio. She was 26 when we met, and I was 31 – I was THE FIRST PERSON SHE HAD EVER TOLD ABOUT THIS!!! Needless to say, our marriage was a total disaster. I did go to counseling with her for 6 YEARS! But she wouldn’t open up to the counselors about her childhood. In retrospect, I can see where her incestuous abuse was directly related to our inability to have a good relationship.

  17. This is a really interesting post.. a side of astrology not often seen. When I think mars mercury I think “argumentative” “sharp wit” etc. How simple of me. As I have gone through my charts, a lot of this checks out. I mean, it checks out. It makes me wonder.. what aspects/placements might protect someone from this who has a number of the markers discussed?

  18. Wow. Synchronicity. Was writing about my father this morning. Then read this! The quote describes our relationship exactly tho the sexual abuse was covert. I was definitely an unruly mars he projected contempt for, misogynistic disgust. I have mars opposite Mercury. I also have moon Pluto in Leo in 8th. In my thirties I experienced a miraculous moment of recognizing I no longer needed my father to hate myself with. Does that make sense? At that moment he lost all power over me. He does not appear to be capable of any other kind of relationship. An astrologer did once tell me I was a “femme fatale.” Still puzzling that one! Lol I am saving that quote. I cannot thank you enough. I don’t see my father by choice over the past 8 years. He is 96. I don’t plan to attend his funeral. I was the scapegoat in my family so now estranged from siblings by choice as well. I am different and my death stare (a jungian calls eyes of death) is provocative I’m sure. I can see how my insight and psychic intuition rattled my family. They called it crazy and ridiculed it as defense. I’m pretty okay with it all now. My mother died in 2021 and I had beautiful closure with her. She was an 8th houser too and we were very connected. Thank you again Elsa! This is amazing!

  19. For the record, C.F. is a double Gemini. I mention her sometimes. She quit consulting around 2004 or so. She said it was no fun anymore and people were too intense. Very astute woman.

    She used to run an astrology list. I was pretty much hated on it, but she loved me and had my back. I miss that! She constantly had to tell people, Elsa is allowed to talk!

  20. This post and the comments are giving me immense insight into matters I was blind to, especially that some people are just born or manifest energy where others don’t respond well at all. People like me. I’ve been blind to this for a very long time, trying to sense my way through and I finally feel like I am seeing some light!

    To add to possibly why some people abuse and others receive it, I once did a deep meditation and I asked why some people were extremely abusive. One word came up: cannibalism. Maybe it’s not literal but a type of consuming someone’s energy like an energy and in a predatory way like what happens in the animal kingdom.

    1. Cannibalism is an interesting concept. I think you might very well be right, and I also think there is many different expressions of this too.

      One version could be the father (or other authority figure) who projects his own cannibalistic/abusive/dysfuntional energy onto the other person – daughter, son or otherwise – and thus the father wants to “punish” or “deal” with it in any way he can.

      In that example, the power-aspect is very active. Often people ask “Why did they do such terrible things?!!”. The answer lies in the dark side of power: They do it because they CAN. Because there is no one punishing or calling out their actions. This is the core of (power) abuse, or cannibalism on others’ power. Because the unchecked Mars and Mercury and whatever else is in the mix, is possible to fine-tune and hone into a very smooth and deep power. As the authority figure feels deeply powerless themselves, they will not have the child’s power come into play, so they have “no other choice” – or so they tell themselves, due to their own feelings of powerlessness – to make sure the child will never “overpower them”. In other words: Cannibalism, “eating up” or “removing” the other’s potential to come into power, thus ending up throwing the abuser of his/her throne.

      Another version could be the abuser who wants to remove competition. It could be a mother who turns the blind eye to what is happening, because she feels she is in a competition with her daughter for the father’s time and attention. So, the daughter exudes this unchecked power vibe, which can be some degree of erotic (especially in the teenage years), and the father – either biological or as a stepfather – reacts to it subconsciously.
      If you have watched the movie “Precious” with the black daughter being raped by her father in the beginning of the movie as an ongoing pattern, this is very much true.

      The funny thing with cannibalism and abuse though, is that they are never about sexuality. It’s mostly about power and abuse of it. To be truly powerful, it requires a moral compass and integrity. I call this moral integrity in daily language. But when no one “checks” what you do, it takes A LOT of self discipline, self development and integrity to keep your head straight. Almost no one can do it always, at all times. We are still beings that share our DNA with the animal kingdom (the apes)

      1. Hits home. With my father it was all about power over. And preventing me from power. I think he also was resentful of my connection with my mother which was a kind of power. She and I had moon in Leo and Gemini suns and were both 8th housers. His moon on 8th too so I guess he’s an 8th houser too? But only I have Pluto there. Fascinating topic!

  21. I am magnetic. I receive constant projections (I know it probably goes both ways). I was hyper aware early in life. I have memories since early infant diaper changing and am told I potty trained at 18 months. I am unable to forget much. I have always hated attention. Never wanted my mom to say my name in public. I have Venus conjunct Mars on my Scorpio descendant with Mercury co present. Sun in 8th. Libra Moon conjunct Uranus. ‘Just Because She’s Your Mother, Doesn’t Mean She Likes You’ hit home. Whatever it was that I put out, my mother couldn’t wouldn’t pick up. She was so young and far from home and my father skipped out when she was giving birth to me. I was saved from being raised by narcissistic father (Sun opposite Saturn). I think that having an alcoholic stepfather in abusive relationship with my mother distracted them and others from me. Almost like Mars protecting Venus by way of projecting and the smoke screen. I have been abused in different ways in my life but it may be a case of lesser abuses instead of the worst kinds? I have also seen dark abuser types that are afraid of me – or maybe what I can see in them. I know my great work is through relationship. But it’s so damn intense. I’m so damn intense. Unless you’re someone who only sees my 6th house Moon.

    1. I have a 6th house moon conjunct Uranus(wide).Pluto conj. decs, Reka.
      I relate to your post…no, not as extremme as you(or as many here) damage takes different forms.We are more than our separate parts, but sometimes it doesnt feel like that.Yes, early memories l have been ‘told’ l cannot have…but l do.

        1. The moon seems to be the mark for memory huh? A moon in the 6th and in contact with an outer planet perhaps makes a memory indelible. Paranormal? Electric! Maybe engraved or even branded at times! I see Pluto as a glowing gem just under the duff vibing us to harvest (with a knife?) and polish it as our own. Elsa is genius; this moves us from Mars Mercury damages into the occidental land of be-one-be-all-power of the 7th and 8th! It’s time to think!(and obsess?) Pluto power, When your are the projection screen it’s hard to unsee. If one has such strong memory (even traumatized) they can self sabotage along the way to oblivion, or work with the unforgettable facts and work one self into a high sheen. We suffer to stare into the light of the projector and grab the gem as our own – once the stabbing is over! Thanks for shining on me 🩷 Are you Pisces rising? I can imagine your big warm hearted moon bravely looking ahead toward that Virgo Pluto that has reason to obsess about the details of other. Virgo keeps that Leo fire eternally tended; she cares therefore she will clean up the mess. She loves, serves and forgives. Deep memory is deep suffering that can lead to the best balm – meaning. This is the creative wellspring of the Hermit (Virgo). Your Moon has reflected upon me and no surprise that Dianne is the ‘shining one’, goddess of the Moon.

          1. Yes, Reka l am a Pisces Rising. Thank you for this. The Hermit is a way of being for me and what you say about ‘meaning’ is a truth for me. I am waving to you from the otherside of the river.

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