Price You Pay For Passivity

zodiac saturn mars girl in red“Incidentally, Elsa, I love this post. Love to learn about planetary placements that aren’t usually taught.”

Libra rising made this comment on Marker For Sexual Abuse. It struck me because last week, soup, said something similar. “No one teaches anymore”. I don’t know if she was talking about astrology, specifically. but this is an astrology blog so I’m going to use that lens.

I agree with both remarks, but what about the student’s responsibility? Where are your interesting questions?  Why don’t people probe for information they lack? Why are people so freaking passive?

These are general questions, not directed at these individuals.  Stop and think about it. Is what you want to know, supposed to just appear?

I admit this an irritating area for me. It’s just sick to see people reduced to mere consumers.  I think you’re supposed pursue an education.

I maintain a forum on this blog and I have for years. If there is something you want to know, why don’t you ask? Why don’t you start a dialogue on topics that interest you?

More along the same lines.

Astrology Taught Me To Think: Creatives vs Consumers

I look at the picture in the linked post. I see two girls taking initiative. Not, “Nobody prunes the fence!” Prune the damn fence!

People should be involved in their own education.


22 thoughts on “Price You Pay For Passivity”

  1. Speaking for myself, I feel like asking you (lots! Of) astrology questions and expecting you to answer them here for free is kind of taking advantage of you…
    I know you offered several courses lately but I just don’t have the time or means to attend those at this time.

    That said, your point that people generally just take, read what is given (spoonfeeding) instead of directing their own curiosity from within is valid, I think. Maybe this circles back to the points you’ve been making about our brains (curiosity, imagination !) being persistently hijacked.

    1. Yes, it has screwed people up. It’s not normal!

      People feel this power, liking / not liking / subbing / unsubbing…

      It’s like putting a kid in a fake plane and letting them turn knobs.

      Yes, I know this rude but it’s also (unfortunately) accurate.

  2. This is a great kick in the butt. How would you like this to play out?

    Do you mean questions in the comments, on mail, on the forum or all of them combined?

    I am just asking for clarity reasons, so I know where to put my mouth 😉

    I agree with Lamari though – sometimes I think a lot of us are afraid you will feel like we are taking advantage of you if we ask “too much/many questions” because you had a post about feeling supported/not supported and needed money to sustain you 🙂

    But, you don’t seem to be a person who have any issues directing or setting boundaries around yourself, (despite the 2nd house Pisces), and we should probably remember that and not be too afraid of opening our mouth, so your Mars/Mercury has some ongoing fodder for the thinking box 😛

    1. This is not about me. It’s about YOU. I don’t make the rules or control you.

      If you don’t want to take advantage of me, then don’t take advantage of me. Take the time to THINK with your own mind.

      What’s it look like? Ask questions that suit this blog, that you and others can learn from. Ask me, or post in the forum. It’s about navigating life, for yourself, which is everyone’s job.

      If you ask me for a free reading, I am going to say, no. I give here, daily, for 25 years. It’s sufficient.

      But sometimes people ask wonderful questions that bring wonderful things to the surface. Is it really that hard to see the difference?

      Also, many don’t teach because they’ve ascertained, no one wants to learn. And they don’t. They want the chum thrown in the water so they can look at it and thumbs up or down it.

      That is a very childish activity. I’m sorry, but it is.

      People have become utterly conditioned to others doing all the lifting. Bring me my food, and everything else, so I can sit here on my phone. You’ll reach the end of your life and think, what? I’m great because I had things delivered while I judged others?

      This seems to be the definition of success at this time. It’s surreal to that little girl up there, taking her time to prune the damn fence. We’re living here, you know?

      1. Wowsers, methinks I hit a spot there 😉

        I was just curious, I am not above asking any questions, I read your post as a “come on, people, ask me some questions now!” like a pull request.

        I read your text with that lens – I see that now. I am fully aware of what you mean now, and it absolutely makes sense.

        1. Thank you!

          You can also think of this is sexual terms. Son of a bitch just lies there… it’s not attractive! Like are you (not you, personally), alive or not?

          Live people do get up, move around, think for themselves, speak and what not. They may even make something happen!

          1. Ooooh, those sonnoabitches. We’ve all met at least one, yes? Lazy asses. Not cool bro, not cool.

            My mind is like a highway with 10 lanes always open, and at least 2 or 3 of them in full use, so my comment was probably due to my brain going: “Stop! Attention everybody! Lane 5 needs to stop what it’s doing and clarify what the lady is saying! The rest of you can go on with what you were doing.”

            I can’t sit still, I can’t just sit back and recieve all the time. Totally get where you’re coming from after you explained it.

  3. Yes, l agree with the comments above. I was reading the Mars/Merc. too …someone mentioned that their child had ‘markers’ and was going to keep an eye on them…l worried about that (Forgive me l cant recall the exact situation and if there was immediate danger that changes all) But l couldnt help thinking:would the child feel different and not know why? Or extra cautious. Self-conscious? Nervous? Is astrology destiny? By thinking we have rotten aspects does this help negative outcomes manifest ie thinking makes it so. You might have covered this…And no l am not thinking make it ‘nice’ thinking more along the lines of Tracey Marks ‘Planetary Aspects’. l am finding it hard to formulate…let me come back to this, Elsa. Cant think.Fog. Symptomatic.

    1. You got me thinking that in a different society same mars mercury aspects might be a positive thing! It’s how our society approaches or represses such energy maybe that’s a bigger issue on a larger scale…that results in these aspects often correlating with abuse, for example.
      Is interpretation of aspects universal! Across the world and across time?

      1. I’m thinking this, too. Different society or even different hood or household. And… let’s just agree we should all be looking out for the vulnerable especially when they’re ours.

  4. Prune the damn fence. What a concept; two concepts from my point of view. The fence was planted and lives; if it matters the way it grows you prune it .
    And if needed you learn how.

    Here’s some applied astrology that I’m learning as it relates to that living fence; it’s about Saturn and Mars. I was born with the two planets very closely conjunct. How I act (Mars) and how my actions mature over time (Saturn) are focused on the arena of the 8th House (life, death, legacy, energy exchange) in dramatic Leo. My Scorpio, Mercury and my South Node squares that 8th house Saturn Mars. It’s a lifetime of learning to prune the hedge (Saturn) and find my way through the trauma and drama I’m do predisposed to!

    Here’s where lifelong learning (more Saturn and trust in astrology ) has served me. I learned very late in life how to value my Uranus retrograde natal aspect in Quirky Gemini in my 6th House: revolutionary and unexpected change sextiles all that Scorpio Leo intensity! BEAM me up and keep your eye on the sparrow!!

    At my age of ripening elder hood I thrive because my lifestyle requires very real hands on doing to keep the simplest things working. I cook under an awning no matter the season. And I have come to love it!

    This little iPhone ? It’s magic for us. We can afford it . We stay connected and Voila I’m still here learning with the Elsa community snd hopefully offering an old woman’s story of resilience and quirk.

    Keeps me curious and I am grateful for the generosity!

    1. Prune the damn fence.

      As opposed to spending years talking about why you can’t, how hard it is, what happened 1100 years ago, what your neighbor did or didn’t do, etc.

      This behavior is not normal. If you take ten seconds to think about it, you’ll see what I mean.
      PS, I love that you cook like that, Mokihana. It’s living.

  5. I have Mars in Taurus 1° in an out of sign trine with Leo Pluto 29°in the 7th. I have had very close encounters where males (friends) wanted to rape me. I’ve been lucky as I was saved by other friends stopping by FOR NO REASON, and prevented the situation from escalating. Today, a former fireman contractor who was recommended by a friend became too friendly about 2 years ago and we parted ways. Today, I get a text from him! I blocked him totally after reading this article. Thanks Elsa!

      1. Thanks Elsa!! You were a great help back then with the fireman fiasco! And today with this awesome article. ❤️

  6. Yes, there is a key here i think: about ‘our society’, and as Kate said: hood or household…and Larami…who made the point: are these aspects universal across time …the world. This is the Micro/ macro. The individual and sociey and how we are ‘made to fit’ and the mechanisms that keep us in place (Our aspects. The culture. The laws: man made and natural)
    We tend to repeat what we have learnt…it gets passed down, often without much thought…it is easier to go along with things…everyone else is…until one day someone does something different and says no…
    But not all change…is good (The person rocking the boat might be driven by self interest and not take other considerations into account) Not all progress IS progress.How do we decide…and evaluate? Who gets heard? So much sits in the ‘grey’. Look at the Pope’s recent comments on surrogacy for example…or South Africa’s stand on Israel. (That last, really is something special esp. when we think of Sth Africa’s struggles and their history. Powerful)
    Sorry, Elsa this slipped down the line…again.Your Mercury/Mars 9th
    makes me think of Clarion calls.

  7. On the idea of “Clarion calls”, i had a gal email me to state I was broadcasting hope with practicality attached, or whatever her words were.
    I was glad to hear it, as this is my goal at this time, and also how I feel, personally.

    1. Yes…with the practical, Elsa.Otherwise ‘words only’. If you feel it personally, and you say you do, l will say this–it is happening now, in real time.

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