Pluto Transiting the 8th house in Aquarius

Pluto mythHi, Elsa.

I have been meaning to ask if you please might consider writing about Pluto transiting the 8th house in Aquarius, as it would be great to read what you think of this?

Cancer Rising in Australia

Hi, CR.  First, on the chance you don’t realize this, Pluto is very slow moving. It will stay in sign (or a house) for 15-40 years. Pluto will be in Aquarius for roughly 21 years so my first advice is that you don’t panic!

Will someone die with Pluto transiting my 8th house?  Well, yeah. Probably. But this would likely happen in that time frame with Pluto transiting any house to again, there is no reason to fear. In fact, I think Pluto transiting the 8th house in any sign can be seen as positive as the planet is at home there.

Generally speaking, with Pluto in the 8th house (natal or transiting), you find you can see people, naked.   By that, I mean if you glance at someone coming your way, odds are you’re going to be able to “read” them. You will have a good idea how the feel; their mood and such. You may also know what’s on their mind.

To be clear, I’m talking about a scenario where you’re standing in your yard – here comes your neighbor from across the street. You know what they want and how they feel, before they say anything.

Now this my be disturbing at first but you get used to it. I deal it by avoiding looking at people in this way.  A client, yes.  But I’m talking about people in the grocery store. There is no way I want to know their business, their hopes and fears.  So the ability is there but it’s not like you don’t have control.

It’s because of this, natal Pluto in the 8th denotes a “natural psychologist”. I have never met an 8th house Pluto person where this was not the case.

As for the sign distinction, Aquarius tends to surprise people. You may be shocked at what you can perceive around pathology and all things taboo. This includes be shocked at very disturbing things that have been held in your subconscious all your life.  Basically, you’re going to deal with shadowing things, intense exchanges of energy, issues with power and ultimately, healing and transformation.

Heading into this, I’d just take it easy. You don’t have to go hunting, Pluto, the planet will find you.

Will there be shocking, unusual deaths around you?  Quite possibly. And you may be shocked at your ability to detach and observe all the happenings around the event.

Let’s see. Make sure you have funeral attire. I don’t mean to be a smart ass. I’m just telling you, you will deal with death with Pluto transiting your 8th.  And you will see and feel, everything, when you attend these services.

Good luck!

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    1. Pluto through the 2nd is likely to be more problematic because it’s opposite the natural house.

      Look for money extremes, potential love obsession. Wipe outs, followed by recoveries. Values transformed. Self esteem / vanity likely to take a hit, but it eventually comes around.

      Good luck!

        1. I came here to say this sounded familiar to me with pluto in my 2nd while in Capricorn all theee see years. I became a drug and alcohol counselor, I counsel people about taboo subjects. I learned All things astrology, tarot, and took many courses on things dealing with the occult. I thought of using these skills as a side job (2 house) .

          1. That sounds like a good idea Jess! I have Venus in Cap and enjoy learning about all the above, though I’ve not touched Tarot in ages. But if you can use that energy for the good for others, that’s a gift!

      1. I have venus in the 8th house, Aquarius I love all things on the subconscious realm, and the unusual, I used to “collect ” strange characters when I was younger. Pluto will transit my 8th house in March. I can read people now, how can this get any more intense? Everyone has passed away in my family, my husband just died in November pluto has been a marker for all of this. I also love astrology, have all my life, I traded the characters for Astrology, much better choice!

  1. I enjoyed reading this – especially “You don’t have to go hunting, Pluto, the planet will find you.” I laughed at this [while looking over my shoulder, of course, Pluto wants to be taken deadly seriously] I have survived an 8th house pluto transit (natal home of my sun and mercury) it’s everything you’ve written about Elsa, brilliantly, as always. I felt forced (by my own psyche) to understand what was happening to me and what was going on all around me. The energies involved were so intense, they demanded ongoing attention and mastering. It’s fabulous when you come through it, wiser and empowered. But hold on tight, have faith and you’ll love the reward on the other side. Pluto carves permanent craters of wisdom and insight into our psyches. So helpful for the times we are living through. Pluto’s now bullying me (again!) as he transits in my ninth house, [the pushy educators, the legal ‘advisors’] as he squares my natal mars in Libra, I’m punching…but with cotton-wool gloves. Thanks Libra.

    1. Wonderful! “It’s fabulous when you come through it, wiser and empowered. But hold on tight, have faith and you’ll love the reward on the other side. Pluto carves permanent craters of wisdom and insight into our psyches. So helpful for the times we are living through.”

      Precisely! I do consider very much this experience helped me get through recent times…

  2. LOVE IT! Funny you mentioned Cassandra a bit ago, as that’s one of my nicknames for myself…(Pluto in Virgo/8th House)!

    Here’s to being ahead of the zeitgeist.

  3. Pluto 8th house natally here ^^ very true! i was just remembering that Oprah is a pluto 8th house & Aquarius sun/venus. lol so that’s 8th house and Aquarius energy there. :))

  4. Thanks for the post very enlightening
    Have Pluto transiting my 8 th house and the taboo secrets coming out about family and close friends dying it’s been hard and jolting
    But in saying people have been coming to me with their secrets and looking for advice
    Sometimes I really don’t want to know!

  5. Thank you for answering this Elsa 😊 and thanks CR forasking

    I am a Cancer sun and rising so yes this transit
    will be maybe my last as I am 74, but that’s ok!
    More insights is always good.
    I came in on Leo Pluto so that’s probably nicely bookended! Love your work Elsa

  6. To be honest, I love my 8th House Pluto at 0° Libra. It’s in there with my Virgo Moon. After reading this I realise that it’s actually other people who are annoyed with my abilities to always be able to see the other side of things/people. They don’t want to hear it. They’d rather hold on to their perceptions. I just figure my job is to shine a light on other possibilities and things hardly ever what they seem. Funny enough, I usually see the good side of things and definitely the magical, otherworldly side. Not surprisingly, I am totally obsessed with my 8th house 😂

  7. LOL!

    Natal Pluto in Libra in the 8th… The truth is not pleasant or pretty!
    But oh, the instinct for knowing and seeing (naked) people all around me is quite the thing. People certainly don’t like it, but I can’t complain about it. I have always had an almost physical reaction to people I don’t like, and they can sense my ‘judgement’ (Libra) of their person.

    Pretty annoying in work spaces and around managers. I’ve had my fair share of idiot bosses I could see through and who sensed my all-seeing eye. Kinda like Sauron from LOTR to be honest!

  8. Thank you, that was amazing to read. I am a Capricorn sun and Cancer rising… I am a bit worried about pluto coming at the same time in the 2house for my cap sun and 8th for my cancer rising….I really cant take any financial big drama…pluto in my cap sun for the past 20 years was already a bit draining…what do you think about this combo cap sun cancer rising for this pluto?

  9. Interesting to read, this transit started for me just now. 8th house empty, 2nd empty, but will have Pluto squaring Sun at some point along the way. Amazing how lenghty it’s going to be, comparing to 7th house transit.

  10. Pluto scares me! My grandmother came in with Pluto in Aquarius in 1929 and is 94. She is in good health but suffering from dementia, and it’s now hit a different stage. She’s at the “want to go home stage” and has wandered already. Both my daughter and I are cancer risings.

    1. Pluto is transiting my 8th house , I have venus there. Its really horrible already. I’m dealing with finances, especially of my late husband’s. A very famous astrologer once said, “Pluto wants to kill you.” Sure seems like it.

    2. In 1929, pluto was in Cancer. The last time it was in Aquarius, the French revolution took place, because pluto has a 240 year cycle. Roughly.

      I have pluto in my 8th and if I choose to, I can read others like a book. I have to turn it off because it can be overwhelming.

  11. Wow this feels so on point for me as it’s my natal placement. AND I have my north node in 8th in Aquarius too which is feeling very activated!

  12. Yes, like others here, I can’t get over how accurate your description of natal Pluto in the 8th is . I relate 💯 %.

  13. A little late to this thread but I’m a cancer rising and I feel very very worried about this transit. I have Saturn in my 8th as the apex of 2 t-squares involving my Scorpio moon/Pluto and Taurus sun/Venus. I am really dreading how bad this could be when it conjuncts Saturn. I feel like either I will die or I will have a near death experience or someone close to me will die in a tragic freak type accident. My life is already heavy enough as a Hades moon caught in these very tense heavy t-squares and I have struggled a lot with depression. The only thing giving me any hope is that although my Saturn return was plenty rough, nobody close to me died during it. I know this transit is still about 10 years out for me but I have just been hit with very difficult transits since after my Saturn return and I can’t imagine things getting that much more difficult.

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