Moon: What Kind Of Mother Are You?

mother“Aries moon wants to be independent from their kids or perhaps she wants to lead them as if they were troops! It’s not all bad. Consider the opposite. When there’s a lack of leadership…”

I wrote that for a client. Every sign has it upside and it’s downside.

What kind of mother are you?
kind of mother did you have?
Where is your moon?

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91 thoughts on “Moon: What Kind Of Mother Are You?”

  1. my mother has a capricorn moon. she was horrible, still is, as a matter of fact. i think it has more to do with mental illness than astrology though. i have a gem moon – which seems to work well with my gemini, sag & pisces moon babies.

  2. I have not been through all stages. I think I’m probably not the best for emotional things but I am very open minded and I try to be careful and fair. I want to teach her to take care of herself and to be naturally independent.

    My mom has a Virgo Moon. She can get snappy at times and somewhat reserved and unreachable, even though we get along and have not many issues between us.

  3. My Moon is in Capricorn/1st, in easy aspect to Uranus.

    My mother is an Aries with and Aquarius Moon–considering Aqua’s traditional ruler is Saturn, I think this is kind of neat.
    My mother is an individual, no two ways about it!

  4. Both my dad and stepmom are Aries moon – and they absolutely like to dictate and control. They are also both quick to anger. I’m a Cap moon, but my Cancer rising wished I had grown up in a more nurturing environment.

  5. My mother is detached in the sense that she can remain objective about things but she’s also extremely sensitive. They somehow go hand in hand with her.

    We both have Aqua moons.

  6. My mother was bipolar, abusive, narcissistic, in love with her misery, held her kid to ridiculous standards, hated herself and chased everyone away, including my dad.

    Loaded, yes.

    I’m libra sun/aries moon, she cancer/scorpio moon.

    I think I’m compassionate as hell and I like to give and receive respect. I’m always pushing forward to evolve my understanding of myself, others, and the world. Above all I want peace and clarity and can’t accept being stuck in ruts.

    Not sure I want to be a parent, but I do like helping others. I could see myself in more of a mentor role, helping out the young me’s out there who need the guidance and compassion I desperately needed and didn’t get.

  7. My mom is Leo Sun, Libra ASC, Aries Moon.

    Everything is about her. If the spotlight is not on her, she gets annoyed and tries to put it on her. If she can’t have something, I’m not allowed to have it either. She uses money to control people.

  8. Pisces Moon 1st conj Chiron. When I became a mom, I was serious about the job. I did everything with my kids that I wished my mother had done with me. I always put them first.

    No one comes between me and my kids, or they are sorry.

  9. My ma is a pisces 12th hse moon..detached and emotional. I’m a Cancer 9th house moon with my Sun in Cap and Libra rising (I have played mum and dad and always tried to be fair ;)though sometimes I cry too much I can reason well and pragmatically discuss emotional situations!!)

    My kids are; Taurus (my saturn), Sag (my Venus) Libra (asc), Cap (Sun) and my fifth baby is a cancer moon like me 🙂

    I would have so many babies being a Cancer Moon Huh?!

  10. My mom was a Cap with a Libra rising and a Taurus Moon her moon was in her 7th house. When she was being a mother she was great. She didn’t do the working mother thing to well though. She was either an employee or a Mom not both she brought in her mother to be mother so she could work.

    Me I am a Scorpio, with a Aqua rising and a Taurus Moon in my second house Opposed my Sun. I am ok as a mother I suppose. I raised my kids and step kids to be individuals think for them selves and all that. Allowed them to make mistakes help them out of the messes they get them selves into still. Never judge them and they are all getting better so that by the time I have to leave this world they will be able to carry on.

  11. I have Pisces Moon, I love being a mother. I love and adore her. I’m doing all of the love that I never got from my mother. Oh yeah, its in the 2nd house too! Loving in part of my self-esteem.

  12. My moon is Gemini in the 11th house sextile Uranus. Mother had an Gemini Moon.
    We moved a lot.

    She is brilliant if a bit detached.

  13. my mom is a pisces moon. i gotta say the main way she shows love is by doing things for people. it seems like that should be earth moon but maybe it’s just that pisces selflessness. in bad times, sometimes, she’s a little too sensitive.

    i’m a sag moon. i’m not a mom yet but i think i’ll be enthusiastic, philosophical, and encourage exploration. probably also impatient 😉

  14. My mother was detached, she has Aquarius Moon. I inherited her moon, but I do not think I’ll be as detached of a mother as she was. But I rise in her sun sign of Capricorn so I think I’ll end up more like her than I realize.
    But the detached thing worked out well for me when I was a teenager because she was always in support of my pink mohawk, my bisexuality, my ardent desire to follow my own path. So I get support from her in strange, yet important, ways.

    And I was mostly nurtured as a child by my adopted grandmother who was a Taurus. Her moon must have been in cancer, cooking for her family was her life.

  15. As a mother I’m reliable, I manage things so schedules run smoothly, I have a playful sense of humor. I’m also very respectful of his individuality.

    My own mother was similar. She had quite the attitude! Very stubborn. The best thing about her was she never EVER tried to mold me in her image. She encouraged my freedom and self-expression by paying for whatever creative whim I had. I had oil paints at age 9. Oil paints!

    Moon in Leo, conjunct Mars in Leo

  16. Thanks Elsa 🙂

    @Autumn (!! my eldest daughters name)
    cooking for my family is a MASSIVE part of my life..
    It’s a skill I’m considering taking into self-employed business (close to MC stuff?)now the brood are growing up fast

  17. My mom ran an efficient household. Was very sensible and practical, (which worked well to calm my tumultous scorp moon). Comes across as detached but in actuality is far from it. She always put her children’s needs before her own. She has capricorn moon/ virgo sun.

  18. Aqua moon. My mom was more of a friend. As a mother myself, i think i’m pretty laid back. She’s always dressed herself, and expressed herself. If someone thought she was arguing, i would stand up for her. I once told her, “You have the RIGHT to be yourself.” 🙂

  19. My mother’s moon is in Gemini, and she exemplifies why some people say that the moon in Capricorn (which I have) can signify a painful childhood.

  20. My mother has moon, sun, mercury in scorpio in third house, opposing uranus in the 9th. she is, to say it gently, a very intense and volatile character.

    My moon is in Leo in the 11th, as a child, Ive felt very abandoned from all her abrupt disappearences, but I do love her, she’s fun, loves adventure and very spirited.

    My brother’s moon is in Aquarius in the 12th, and he can barely stand the sight of her. Feels she is not to be relied upon, which of course she isn’t, in a traditional sense anyway.

    All three of us have the balsamic moon aspect, closely conjunct sun, mine in Virgo, though. Don’t know exactly what that signifies for us..

  21. My mother has an Aquarius moon, squaring scorpio stellium. Emotionally erratic to a T. Feels very misunderstood, which in part stems from her inability to compromise, and lets everyone know it. All. The. Time. Emotionally controlling. “I hate you, don’t leave me”.

    My moon in Leo conjuncts her mars and opposes my Aqua saturn conjunct her moon/saturn. Fun times…

  22. I have a Taurus moon, I unlike my mother try and make things fun for the kids but also make sure they know that I will not put up with them just running a muck- they need to clean their stuff and not disrespect me.

    My mom never did much for me- will have to find out her moon- sounds like she could be Aqua-

    I on the other hand make a big deal out of bdays and holidays for the kiddies to make things fun- and love just hanging out and watching movies with them.

  23. I was surprised by how much this simple question caught me out! What kind of a mother am I?

    So, I went to TAB for some outside perspective. He looked at me sideways, “What kind of question is that? Is this one of those, ‘do I look fat’ things? You’re a great mother. You’re the wicked step-monster, remember?”

    Once we got past that, and down to brass tacks, I think his assessment was pretty ‘on the money’ even the parts that were a little uncomfortable…

    I have extremely high expectations and standards. But I give of my time and effort to help REB understand and meet these and am fair and consistent. Oh, and I inevitably know just how to “spoil the sh*t” out of him–which after some inquiry translated into I have a knack for finding ways to show REB he is valued and loved unreservedly, and seen/appreciated for who he is and what he needs as an individual person.

    I think that’s a fair summary. What I might add too, is that (Scorpio Moon) when REB has feelings or issues he wants to talk about that are uncomfortable or unnerving it is me he confides in. He trusts me with his confidences because, though we as a family “don’t keep secrets” I’ve proven myself as a good steward and safe person with which to explore this stuff. That’s huge and I hope to always be that kind of a mother to REB.

  24. SHE WON’T LET ME GO!!!!

    I’m 26 with a curfew… I find myself keeping things from her… It’s like a control thing… Growing up she always taught me never to take ppl at face value… I love her to death but I feel so constricted… She’s very tough; I admire that about her…

    My moon’s in Scorpio.

  25. I’m Leo/Libra/Virgo. The only part where I see it in my mothering, is that Leos love to spoil kids ! I encouraged their creativity, vigilantly monitored their health and nutrition (Saturn in the 6th), and did my very best to be the ultimate attachment parent ! I see my parenting as mostly a manifestation of my Cancer/Venus/water trine. I homebirthed, breast-fed long term, and co-slept with my kids. To me, being together is everything, especially when they’re small. If they absorb your values through closeness when they’re little, it’s easier to trust and support their choices — and teach them to trust themselves — when they get big. They’re great kids, and grown now, but I really miss them being small. *sniff* I definitely WAS NOT perfect, but I always insist that they get to be themselves !

    I feel so lucky that I got to be their mom !

  26. I would like to add that with my Pisces Moon, I feel a deep spiritual belonging with my children. Now that my grandmother is no longer on Earth, my three kids are the only people I know that I actually feel I belong with.

  27. Pisces Moon. I tend to think I often have the parenting style of Ellen Ripley in” Aliens.” Or Charlie Baltimore in “The Long Kiss Goodnight.” Judging from the other Pisces Moon comments I guess something has gone dreadfully wrong.Hmm well. I do have at least 5 planets in my 11th house, and a Moon opposite of my Sun. Honestly I was so much nicer before I went to work in a primary school. primary school is all about getting kids to line up and learn rules and learn disciple ie be quiet and pay attention and have breaks here and there.. How dull and suffocating. I’m probably more suffocated than they are over it, though. My kids grew up watching Cary Grant films and Bob hope films and Francis the talking mule movies and “Black Orpheus” and Jean Cocteau films.–okay that’s the Pisces/Aquarius stellium part isn’t it? The oldest one is an Aquarius and really liked it.That would be the one who tells me I have the style of the two aforementioned characters. the younger one who is a Virgo just wishes I was normal and would like very much to just hide me except when she wants to go clothes shopping and needs a ride. I flunked how to be a proper “Virgo classes” too, I guess. Ah I do remember I used to get a van load of their freinds who happened to be Vietnamese (and we aren’t and go running of to the movies with them. The kids parents didn’t go the movies. So we’d have a whole row of kids eating popcorn watching some off the wall flick. Passing the popcorn up and down the row. both my kids had best friends from other cultures, kids who were not born here. LOL.

  28. My mother has a H3 Capricorn moon opposite Mercury. I have Moon in Gemini cj. the MC, sextile Saturn. It also squares Mercury.
    I grew up in a house where pretty much everything got swept under the rug. There is a severe lack (saturn) of communication (gemini) in our family.
    We’ve become a detached and distant family because of this. Although we do love eachother, we somehow don’t have a clue on how to get closer.
    Mercury is highlighted in my chart, so this pains me.

  29. My mom has an Aqua moon. She has a warm personality but can be a little detached and controlling. She is a Virgo with Venus in Leo, so it helps.

    I have gemini moon. I hope that when I have children they feel very comfortable and safe with me, and that they have fun with me.

  30. ”The best thing about her was she never EVER tried to mold me in her image. She encouraged my freedom and self-expression by paying for whatever creative whim I had. I had oil paints at age 9. Oil paints!”

    Its like you are talking about my mum 🙂 hehe!

    She was/is always respectful of my individuality. I have learned so many things from her (by examples..not just words). She is my best friend. Anddd she is a movable encyclopedia(whataver you ask her,she had probably did a reasearch on it in the past.) from medicine..etc

    (She has Moon Scorpio/sun,mer Aries/taurus/ capricorn)
    My Moon is in Leo

  31. My mum is a 12th house Leo sun, Virgo ASC and Sag moon. It’s like she has two sides- one nurturing, caring, fun, funny and the other extremely critical, judgmental and self-centered.

    I have Pisces moon and no children of my own, but I do have a god daughter that I absolutely adore. My mum says I’m hypersensitive, I say she’s too blunt and eager to place the blame on anyone but herself- it’s a never ending argument.

  32. mom has a leo moon. mine is exactly opposite 😉 let’s just say the teenage years were interesting.

    i do emphasize teaching my child to be self directed and independent.
    i’m also not as present in his life now as i’d like to be. he’s got a cancer/saturn moon. thank goodness there’s a cancer parent around to pick up my slack :/

  33. i wonder how many firstborns have saturn/moon action. myself and my child both do. and both of us had our parents in graduate school in our early years….

  34. My mom has a Gemini moon. Very unstable emotionally, narcissistic, martyr syndrome, etc. my dad & I used to joke she was bipolar. I think it’s just her moon. Doesn’t help that I have Mars in Gemini.

    I’ve got a Libra moon. I spoil my kids, equally. Lol…I try to be fair in everything. I’m also usually being pulled in different directions by my kids. I want to make them happy, above all else. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

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    My mother was a Capricon moon and a malignant narcissist. She was malicious, controlling, and vindictive. She felt people were only as worthwhile as they were useful to enhance her self-image, her daughter included. If they failed to do this, they deserved her abuse.

    1. Wow…Im sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing that.
      My mom was a Scorpio and the sweetest mom. We were ridiculously close. Because of it I get along very well with Scorpios.

      1. Avatar

        Thank you Gads. I’m glad you were so close with your Mom. The first person who fully understood the devastating impact of growing up like this and comforted/supported me with no judgement was a Scorpio. I love them too.

    2. I grieve for your lost childhood as I grieve for my own. My mother also a Capricorn moon and a narcissistic mother…however I believe this to be far beyond the scope of astrology well knowing this is an astrological site. Take care.

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        Dixie S, thank you so much. I grieve for your lost childhood too. You’re right. You take care too.

    3. my mother is also capricorn moon but she’s very loving though, and very generous and is always there for the family. Infact, she’s extremely martyr-dom type. she does have controlling tendancies, (scorpio dominant with cardinal chart) but if she is appreciated and loved, she responds really positive, because she is more giving than taking.

  36. I have an Aquarius moon but I don’t think I’m a detached mom. It could be because it’s opposite my Jupiter in Leo in the 5th. I am the mom who is class mom, who volunteers at all school functions, the mom with a car full of kids because I like to bring my kids friends along because I love and encourage friendships. The mom who throws my kids big parties every year even though every year I say it’ll be the last one. LOL I do think I give my kids space to be themselves and the freedom to express what they feel. My oldest would probably say I’m controlling. I’m Aries rising. I do feel I need to lead my troop as Elsa said but he does have a packed 10th house which doesn’t want to be led. LOL

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    I have a Scorpio moon and never wanted or had my own children. I knew I was too damaged and too angry to be a parent. It was the right decision.

    1. @scottish, i was reading about the famous french actress, Bridget Bardot and how she never wanted any children of her own, she had a gemini moon, libra sun, but her mars and pluto leo were in the 8th house. on her 2nd marriage she wanted to abort and gave up her baby to her 2nd husband who raised the child while she got visitation rights. She was one of those, like you who are super honest about never wanting any children. It is rare to hear that, it’s usually men who don’t want chilren, but there are lots of women who actually dont want to be a mother. the story reminded me of you just now, because you are very candid about never wanting children.

      1. Avatar

        Elisa, with one huge difference. I never did to a child what Brigitte Bardot did to her son. She described in her autobiography how much she hated being pregnant with him, called him a cancerous tumor and that she would have preferred to have given birth to a little dog. I can only imagine his pain and humiliation at his mother rejecting him in public that way.

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          So I don’t see where I could logically remind you of Brigitte Bardot as I never did any of those cruel things. I just never wanted kids.

          1. I think she was referring to your honesty with yourself. Not every person wants kids. You made the best decision for yourself.

        2. And now she wears her nasty narcissistic soul as her face. Sorry, Not to be catty, but it makes sense now knowing she said that about her son. I hope they resolve their mutual pain before she or her son moves on…

          1. Avatar

            I think they did reconcile after her son had a child. In, my experience, the people who truly hate children are parents far more often than the deliberately childless.

            1. well we know a couple, from my sister’s friends who one young woman never wanted children. So, ok, that’s her decision. but when my sister had a baby, her friend never wanted even to come to the parties where children or even if their baby were home. we thought that was extreme. And, their friendship was no more after that. She felt, if any of her friends didnt want her babies part of the package, she wants nothing to do with them either.

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                elisa, I don’t know the situation but it’s possible your sister’s friend wanted to end the friendship for other reasons and not wanting to be around the baby/kids was a convenient excuse. I agree with your sister’s decision, why would she want that energy around her as a new mother?

        3. oh that is horrible. I did read she wanted to abort, and i thought omg, i’m so happy that her child had a good father who raised him. i was also reading that bardot gave her youth and beauty to men and her wisom/experience to animals. She seemed to love animals more than children.

  38. I’m a Libra moon, sag sun. I practiced attachment parenting- breastfed my kids for 4 years, family bed, carrying them around all the time. I had a landscaping business and I took my son to work with me. He would sit on a blanket and eat leaves and dirt until he got big enough to run around and make mud pies . Now he’s 26 and he’s been working for my landscaping business. Daughter was too destructive and attention seeking to take to work so I stayed home until she went to school. I’m mostly a calm and loving mother. I have Venus in Aquarius and Aquarius ascendant which I think contributes to some emotional detachment. In reading my children’s charts, they both have Saturn conjunct moon. My son has Taurus sun, Aquarius moon and my daughter is libra sun, Aries moon. I am definitely an unusual mother . I don’t adhere to normal social customs . I’m a bit of a non joiner. My daughter is just heading off to college and I can feel how much I’ve suppressed my adventuring sag. Soul. Ive got enough adventures planned for the next 30 years.

  39. I have an aries moon . . . and yes my eldset son does make comments like “Oh look out she’s on patrol.” But I fight for them and teach them courage and independence. My moon is in the 12th house I couldn’t get enough of my mother who had a social Leo moon with many friends and public appointments. To me she was a star. I adored her and still do, she’s passed away and I miss her terribly, but have wonderful memories of her smile and warm, generous heart. Oh dear this has made me all sad, time for a song. . .

  40. My mother had a 14* Taurus Moon in the 7th house. Being as she was a Capricorn with a Libra rising she was not a bad mom but she was extremely detached and preferred to be at work or reading a book rather than do anything else. Me I have a Taurus moon in the 3rd house I was not as good a mother as I wanted to be but did the best I could. I was sabotaged in my parenting efforts.

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