Moon: What Kind Of Mother Are You?

mother“Aries moon wants to be independent from their kids or perhaps she wants to lead them as if they were troops! It’s not all bad. Consider the opposite. When there’s a lack of leadership…”

I wrote that for a client. Every sign has it upside and it’s downside.

What kind of mother are you?
kind of mother did you have?
Where is your moon?

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  1. My mother was a Pisces sun with a Capricorn moon. She was very strict when I was young but as an adult I understand it was because she felt the weight of the family (emotionally, financially, safety) was all on her shoulders. Though 20 years younger than him, she mothered my father as much as she did her five children (I was the youngest). She and I became very close after my father died and she found independence.

    I’m a Sag sun with a Pisces moon. I didn’t rush into having children, I was 39, 40 and 42 when they were born but I was ready for them. I loved every aspect of their childhood and now, in their 20’s, they are my closest friends.

  2. Herrrm. Somewhere between overly strict and orderly to chaotic and drinking wine in a corner somewhere.

    I have Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo. Moon is sandwiched between Mars and Venus. True to Gemini, I have a twin mom and twin girls! And hyperactive ovaries apparently ! (Moon-Mars!) ?

  3. Sag Moon. I took my kids on adventures, and taught them to go for it, and also to travel in foreign countries…

  4. Cancer ascendant. Scorpio Moon in 5th conjunct Jupiter (exact to the minute) but opposite Saturn. Authoritarian, resourceful mother. Instinctual, ‘natural’ mothering style ~ loosely attachment style, nothing too much by any book. My children’s moons ~ Aries, Taurus, Aries and Aquarius; ~ fun, loving, healthy, brutally honest (vegan*) children. Sometimes I feel like I’m the leader of a pack of wolves but I’m happy to say all of them are strong willed.

    *Took them a while to believe many people eat animals. Mothering has been an education!

    1. Perhaps I should note *my* mother was authoritarian, not me!! Too often my generation were ruled over by their parents and then their children (partly guilty).

  5. I have Moon in Leo in the 1st house, sextile Mars.

    I was an only child and my childhood was great! ? My parents are still happily married. I have always been close with my mom and I have an excellent relationship with her. We can talk just about anything and everything for hours. She gave me a lot of attention, encouragement, stability and confidence that I’m forever grateful for. I wish I could be a great mother like her one day when I have kids too.

  6. Taurus moon in 8th. I kept my son grounded, (hes almost TOO grounded) and tried to instill an awareness of whats really going on in the world.
    Always very physically affectionate. Plenty of hugs and kisses. Always there for him.
    His Cancer Moon appreciated it!!

  7. My mother is a Capricorn sun with moon in sagi.. she was very restrict and dominating when we were kids. Kinda have loosen up now as we grew older.

    I m a sagi rising gem sun with moon in capri and Venus in cancer.. I want my kids to explore the world. At the same time I m veryyyyyy protective Venus in cancer kicks in from time to time

  8. I’m Scorpio Moon in 2nd house trine Cancer Venus. I’m symbiotically attached and deeply invested in my children. My daughter is Scorpio Moon and my son is Cancer Moon. I focus on their growth and transformations. I don’t censor or sugarcoat anything. I dragged my kids to the hospital so they can witness my grandmothers last breath. I also took them to witness the cremation process. I don’t care how boring they think the hospital or funeral home is. They need to see what LOVE is to the very end. They were not traumatized because I was showing it to them as a normal process of life. They need to learn how the real world works and how to navigate it. I don’t understand how parents want to protect their children in this “bubble” world and when reality pops that “bubble” ….the children are going to have serious issues.

  9. My mom is a Taurus moon. She always made sure I had my basic needs met. I felt very comfortable with her until I was about 8 yrs old when she started drinking heavily. She drinks heavily to this day. Shes very generous with money and I think that’s how she shows love. Her drinking has led her to do some really mean things to me, but I’m working on forgiving her. I don’t know that I’ll ever trust her though, as long as she’s drinking.

    I’m a Scorpio moon (as is my son). I’m under no delusions that I’m a great mom, but I’m doing my best, just like every other person on this earth. I’m impatient and intense. I like to expose my son to things that he seems curious about. For instance, he was fascinated with Hitler for a while and I understood that he was just exploring his dark side. I think he trusts me on a deep level. He shares a lot with me.

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    Susanne Thomas

    Im wanted to be a mother while my family was expecting an academic career, they would have been happy with an artist daughter as well but marrying young and having kids was deemed rebellious. Im a scorpio moon, sag sun and venus in aquarius. Both my children are born in my 5th house Aquarius. My sons venus is conjunct mine and his gemini moon conjunct his father’s. My daughter born on a full moon (in leo) relates well to me mentally, we share a mercury in cap, but struggles with my scorpio emotional intensity. I expected my children to grow up to be independent individuals and waited for the teenage rebellion that never happened. They rolled their eyes a lot at me for embarrassing them with things mothers shouldn’t do but now that they are in their 40s and parents themselves our relationship is very good. I’m an eternal student of life and feel that they get who I am. We are meeting again as adults which is a blessing.

  11. My Mom was a Capricorn Moon with a Leo Sun/Jupiter conjunction on my 4th house Uranus. My being the oldest I likely changed her life unexpectedly and curbed some expansiveness. Her Aries Uranus exactly squares my Cancer Sun in the 3rd. With 3 younger siblings things were Uranian at home. I’m a Virgo Moon. I watched my younger siblings at home while Mom worked when I was 10 until Dad got home from work. Both worked hard and provided. I helped out a lot besides and left home young. I wanted my children 15 years apart to get the time to be children and stuck to it. My stepdaughter between was never asked to watch her sister. They learned by observation and example like me and are self starters also. I learned to correct only if they would get hurt or someone else and to say why. Mom never said why. Dad did. I have a Sun-Mars-Saturn water grand trine.

  12. I’m pretty sure that my mom was a cancer moon??? She loved having containers for everything. She was very connected to me. She didn’t really get my Scorpio sun though. And she was worried all the time. I’m a Taurus moon and between feeling most loved by my mom and her model of what it meant to be family, I’m very connected to my kids and totally trust them and their ways of going about life.
    I’m grateful that I had the mom I had. I think she set up a great family legacy. And she was a wonderful grandma. I hope I can be that.

  13. My mother was an Aries Moon. She definitely taught my siblings and I how to be independent. I am a 1H Pisces Moon. I think I’ve taught my children to be open-minded (I am a Libra Sun) and to pursue their dreams.

  14. Aries moon. I was a mom that led my kids down pioneering paths. I had no trouble with “Because I’m the mom”. Now that they are grown and I have 6 grandchildren I’m the family matriarch who organizes family gatherings.

  15. My mom was Sag Sun, Leo Asc with Moon in Gemini. Drama, drama, drama. Overemotional, dependent on others, possessive, controlling never could make an opinion without torturing us with all of her doubts, also we always knew everything about her, she wore a heart on her sleeve. My brother has Leo Asc and my Moon is in Leo, imagine us all together, it’s like there was a stage and we had a performance. 🙂 But on the other side, she was very generous, very very loving, she really loved us and all of her family, she would do anything, but some of the things were things she would do but only on her terms. She was very very talkative, chatty, always in the center of attention, but she would never acknowledge it, never admitting she was wrong. Very, very special person, master in her work, and she loved her work more than anything. A very complex person who taught me a great deal in my life, what kind of mother I would love to be but also what kind I don’t want to be for sure. I want my kids to breathe, be independent, brave, and free, I don’t want to be like a helicopter always afraid something bad will happen. She never gave me that, but still, we loved each other so much, she adored me and I will always be thankful for having her for my mother and she is greatly missed in my life.

  16. Sagittarius moon. Didn’t think I’d ever have children but ended up with seven! I need a lot time for myself and teach my kids to explore independence. The mutable energy in my chart is eminent. My kids say they have two moms. I was strict when they were young and today I’m more of a friend… still working on boundaries within myself.

  17. I don’t have children (didn’t want any).
    My mother was a Virgo with Cap Moon. She provided the basic things, but wasn’t very demonstrative. She’d had difficulties with her own mother (Aries) who was very strict & not fun.
    But when I was small our family had a “house person” (cook, cleaning lady, aid) who took care of me and I think that helped a lot. (She is forever in my heart.)
    My Moon is in Aqua.

  18. Virgo moon 3rd house. My mother was a Virgo Moon as was her Mother! I wouldn’t say I’m real motherly – although I have Cancer ascendant and children have often gravitated toward me. My mother wasn’t very motherly and neither was her – like motherly in the usual sense; baking cookies, doing projects with the children, hugging and demonstrative. I went back to work when my son was 10 months old; my mother went back to work when I was 3. My grandmother was an Inuk who went to residential school and was considered odd by her family on her return. She missed out on learning how to be motherly, I suppose.

  19. I look forward to what my children say about me one day, even the negative stuff.

    Cancer Moon in the 3rd house – I’m attached and detached at the same time. Overall extremely devoted. They are my life. I cook every meal for them and limit prepackaged stuff. I read to them, teach them, sit with them and hug them, I am clued into their expressions and moods, and I very often explain how we need to stick together and work through our differences to keep our family tight and strong.

  20. Two capricorn moons. Me and mom. I was her saturn return baby- she has saturn in 5th house. I perceive her more caring because our moons are conjunct and hers falls in my 1st house. Strict too, but it wasn’t an issue for me. A working mom. I did homework and cleaning unprompted and mostly unsupervised and it was all ok. When we don’t argue for trivial things / both have moon square mars at 7 degrees/ we have fun together almost like siblings/ I have moon conjunct uranus, she has moon trine uranus. I have moon conjunct neptune, she has the trine.

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