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I was thinking about the Projection & Programing post and I realized I’ve had these skills since I was a teenager. I can’t tell you where I got them but I can tell you a story you will never forget.  A true story, that is.

This story, Teenager, is about more than one thing and I wrote it for more than one reason. My primary reason, outside of just liking to tell entertaining stories, is that it’s historical. Now I’m not kidding.  What we did in this story was completely unheard of.

I talk about being ahead of the curve a lot; the canary in a coal mine.  This is another instance of this and my canary pants are part of it. (see below).

If you have not read, Obi Wan Kenobi PhD, it should really be read first. Matter of. fact, these two stories used to be one. My editor split the stories for my book. While they both stand alone, Teenager begins the moment Obi Wan Kenobi PhD ends.  The series is about how I got on my feet, post being homeless at fifteen years old.

My husband is in this story as well, from back in the day.  He’s not focal but if this gets any traction, I will fill you in on what he was doing while I was doing this. He was also on the front line doing something historical of great magnitude. Even crazier, neither of us knew what the other was up to and in fact, this is why I sometimes use the Spy vs Spy picture to represent us.

Further, I did not find out what he was doing while I was doing what I was doing, for nearly 25 years. It’s inexplicable, really.

Also, here’s a link to a number of true stories, in chronological order. Enjoy!

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  1. 8th house Aquarius with my Moon. Double Cancer. Freshly retired. So much on my mind. The world scares me today.

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