Air Signs And Food

turkey-ck-780346-l.jpgSpeaking of me (earthy) vs the intellectuals (Airy), one year, we had an all-girl Thanksgiving. My double Aquarius friend Kay hosted the event. Her double Gemini friend and my daughter (a baby at the time) attended and we had a blast.

We cooked all day… sort of. The Gemini showed up with freeze-dried potato mix which she prepared with a cigarette hanging from her mouth while telling jokes and talking about men. She looked right out of a movie so you know I loved that.

Late that afternoon we had all this food laid out. The table was beautiful, courtesy Kay’s Libra Moon and guess what? No one ate but me. Okay. My daughter (also a Gemini) ate a cranberry. A cranberry. Air signs don’t care about food, especially airy Moons.

I looked at Kay. I looked at the double Gemini. “Either of you going to eat anything?” I asked.

“Uh, no. Go ahead, Elsa. Is it good?”

Do you have an appetite? Where is your Moon?

56 thoughts on “Air Signs And Food”

  1. I’ll snack, bake, yoyo, fast, feast, fast food, soul food, slow food. I have all the gears when it comes to food. Gemini sun, 6th cusp gemini, taurus venus, capricorn moon. I’m snacking on my twin* fruits right now- cherries. There’s something so good eating soft, black, rippened cherries, like biting into lilith’s lips.

  2. LOL my eldest granddaughter, whose birthday is today! is, of course Gemini, with an Aquarius moon. She will dawdle at every meal, distracted to the max, and eating is such a chore…except when there is dessert….then she’ll go full on. Always room for dessert. I can see people being picky about food, texture, temperature, looks, color, smell, memories attached…I get it. So this girl will always have some food thing going on. As a child who was given very narrow leeway and few choices, I just think a kid needs not to make ALL food choices. But you can definitely see how these things manifest!

  3. I’m an air sun, Aquarius, but I have a lot of earth, including a Virgo moon. I have an appetite but it’s always been on the more healthy, varied side. I was a vegetarian for a few years on my late 20’s, early 30’s. Not anymore. I don’t like a lot of fried foods, foods with loads of sauces all over it (as in, why is it covered in tomato sauce, cheese, oil, etc, where is the actual food?), donuts and stuff. I cook pretty simple stuff (as in not tons of sauce) and if we eat out I want it something I wouldn’t make myself and not some slop on a plate.

    Yeah, ok, I guess on the one hand I’m picky and want the same breakfast I like anywhere on earth, but on the other, if it’s exotic, weird, I’ve never had it, I’m usually in 👍

  4. Aquarius rising, virgo moon, Pisces Sun/Venus. I forget to eat a lot. When I’m busy, I will feed everyone else and not realize I didn’t eat all day until I’m about to go to bed. I can eat the same thing everyday and never get tired of it. I find cooking elaborate meals to be an awful chore. I hate doing dishes. I love soups and stews bc I can freeze them and eat them all week. Also salads bc they are easy and you can just throw whatever in. I get annoyed when I cook for my kids and they won’t eat it. I’ll pretty much try anything food wise as long as the sanitation score is decent.

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