People With Unusual Life Experience.. Jupiter / Uranus?

la-paz.jpgSince writing that bit about college bar and the obese Pisces, I have been discussing various aspect of my past with the husband as they are just on my mind. It’s not his favorite subject because it provokes his emotion is ways he prefer not to endure and respecting that I tend to keep quiet but sometimes things just seem to need air. I just want them out where I can see and think about them so I was explaining over the weekend what it was like for me.

“I tell someone something and I have no idea what they make of it. I don’t know if they can understand it, if it means anything to them… what they think of it or what they think I think of it. The only thing I know is their perception will not match mine in any way, shape or form. It’s just not possible to find someone who would know what I was talking about and see things anywhere near the way I do because the experience is too unique.”

He was listening.

“Well you know what I am talking about. You can’t run around talking to people about your experience in Special Forces because they aren’t going to have any idea what you’re talking about and this is assuming you’re believed in the first place which would be unusual right there. So if you do tell someone something, who knows what they think? They think things based on their own experience and their experience has nothing in common with yours.”

“Well that’s true.”

“The difference between me and you is you had a fairly… a somewhat normal family and upbringing so you can at least guess how people see things but their experience is far more remote from mine. People are downright mysterious to me. I am just at an incredible loss trying to imagine their perspective because I’ve got no basis of normal at all. I was young,” I said. “I was born into this it, is all I know.”

“Yeah, I did have a strong basis I also had my experience by choice. I decided what I was going to do with my life.”

“That’s true but choice is irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. I don’t care if I had a choice. I am saying it is virtually impossible for me to explain something and have it be relatable and I mean anything at all. It’s like there be an expectation I turn on the TV. Why would someone like me turn the TV on?” I asked. “Why? And how am I going to explain this to someone who has always had TV as part of their life? Well you have TV now, Elsa, turn it on!” I laughed. “Well, yeah I see the TV there but it does not interest me. That’s a simple statement of fact but no one can understand it. They think I think they should not watch TV either. They think I am saying I am superior or something which is the last thing I’d think in a million years. It’s not something that would cross my mind yet that statement would be parsed that way by most everyone just because. Just because it is the normal thought to have, I guess, But I don’t understand why. Why is that the normal thought? Hell if I know. How would I know? I did not grow up normal… I had not one day’s exposure to normal until I was a teenager and by them, lemme tell you, it’s too late. By that age, you’re already formed. There is just no way to rewind and start over, the die has been cast.”

Now check this. My ex perennial boyfriend/friend Scott also has a very unusual childhood. He was a prodigy on the piano and consequently he was kept indoors to practice playing all day and all night from the time he about 4 or 5.

I drug him to Mexico once, he was about 27 years old and this is when he found out the ocean was salty. Sorry if you think that’s stupid… the man has genius IQ. He just didn’t get out much see?

So when you meet people like us you have to suspend your judgment because we just don’t know what you know. We don’t have common knowledge. We more than make up for it with our uncommon knowledge if you allow it but you’d be surprised how few do.

If you want a marker in a chart for “unusual experience”, I would give it to Jupiter and Uranus in aspect. One way or the other, you are just going to have an “out there” perspective and that’s all there is to it. Scott and I have that, where the soldier has Jupiter / Pluto which very different.

The other day, satori said she thought her “imprint” was Mork of Mork and Mindy. I hate to tell her but she actually may have found him in me. 😉

Is your life experience relatively usual or relatively not? What’s the Jupiter situation in your chart?

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  1. satori, I understand what you wrote, the part I don’t understand is WHY they do that. I guess it is the “fearing judgment” gene I lack.

  2. I’ve had plenty unusual experiences, but maybe its been more about unusual people in very usual places.
    I attribute this to Venus trine Uranus (love of the unusual), cause Jupiter is hiding over there in the 12 House.

  3. I tend to attract the people with the unusual experiences, and then end up in weird places/situations because of them. Everyone I’ve ever been really close to has something in their chart with Uranus/Aquarius. I love Venus in Aquarius people for some reason.

    Got nothing with Uranus/Jupiter. Instead I have Uranus trine Sun/Mercury, and sextile Saturn. (Uranus is in my 7th)

    PS I have had the same exact TV experience. I never had one until my ex wanted one. So we got it, but had nowhere to put it. Therefore, when I did want to turn it on, it involved carrying it in from the hallway, placing it on a basket, and attaching all of the wires. Then, when I was done, I had to dis-attach everything because I needed to get something from inside that basket. Hahaha! Now that I think about it, I’m really glad I got rid of the TV! 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I am even allowed to write here since I am not an astrologer, but an avid fan of those that are. I was raised in a very unusual place with very unusual parents during very unusual times and I have to say that having lived here in the US for over 25 years now and having grown children raised here…..I still get the feeling that I am a fish out of water…even from my children. I don’t watch TV either…we did not have it when I was growing up and so my children are not prone to it either, but whenever I base something on one of my life experiences….I get these looks from people as if I were from another planet and it is only when I am with others from other countries who have a broader sense of culturalization (maybe) that I feel a sense of understanding. I believe there is alot of narrow-mindedness that exists in the US in towns and places where people have not experienced more of the world as a whole and not just another country to travel to for a vacation and drink one of their signature drinks…margarita, rum punch, chianti, saki,…..etc. Life seems to be based on different sitcoms….it seems to me…here in the US and don’t get me wrong!….I love living here and I was born here, but raised completely until adulthood in a latinamerican country. I thought this commentary was very interesting and I have always found it intriguing that my ideals and experiences were viewed so vastly different than others of my same age. Just thoughts….hope I did not offend anybody and I love this blog…read it everyday Jupiter is in my 5th house and Uranus in my 12th.!

  5. My Uranus and Jupiter are not aspected, but I do have Uranus in Scorpio which I think has made for a over-abundance of unusual and hilarious sexual situations. I seriously have the most hilarious sexual past. I will spare you the details, but to give a hint of an example…one story involves jalapenos and burning hands/nether-regions. That’s just one of maaaannnyyy.

    Besides that, my life is rather “usual” i guess. Nothing exciting really.
    But I welcome the unusual with open arms 🙂
    Come to think of it, I’m not sure many things even strike me as “unusual” as much as it does “interesting”.

  6. My Jupiter and Uranus are conjunt in my 4th (Virgo). My life has been very unusual compared to most people. As a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Ascendant and Taurus Moon, I have always strived to set down roots and stay put. But I have continually moved allowing me to have experiences other states, metropolitan areas, continents and countries.

  7. Jupiter conj. Mars squaring Uranus and trining Neptune. I would say… YES… Definitely a different experience. The question, “Where are you from?” or “Where’s your hometown” is one of the lengthiest answers one can ever get from me. How can I say I have only one hometown when I felt like I grew up in FIVE CITIES and THREE COUNTRIES???

  8. Unusual…

    My father was a secret agent. My parents are now both doctors. I’m a lawyer. My friends are astrologers, politicians, business people, musicians and photographers… I’m currently living in my… fourth country. I’ve lived in 17 cities.


    Yeah, unusual 🙂

    And I’m never sure it’s such a good thing.

    (Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Aries, Mars in Gemini)

  9. This is hilarious. I read this post and thought: must check out mum and dad! Because they’re TOTAL freakazoids!

    Well they don’t have Jupiter/Aquarius exactly, but Dad’s Jupiter is in Aquarius, conjunct my Mum’s moon; her Uranus is in Taurus, conjunct his Moon!
    Not only that, but her Mercury in Pisces (17 degrees) is trine to the exact degree to his Mercury in Scorpio.

    My life experience…I don’t know how unusual it is. I felt very alienated until I hit my 20s and the crazy people popped up all over…my life is full of all kinds of people and their life experiences are so incredibly varied from mine it’s hard to tell.

  10. I’ve noticed an odd subset of people – I’ve been running into them throughout the years – that have a heavily Capricorn/Aquarius chart…

    They’re odd in the sense that, although definitely ‘alternative’ in some way, their view of the world is extremely one-sided… so much so that anything that doesn’t match their niche is rejected.

    I’ve never understood that. Then again, I wouldn’t. So I see what you mean when you say it doesn’t mesh with your experience of things…

  11. Haha… kashmiri… nobody told me anything about it until I was 20. It’s so much not fun listening to the stories when it’s your father…

    I knew there was a reason I loved Spy v Spy.


  12. Jupiter 2nd house
    Uranus 2nd house not in conjunction but in Virgo
    with 4 other planets.

    Stellium from my experience give you a wide pendulum of experience.

    sometimes I rode a bicycle to the grocery store
    and other times I was driven by a limo driver
    and other times I drove myself in my own car

    But you don’t get to do all 3 during the same time period.

    My experience with Jupiter and Uranus
    Expect big changes unexpectedly

    So it is extremely hard to articulate any of my experiences to any one person.

  13. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the 11th in Cancer.

    Sometimes I think I should write a book, but where to start LOL and who knows who the hell would want to read it anyway >:>

  14. Venus conj. Uranus in Sag in the 11th….oh sweet lord where to begin?!?! I also have Saturn-Pluto conj. on my MC and I am a Cap Sun/Asc and am a Moon, Venus, and Mars Aquarian.

    I recently called these two energies “Batman vs. The Joker” because that’s how it is…just half of me wants to fix everything and the other half just wants to tear it all down!!

    I’ve noticed an odd subset of people – I’ve been running into them throughout the years – that have a heavily Capricorn/Aquarius chart…

    They’re odd in the sense that, although definitely ‘alternative’ in some way, their view of the world is extremely one-sided… so much so that anything that doesn’t match their niche is rejected.

    I’ve never understood that. Then again, I wouldn’t. So I see what you mean when you say it doesn’t mesh with your experience of things…

    This makes sense you see things that way….I am 26 however and am hoping my Saturn return fixes this… (which Saturn-Pluto conj on MC should be HELL ON EARTH) but I feel like a genuine ALIEN and I want people to be different!!

    I have very few friends, many people dump their negative perceptions on me Saturn/Pluto on MC…no matter how open I am. I love putting myself out there, going to different groups and enjoying their many skills and talents, and I love their comraderie…but since kindergarten, I just don’t belong!!

    I’ve spent many years crying over this…looking for acceptance from many groups it’s like the book “Are You My Mommy?” and everyone, from bikers to cake decorators have emphatically said “no.”.

    No matter what I do, no matter who I talk to….I’m…Just….Different. My friends are also different and only a few of them are connected! Different states, different dynamics to each friendship but they are all awesome. I have recently come to see by hanging around such Leo energy that my heart and actions really are geared towards the collective, and have a hard time asserting myself without desire from the collective.

    I attract scientists as lovers, men with Uranus 11th house as well. Physicists and the like (a mathematician and a physical chemist). I found genuine die hard nerds and people who are not into the idea of “the way things are” like me.

    I show up, I’m nice…I dress appropriately (usually)and I keep an open mind…then people pigeon hole themselves into their set groups. Then instead of clinging to try and fit in I take a deep breath and look at them again….and the silent hum of their desperation to belong fills my ears and I realize that rejecting me in many ways strengthens them as a group… someone has to be out for them to be “in”.

    I am VERY SENSITIVE to herd mentality. VERY. Yet I keep trying….it’s the reformer streak in me! I wish I could dent it every once in a while and make people see what I see as the collective.

    I tell people “I am not an ordinary person and don’t need to be surrounded by ordinary people” Ordinary to me in this case means not being their most comfortable self, lying, expressing their individuality and not just doing what the group wants, or the very least questions it, and people who take themselves too seriously are indeed ordinary to me.

    I am like everyone and like no one.

  15. I was raised by my grandmother and up until I was 6 years old and started school I had rarely seen other children. True, my life had been full of play (my gran played with me all the time, she helped me act out fairy stories and anything I imagined) so I didn’t feel lonely or miss the company of children particularly. However, it meant that when I started school I was a fish out of water and I didn’t know what to make of the other children. They were like a wild pack of strange creatures or something.

    My grandmother was Russian Countess and her family had fled for their lives after the Revolution in 1917 when she was 10 years old. Yugoslavia gave them refuge and she grew up there and she lived there another 90 years but she still didn’t think of herself as anything but Russian, Russian remained her first language and when she died she was buried with a handful of Russian soil she had been dragging around for 90 years for that purpose. So of course she raised me to be Russian too and dressed me like I was a little aristocratic girl from the late 19th century.

    And the fact that all around us was Socialism and Communism and the 20th century… well none of that mattered a whit. So imagine me starting school speaking SerboCroat with a strong Russian accent and going around wearing white lace shawls while the other children were dressed in jeans and t-shirts and spent their days playing games with their peers. I was a complete alien and no one knew what to make of me.

    My family was highly eccentric (and therefore suspect to my Communist teachers) and they let me get away with all sorts of lunacy. There were occasions when I went to school wearing tights and boots and a sweater because I was being a Prince and Princes wore tights. I remember being allowed to go to visit someone with my family and carrying a plastic bathtub because I was in the middle of being a Captain and that bathtub was my ship.

    I simply had no idea how far out my parameters of ‘normal and acceptable’ were in comparison to most people’s. It also helped explain why for pretty much all my elementary school each of my report cards came with the comment ‘she does not fit into the collective’.

    It is hard to explain the more Eastern concept of society and social consciousness to the more individualist norms of the West, so I’m used to people not knowing what the hell I am talking about. On the other hand I am Fucking Ace at adapting (now, I learned the hard way having moved countries 3 times by the time I was 12).

    I fit in everywhere and nowhere. I clash with the English because I am more emotional and tactile than they are, I clash with the Yugs because I am less emotional and passionate than they are, but at least I understand both sides and with the people I love we make an effort to meet in the middle.

    I have a lot of clothes and I dress entirely according to my mood and what I need to do that day (with some small allowances for the weather). I’ll use clothes to make myself seem older or younger and so on in accordance to who my clients are and what their issues are. Being a chameleon is a lot of fun.

    One of the reasons why I love working as a systemic (family) therapist is that my school believes we can’t make assumptions about anyone and that although we may have ideas (hypotheses) about why people act as they do these are not objective reality and we spend a lot of time trying to find out about people’s worlds and understand why the things they do make sense. (Because they always make sense to the person doing them).

    I don’t have Jupiter and Uranus in aspect but Jupiter conjuncts my Ascendant from the 12th house and my Sun, Moon, Venus and chart ruler all aspect Uranus, while Sun and Mercury (chart ruler) both fall in the 11th house – so Uranus jerks my chain and always has.

  16. One of my favourite quotes is : ‘The only thing that a nonconformist hates more than a conformist is another nonconformist who doesn’t conform to the usual standards of nonconformity’.

    And I for one look immensely forward to my old age and the wearing of the craziest getups I can get away with. I’m thinking – ‘stuffed parrot tacked onto my hat’

  17. As a Jupiter quincunx Uranus, I come into this category. A realization about this aspect only came to me the other day, as part of my Jupiter return. It’s a quirky take on things, coupled with an opposition of Uranus to Mercury. It’s about seeing things from the other side of the fence.

  18. Wow, yeah, I get this. I’ve got Jupiter in the 9th as the focus of a t-square with the sun in the 11th & uranus in the 5th (in sadge, so more jupiter).

    I was raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (google it), which is pretty unique on its own. Then I spent a year in Berlin when I was 16.

    I have a very limited understanding of people as a whole. I just don’t understand them. Apparently I come off as stuck up a lot, which isn’t intentional. I just don’t know how to relate to my fellow human beings very well, and few of them understand me either.

  19. Jupiter sextile Uranus

    I didn’t learn how to swim till I was 18, never been to a movie in a real theater till about the same age, never had a Dr. Pepper. Heh

    Now I can’t get enough of movies in theaters and swimming. Yay!

    Satori – “hey, you’re not my tribe” Tell me about it.

  20. no and yes. i took me a long time to realize not everybody thought with the practicality and insight of an engineer (i grew up around a ton of them.)
    on the flip side, i have a strong extended family. though that seems not so common any more.

    i don’t know. my jupiter’s sitting on my midheaven not aspected to anything. guess it’s in a subtle way a jupiter/saturn thing. which would give me a saturnian perspective? i guess that would explain all the engineers….

  21. I learned, at the age of 29, that you’re not supposed to swallow mouthwash.
    I don’t own a television.
    I have Uranus in the first opposing Jupiter.

  22. thanks elsa for bringing this up. i find it strangely comforting.

    I have Jupiter EXACTLY conjunct both Uranus and south node (and pluto only another 6 degrees) all of which are exactly conjunct 11th/12th cusp at Libra 0-1 and all EXACTLY oppose an exact conjunction of north node/mercury/chiron on aries point 5th/6th cusp.

    i have always felt “other” and things NEVER seem to happen “normally” for me. in fact, i’m about to have my first child (by surrogate, very not “normal”) and i am amazed every day that it really might happen because having a child seems like such a normal human thing to do.

    my partner truly believes i’m an alien. for real. if it could be proven to him he would not be surprised at all. he always says that if we ever broke up he would never be able to be with another woman if for no other reason because she would be too boring.

  23. Uranus Trine Jupiter. Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven. I have an unusual sense of what constitutes lucky?
    I feel lucky to be part of the elsa blogoholic tribe, but I didn’t know we had rituals that included jalapenos peppers. Is there a ten step program? I am pretty good at the doing the chameleon dance. A survival thing? Loved the book, ‘Are you my Mother?’ I am lucky in that department, although sometimes she makes me insane. Hey!!! Wait a minute.

  24. Ranamandar-LMAO!
    The jalapeno pepper thing was not intentional. Just don’t ever go see a lover after helping out at a Pampered Chef party!

  25. One of my clients is a pampered chef gal.
    She has three children and is expecting another. It’s probably time to put in another order! Or maybe we could host a party here. She’s such a sweetheart and her children are adorable!

  26. Hahahaha! I think she is into pampered chef as a way to have a life and be away from the kids once and awhile. It is probably a good way to meet people too. If we host a party we will make sure none of the recipes include hot peppers!

  27. Nina- I love your story! Very interesting heritage.

    fellow elsa blogoholics- apparently there is no twelve step program, just ten steps. I wonder what they are.

  28. I have Jupiter/Uranus/Asc Sag conjunction at 12th house. Yeah I usually feel out of place. I was not good with groups and friends. I wanted to travel abroad since childhood and I did quite a bit. I wanted help people somehow but it did not work really, at least that is what I felt. Then I met my wife who had some chronic health problems. I focus my help on her and close family rather than larger people. I think I will help people indirectly in future in academia.

  29. Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in Capricorn in my seventh house.

    (((Elsa))) Until I went to a therapist in my thirties no one believed my experiences. They thought I was exaggerating or lying. So I learned the past was not something I could talk about. My best friend, my husband, that was about it.

    I was so relieved when I told my counselor the whole story and she said “I’m just surprised you’re alive and only one person is talking to me – I don’t think you’re crazy but I think you’ve been surrounded by it” Whew!

    Television was always something yanked from me and controlled by someone else, so I learned not to crave it. I have one, but I rent movies, its not hooked up to cable or satellite or antenna. Sometimes it’s off for weeks at a time. It’s over ten years old.

    I remember going to first grade at the exclusive parochial school and proudly and happily telling everyone about my three new dresses from Sears. I had no idea I was on scholarship because we were poor.

  30. Yes, definitely unusual…

    odd family life, lots of travelling, all over the world, living in different countries.

    Jupiter Taurus conj Midheaven tight trine to Uranus Virgo (with Mars/Pluto too) in the 1st…

  31. jupiter conjunct uranus. conjunct moon conjunct pluto… perceptions of my own emotions is where i can feel completely at a loss. it takes me a long time to understand what i am feeling, if i ever do. i tend to have better perception with others.

  32. I don’t know how unusual my experience is. I have Jupiter Uranus no matter how you slice it though. I was born in the Ukraine and kind of skipped (or slowly moved) from working class to middle class when I came here, which doesn’t happen to all immigrants. I don’t really fit in with being Russian, Jewish, American, or from CT (where I live 10 minutes away by car from rich people I’m not rich, though). The people I identify with most are liberal arts students in the same situation as me. I don’t know if that’s Jupiter square Uranus enough. I do have sun opp Uranus and I don’t look at myself as Uranian sometimes.

  33. I have Uranus (1st) trine Jupiter (9th). I can’t see what’s been unusual about my life ? But Neptune is opposite Jupiter and sextiles Uranus, though it’s kind of a wide sextile at 5°…

  34. Interesting! I don’t have the planets in aspect but I have Uranus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius. I live in a foreign country… I’m definitely out there in relation to the people I’m surrounded by! People get used to me, though. Normally, there is an awkward phase. Even when I was younger, I’ve always been a bit out there. Out there but likeable. My Mom is an Aquarius!

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