The South Node and Venus Retro In Scorpio

Jim CroceThe Moon’s nodes come in pairs, the South Node and the North Node. They form an axis like the angles. They are considered Karmic, for those who believe in karma and past lives. Even if those concepts are not part of your paradigm you can see them as markers of time, your future and your past. The South Node incorporates your past, your history and where you are coming from. As you move toward your future, your North Node, the position of your South Node represents what you leave behind as outmoded and what you claim and take with you into the future. Take the best and leave the rest.

Venus represents our values and our esthetic desires. When Venus turns retrograde the energy is ripe to revisit our attitudes in this regard. In Pluto-ruled Scorpio the theme is depth, taboos, what lies beneath. It’s an opportunity to retrofit ingrained assumptions into something that is more workable for you. Currently Venus is traveling “backward” over my South Node.

Tonight I added my youngest daughter’s name to my Facebook page. All three of my children have their father’s last name. It’s a name I no longer share. When I divorced I changed my name. I didn’t take my maiden name. I told people a variety of reasons but never acknowleged, even to myself, the real reason. The real reason is that I was teased for my maiden name.

My mother remarried more than once. The first time I hyphenated my last name to include my beloved stepfather. When she married again she hyphenated her maiden name with my new stepfather’s name. So we both had hyphenated last names which were completely different. My mother was a teacher so the kids at school knew the situation and teased me mercilessly, calling me all four of our hyphenated names. It was a joke and I acted like it was funny. But really it felt like they were calling my mother a whore, and me as well.

So tonight I saw my kids’ names, all the same, all one name, and was so glad they have that simplicity. Until today I was sad that I didn’t share that. Today I realized that my new name, the name I picked for myself (my mother’s maiden name that we now share), is truly mine. It carries the good from my past into my future.

So with this Venus retro in Scorpio I realized two deep truths about my values and desires. I am finally comfortable in my skin, my name, my family (this is near my fourth house cusp). And I will never again politely laugh while someone insults me and my people. Perhaps most importantly, I am forever done eating shit pie.

How is this Venus Retrograde affecting you? Can you see the astrology behind it?

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13 thoughts on “The South Node and Venus Retro In Scorpio”

  1. Perhaps most importantly, I am forever done eating shit pie.

    You go, Satori. 🙂

    Well me too, I hope. All the people serving it appear to be gone.

  2. The very first night of the retrograde, I had a strangely clear, well structured dream, in which I saw myself as a woman living in the WWII years and then the early 1960’s. There were two people from my life involved, another to whom I’ve felt insanely connected to from the very first moment I first saw him. Let’s just say that if I’ve ever felt my past life being revealed to me, this was it.

    And there may be more to come. My North Node is conjunct to Uranus and Venus early Scorpio. The South Node is conjunct to Chiron within a degree. The retrograde will hit my North Node in November 2nd.

  3. This is a beautifully written piece, satori, thank you.

    With this retrograde I’ve realized that while I have sex less frequently with my current partner than with my former partner, the connection on the physical plane is much stronger.
    I love having this human connection.

    My ex and I had an overwrought Pisces 12th House in composite (which explains the psychic boundaries that were crossed continuously).

    Honestly I feel like I’m finally able to free myself from it but being a 12th House issues it isn’t without crying…a lot of crying.

  4. Once again, your posts couldn’t have been more timely to my life. I had never really focused on my nodes before (I am still new to all of this), so I went from here and did my research. Bullseye! My north node is in Sag, and all of the readings I’ve pulled up talk about the need to move towards trusting intuition, more than factual based logic. I’ve realized that that has been a pattern in my life, especially lately. I’ve been focusing on left brained “solutions” on how to fix the mess of my life right now. As I’ve told many in my life lately, every time I come up with one of these solutions, fixes to my life, the universe has been slamming the door in my face. Over and over,over the last year and a half. All the time, my inner knowing has been telling me there is another path, one which I have been sidestepping and avoiding for a whole lot of years.
    Anyway, between this post, and Elsa’s post last week about the next two weeks being the time to “grab the brass ring” so to speak, I think the time might be right for me to finally do what I have been dithering about for years. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Satori!

    Not only am I done with eating it, but the person who baked it so many times, will be eating his own pie!!!

  6. Satori, also south node in Scorpio, third or fourth house depending on system used. You got me thinking what about this might apply to me. My mother is a difficult person experiencing some of the changes that can come with aging. Lately I’m trying to protect myself more when dealing with her.

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