Pisces Mercury Sense Of Humor: “Uterus In Aries”

Harp MarxI saw that as a topic on the boards and thought, “ah yes, I have Uterus in Capricorn,” with a corresponding “tee hee.” Of course, that wasn’t what it actually said. Whenever you have Neptune involved with your senses (Mercury) perception can be a little foggy. There are a lot of components to humor, but I think that Mercury placement is a part of that. I have Pisces Mercury and I tend to misperceive things initially in a way I find personally hilarious. My Mercury is pretty well-supported so it’s just a moment of snortishness, nothing debilitating. My Capricorn Moon in sextile immediately pokes me, “something about that doesn’t feel right; look again.”

My dad’s a double Aries with Mercury and Venus in Aries. He likes really bad (simple) puns and laughs at his own jokes, loudly. Oh, and he can’t sing, and he knows it. Sometimes he uses this to comedic effect, again, loudly. My daughter has Mercury in Cancer aspecting Pluto: she thinks it’s really funny to fart in the house. This is, sadly, a highly familial placement for us. Her brother has it too. I can’t control them. We don’t often have guests.

Where is your Mercury? Do you find it relates to your sense of humor?

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  1. “I can’t control them. We don’t often have guests.” LMAO!!!

    My Mercury is in Pisces too. Although I have a great sense of humor… I can’t tell a joke to save my life! I ‘forget’ the punchline all the time. ;-(

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    Anna in Canada

    My husband has Mercury in Pisces conjunct chiron trine Mars in Cancer. Hard to describe his humour–self-deprecating? He has venus in aries and moon in jupiter though so he laughs at everyone else’s jokes, including mine.

  3. Me too, Carrie (Merc in Pisces). I can’t deliver a narrative joke beyond “knock knock” to save my life. My specialty is humor that arises naturally from conversation or a situation – a zinger that comes seemingly from the ethers. I know I couldn’t have formulated those myself – I guess that’s one of the gifts of a Pisces Merc that humor is just out there, waiting for the picking when it’s ripe.

  4. My Merc is exactly sextile my Venus/NN conjunction, so when it’s right, it’s fated, and it’s a thing of beauty. When it’s not, it’s so very not.

  5. I just have to comment, even if it’s off topic… The title of this post has me LMAO! I’ve always wanted to open an all-female bar- not gay (although more than welcome), but for business women mainly, somewhere they could go, wind down, and not have to deal with.. ahem… getting hit-on. I wanted to call it, “The Incredible Uterus”!

  6. Now YOU’ve made me laugh Carrie…. That Title? It’d be drawing the male population like a magnet!! LMAO!!!!

    I have Merc in Pisces too & it amuses me no end =) It’s also my Cap that says exactly the same thing @Satori… “Stop right there… you’ve mixed something up… go back!”

    I very often misread billboards & such, then imagine what the world would be like if what I had perceived was actually the real deal 😉

  7. My Mercury is in Aquarius… I find things hilarious that often leave other people standing there with question marks over their heads. Unfortunately, it’s in the 10th house so, when I’ve stopped laughing and realised nobody else has been, I get embarrassed.
    My Mercury is tied up with a range of other planets too… conjunct Venus (and Chiron), sextile Saturn, square Mars and opposite Pluto.
    I always think of something dirty to say really fast and have to reign my jokes in before they offend somebody (sometimes it’s too late and they’re just out there for everyone to cringe over). I also tend to use sarcasm in humour but I try not to because there is always an element of truth to my sarcasm and I know it can hurt.

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    Mercury 12th house opposing Neptune on my DSC combined with dyslexia makes me very susceptible to misunderstandings, misreadings and misinterpretations… Both the input and the output are affected by this, so I try to be careful in this area.

    CArRiE- That bar idea is great! I love it.

  9. Mercury in my 7th house, opposed by Neptune.
    I either garble jokes, or they stick in my memory for years (I find that funny.)
    Listening to the news way back when Iraq was worrying politicians & journalists, I heard, “The Rock (a nickname for Newfoundland) is still a threat.” Oh yeah, I guess humour with rapier wit can be powerful, and Newfoundland has given us a lot of really prolific humorists, who make us laugh & think at the same time… Wonder what happened to make that a news item? 😀

    1. I should really stop trying to repeat jokes. It never turns out like I hope. I rush it. I do better when I can hold up the meme or image and show someone as I laugh hysterically. I laugh about them randomly years later too.

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