Saturn Transit The 2nd House: Cut Off From The Energy Of Others

saturn manSaturn is currently transiting my 2nd house.  I’ve covered this transit before, mentioning “earning your self esteem” and “defining your values”. Money is often limited.  All of these things are real and valid but I wanted to write something, less common and perhaps not known at all.

Saturn transiting your second house cuts limits access to the 8th house or the energy of others. You have to do whatever it is you’re doing, on your own for the most part.  Check the list in the first graph. I am working on all of these things and I am doing it alone.

Let’s see.  My husband, Ben and Satori are all fully occupied.  That’s just a sample, but my point is, I can’t lean on these people are this time.  It’s just as well.  Whose responsibility is my self esteem? Who is supposed to pay for me?  Who is supposed to define what I value?

I’m not saying I like this but I do understand it. I want to give you a tangible example how this is played.

Just after Christmas, my site malfunctioned in a serious way.  All the sudden, the site was down as much as it was up. It was down overnight, more times than I can count. Now look at that list.  Can you see how daunting this was? How come I can’t fix my site!!

I tried to get my webhost to do it, but it wasn’t their issue. CArRiE wanted to help me, but I had such a mess on the backend, she did not feel confident she could do it. It was also going to be a big job. She was hesitant about charging me fairly. I didn’t want to take advantage of her kind nature so I told her, I’d figure it out myself, but call if I got into a crisis.

I hate tech stuff. I find it daunting and confusing but I went on Fiverr and got this site totally built from scratch for 1/8 of a quote I’d been given.  Risky?  Maybe. But I had to face that fear and sure enough, thirty days later, I had a new website.

Next, I had to do something about the 23 years of garbage on my server.  It’s embarrassing, right? I am avoidant, clearly, when it comes to doing this type stuff, but I was feeling “supported” after the website came off okay. Classic for Saturn, by the way. I went back to Fiverr and hired a database expert.

Now if you’ve been around here awhile, you know I’ve been hacked to the core and sabotaged in many ways. I had to provide my root password to this stranger to get this done. I saw no other way forward, so I gave it to him.  He killed this job. He slaughtered is, deleting 50GB of junk, I’d been paying to store; never mind the affect on the performance of the site.

The site is great post having this work done, but the transit is ongoing and I need to get my costs down.  My husband retired, right? Less money. He’s also carrying for his dying mother and he’s ill himself, with surgery scheduled.  It’s up to me to make sure we’re viable so I started to look into alternative, cheaper, non-managed webhosting.

I asked here and there. I went to forums.  Long story short, I went back to database guy, who is also server admin.  He is going to move my site to new hosting and set me up on a very different situation.  Once the work is done, my costs will be dramatically reduced.  The site should be blazing fast, which of course, I love.  Can you feel my self-esteem solidifying?  I’m going big time with my little site!  This new site will be “tight” in all ways. It won’t drain (Pisces) my funds (Saturn).

I think this is a good example of slowly and methodically, plodding through a problem, gaining confidence in my ability to handle it, as I go.   If you’re having this transit and waiting for someone to save you, don’t. You’ve got to do it yourself.

So yeah. I’ll moving my blog to Germany, with Mercury retrograde. Please note, I am not worried about this, because I have faith.

Separate but related, there’s also this Pluto rising Solar Return of this blog, taking place on April 9th.  It really is do or die.  Looking like “do” is what’s in the cards.

Thanks for your support.

13 thoughts on “Saturn Transit The 2nd House: Cut Off From The Energy Of Others”

  1. Wow that is angle I never got. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn in the second natally. This explains alot.

  2. Thank you for this, Elsa. Full of information, real meat. I went straight to my birth chart. You explaining Saturn in your 2nd made me go look behind me when I suffered Saturn in my 8th.

    Sure enough, as Saturn went through my 8th I lost my father, then my mother and as it was getting ready to finish at the last degree my daughter in law passed away. 3 key people. We are not a big tribe to begin with so losing 3 is enormous.

    (Mentioning I have Chiron in the 8th)

    My mental health took its first real beating. I knew nothing about depression before. Now, I did. While I understand Saturn is about hard work, there was nothing I could have done to prepare for any of that to make it easier. I had to accept life’s inevitable surprises.

    And there was no one to lean on for support, or depend on when I took to the bed, suffering the losses.

    At the same time – a bonus here through painful, it really freed me from inauthentic ways and people. I always heard there is a “weeding” effect of transiting Saturn. It was true for me. And it came at a time when I really felt I needed someone or something to soften the blow, but I had to do it alone. Not a soul could help. Worse, during this time not only did support disappear but the person (s) that could have offered support did their best to hurt me on a new level. In one instance, I experienced real meanness. True cold behavior at its worst. Intentional. And looking back, evil.

    My life was and is changed forever. It made me more aware of the fact that we do not live forever. I was able to eliminate two minor addictions that weren’t really hurting anyone, even me… but still was able to let go.

    Any impulsive need for control … too bad. There was no way to control anything. Things I relied on went off the tracks and there was no way to control this or even put it back. There was no way to manage any of it. The gift was, emotionally I am changed on a deep level and have more control of my emotions today than I ever have. This is a gift.

    Of course, Saturn was opposite my 2nd house. The reason it didn’t have as much effect there is I am not the provider in my home anymore. I am retired. My income certain. But my husband was having a totally different energetic experience and because of that we were fine, financially. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster.

    I did experience the title of this piece. “Cut Off From The Energy Of Others”

    Now before I press enter, I go back and read what I typed. And I see I started this with when I suffered Saturn in my 8th. Yes, it sure seemed like some of the worst suffering I have gone through in my lifetime to date. But, looking back, while I will always mourn and miss the people I love deeply, I learned for the first time how to handle something that huge alone. This was and is a very big deal, for me.

    (During all this Pluto was finishing me off in the 7th in Capricorn. What a horror fest. I am shocked I am still here emotionally, on any level)

    I saw that meme the other day, says if you are trying to hurt my feelings, you’ll need to assume I have some. I don’t! And that is mostly true. Did I mention my 8th house is in Aquarius? All makes sense now… Pluto is going in… it all makes sense. Detachment. What it would take to hurt my feeling today…. anything that has to do with my children. Otherwise, nothing.

    Thank you so much for writing this today. Now I understand why there was no one to save me. And why I didn’t need anyone to save me. The gift, a new layer of strength.

  3. Hoo boy. Saturn was transiting my second house during the lockdown and afterward. Talk about alone. 😂 I made it through, but still picking up the pieces. What I make out of them will be something new, that old puzzle is just gone. One of the toughest transits of my life. Still looking for the gold I may have gleaned.

  4. good going Elsa … just read this as I logged on to try and learn more saturn opposite moon … got a hit of taking emotional responsibility from a site and in then saw your email … saturn in my1st house sounds similar to the second house re cut off from 7th/8th … much gratitude as ever, ur emails are always a beacon…. moon in the 7th not a fan of this saturn set set up though! lol!!

  5. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I have natal Saturn and North Node in 2H Aries – have learned through the Pluto transit of Capricorn and ALL THE SQUARES that went with it, that no matter what my codependent South Node desires, I AM my knight in shining armor, nobody else. Learned to love it and in the process love me more. I am fierce, I protect me, I put me and my needs and values first. Very hard to do starting out but now I am in a place I never thought I could be. And I think having Eris traveling through Aries has put a little kickass component there as well. 😉❤️

  6. Saturn began transiting my second house the literal month the lockdowns started. Talk about being cut off! Over the course of the transit my living expenses went up $16,000/year without me changing a thing and a lot just kind of fell apart or became intolerable.

    But – also over the course of the transit, I finally figured out a problem in my life that had been an issue for years and found a counselor who helped me understand it, I took back agency in my life, I cut out toxic relationships that were very unbalanced, I successfully moved states, and on the other side ended up in a better position over all in every area.

    It was grueling at times, but every change I made was a blessing, though indeed I had to do it all myself.

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    Kelly Thompson

    I feel like this has been where I’ve been a long while as Saturn is finally at the cusp of my 3rd house and square my 6th house sun. I wonder how it will shift as Saturn moves through the 3rd.
    I realized I have to write this book myself and I feel very on my own with it. At this point I’ve committed to my own vision no matter the outcome. It doesn’t want the input or energy of others. I have to reach inside and trust myself instead.
    Thanks for helping me articulate and see this.

  8. Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house. As soon as Saturn moved into Pisces, Real Estate tax escrow increased $7k. Then, I had medical and dental bills. Next, was a car accident which more than doubled my insurance rate. My 8th house has been triggered. I’ve lost 4 friends in the last year. It won’t be until February 2026 that Saturn leaves for good.

  9. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    Hi Elsa
    Just a quick note to Congratulate you on your courage to take the risk and basically re-invent your presence online with the new site.
    Your daring has not gone unnoticed and is an inspiration.
    Well done!

  10. Saturn is transiting my 2nd House. Your description and experience with this transit is so helpful. Without the example and the astrology I’d be even more lost.

    Saturn is near the cusp of my 2nd House, tomorrow’s New Moon and eclipse conjunct Chiron makes your point: this is mine to do. Setting my intentions with this awareness, it’s important for me to
    Accept the responsibility next; feel the discomfort (systemic) before taking action. The 3 A’s.

    Whew!! Thanks again Elsa. I’ll take it from here with renewed understanding.

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