Pluto In Capricorn: Cracks In The Foundation Coming Home To Roost

foundation cracksWhen Pluto went into Capricorn, I started writing about cracks in the foundation. This was in 2008.

This was astrology, not politics as far as left and right go. When a structure implodes, it does not discriminate.

I wrote a lot about dying business back then as well.  Or more specifically, killing business.  I saw the landscape in my neighborhood change. I detailed the decay as it occurred around me.

In 2009, Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.  The foundation cracks were there, visible to see but we had this big delusion. I called it the big fog machine and wrote about that, extensively.

Now we’ve got Uranus in Taurus, which I have always tied to the stock market. I wrote about volatility and reversals of fortune.

At this point, most people are aware the structure collapsing.  This is exactly what happens when there are cracks in the foundation. Or my husband put it another way… it’s like a party where a bunch of people all crowd out onto a balcony… which then collapses under the weight of the collective.

One thing I can’t account for or imagine is the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces.  It’s interesting this is coming around (roughly every twelve years) at this time.

The last conjunction was in Aquarius. It was a utopia delusion.

There is a lot of talk about “mass delusion” going on at this time, but I wonder if this is really the case.

Jupiter and Neptune are in their home signs. Might we enjoy some grace or transcendence? Or will their just be a lot of victims?

What do you think?  And what do you think would be the best course of action at this time?

18 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn: Cracks In The Foundation Coming Home To Roost”

    1. Agreed Paul, but I would add delusion, fanatics, gaslighting, possibility of water related incidents like Tonga or BP spill 12 yrs ago and potential news from the Vatican or other religious groups along with those who hide under the cloak of ‘religion.’ Many victims and underserved people.

  1. Well as it affects my 6th House (and 7th), this seems to be metaphorical for me personally. We just got our eviction notice last night. That means we are moving to a place 400 miles away (where luckily my partner has a family home left to him) be cause we can no longer afford the rents or home prices here, and we are going to an area I would never chose in a million years. So we knew this crack in our foundation was coming, as the writing has been on the wall since 2019.

    As far as what is a good course of action?
    watch your money, not a good time to invest, find a way to stay grounded ( meditation, prayer, exercise), work on building immune system, stay connected and just be ready for anything if that’s possible. Stay fluid. But also check the houses where it occurs in your chart and see what is cracking. Get a reading!

  2. They will make a sextile to Pluto in Cap (conjunct my natal Saturn) in the Spring. I hoping to use it for trancendance of that.

    1. It seems to me this pandemic is winding down.
      However many of the keywords thusly associated are quite Neptune in Pisces driven.
      Victim shaming, virtue signaling, we’re all in this together etc.
      Once Jupe jumps in while mandates etc will be dropped the delusional, illusory, counterintuitive nature of it all will ramp up.
      The ppl will be at each other’s throat for the potential of perceived suffering.
      In fact many will worry almost to the point of a mini pandemic of illness (stop crying or you’ll make yourself sick).
      It’s a shame the Taurean earthly grounded influence is somewhat muted by the constantly changing yet unpredictable nature of Uranus.
      So even if it does give a dose of reality even that is taken w/a grain of salt, seen as only brief respite from the suffering.
      Mars in Gemini won’t help.
      So much info, what’s that Pisces to do?

  3. Correction: I had Uranus in Taurus on my mind. Uranus is in my 6th/7th House. Pluto in my 2nd. But Jupiter in Pisces in transiting my 4th House. So in combination it is being kind of bullied right now : (

  4. Detach (Saturn in Aqua) and dream BIG! (Jupiter+Neptune in Pisces). Well, that’s how I feel today anyway, and I’m running with it!

  5. Legalization of cannabis use. Floods, tsunamis, dams collapsing. Archaelogical findings under water. Larger-than-life movies. Big frauds. Cultural/artistic renaissance. And let’s not forget.. the META!

  6. Yes I like that dream big part as a traditional worry wart stuff needs to change !! yaa!!in the way I prepare for the worst and except the least ?? Instead I’d like to prepare for the best and put a order in for more good surprises!!! I am 63 and in winter tend to consider; OK what door is going to close on me next ???I’d rather dream of the door that opens up ,wide &never even knew it was there !!! Wowee stuff behind the door ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️I’m ready for some good surprises I’m ready for stuff I never imagined and I think I’m not gonna give up so ,I’m ready yeah I’m ready bring it on oh enormous planets above me

    1. I’m sixty six and I hear you loud and clear. The idealism of Neptune Conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius changed my life! It was amazing and emotionally healing etc and I’m left with a tribe of quirky friends I will cherish forever
      I don’t understand all the doom and gloom on here. Are we so PTSD from the last several years that we can’t even imagine a happy respite? At this point I WELCOME a happy aspect with open arms.

  7. Get in touch with a spiritual source and let it teach and guide you. All those things the profane society wants you to dismiss (the spiritual realm that exists HERE) are the things that are going to guide us out of these dark ages.

  8. Collective healing. With the trine to Uranus in Taurus, I am hoping that will bring a cure – not for covid but for something more universal… maybe even a cure for the Earth (climate)… maybe a new energy source that is free and accessible for all.

  9. I am wishibg upon a star for the whole of humanity that everyone of us will burn with desire to redisover spiritual Truth. Truth has never disaapeard out of the Earth, it’s us-people which got numb, hardened, dull in our souls and desinterested in each other. Back to the heart, deeeeeeeeep inner Truth and Love. It’s not simple, requiers courage in facing the evil, still very doable, little step day by day.

  10. I think we will discover Life somewhere else and it will start so many discussions, stir everything and everyone up, and bring together all of us. My hope anyway.

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