Pluto Transit To The Moon (Mine) – Checking In Eight Years Later

Plutonian copyrightTen years ago, Pluto transited my Moon. I wrote about this very personal transit as it unfolded, similar to my series on Pluto transiting my 12th house.

Chronicling these heavy transits create quite a body of work when it’s all said and done. My hope is my work helps others in the future.  This is coming up today because, “Alicia”. commented on an old post – Pluto Transit To The Moon: Note From The Epicenter

“I see it’s eight years now since your Pluto Moon transit. I’d be very interested, if you’d care to share, about how you found the after effects. Was it transformational for you, was it ultimately a positive force?”

Thanks for the question. I’d not thought about this at all and I’m glad to have the chance.

There is no way I would call Pluto’s transit to my moon, positive.  It was just too horrifyingly painful. My losses during that transit were staggering. They were beyond anyone’s knowledge; and probably beyond anyone’s capacity to understand.

This is not because I am special or brilliant. It’s because this transit plays out in ways that are deeply personal.  You’re down so far, you’re lucky it you can hold onto someone on the surface by a thread.

Eight years after the fact, the important things I lost are still lost. I did get my house (Moon) back. Some may recall, things were so bleak for me at that time, I left the front porch light burned out for a couple of years. I just couldn’t bring myself to change the bulb.

I wrote the epicenter post in 2007. I was living in a “stigmatized home” (search it on this blog) at the time. In 2014-15, we fixed the house and sold it. I hope to never see it again.

As for the transit being “transformational”, it most definitely was.  But it was like being raped and raped and raped again so whatever I gleaned, I’d not call it “worth it”.

I don’t think I got much from the transit. I’m probably a better counselor. I have more knowledge of the shadow side of the mother. But frankly, I had a lot of knowledge about that already.

This is why I hope people benefit from what I wrote, in future times. I can’t get anything back that I lost, but you, who are having this transit may be helped knowing you are not alone.

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  1. Pluto transit over my moon took both my parents and my sister in death. All three lives gone within a three month period. Oh, and did I mention that I lost my job and my home at the same time period.

    1. Hi Nadine,
      I would like to ask you, where is Pluto and Moon situated in your natal chart? signs and houses. And also aspects from another planets. Do you have them both aspected (trine, square, opp?). It would be terribly interesting to find out why for some people is such transit so devastating and easier for others. I´ll be experiencing Pluto opp Moon but in a solar return this year, and I´m not happy at all with this aspect though it´s different than a transit to natal planets.

  2. Thanks for sharing Elsa.

    Yup, “raped and raped again”, that’s what it feels like. Estrangement from my son, unwitting relationship with a BPD; Pluto in 4th and Moon in 7th has forced to delve deep within myself and my birth family. Also to delve into details of the serious mental illness that is BPD. Another man’s obsession with me. Also had problems with drainage in new home, Pluto crossed cusp of 4th when I moved. It’s been hell.

    I just hope that I am learning the right lessons for transformation, some sort of light on the other side. Six months to go before Pluto clears my Moon: head down, ploughing forward – feels like dragging a dead donkey through a bog wearing lead lined boots. But, no choice but to keep on keeping on.

    Thanks again for your response.

  3. Thank you for sharing that Elsa. The first time that Pluto hit my Moon at 16 degrees 9th house I’ve been in a really bumpy path – have been doing so many adjustments because of my husband illness. One year ago he had a heart attack followed by brain damages, which ended in dementia. I’m tired… I’m so tired. And I think it’s going to be a long transit.
    I had a funny experience with a local astrologer some time ago who told me not to worry about this transit because it was only going to make more emotional(?!?!).LOL. Fortunately I’m acquainted with transits and aspects! But it was an interesting experience! LOL.
    Well, surely it’s a transit that requires loads of inner work because of the losses and bumpy path it brings.
    And ooohhh… after Moon Pluto is going to hit my MC. : (

  4. Sounds terrible. What makes some peoples Pluto/Moon transits easier than others? Do house placements and aspects affect it? great loss like Nadine’s seems so extreme and painful. 🙁

    1. Yes, I was going to mention that but I figured it would dilute it. I do have a Pluto-flavor to my moon, which I am sure contributed. But still, I stand by this for any Pluto Moon transit.

      Um…satori is having Pluto transit her moon now. We see the similarities and our moons not alike.

  5. This is a really interesting piece you’ve written Elsa. Never in this lifetime will I have a Pluto conjunction to my moon unless I manage to live another 150 years… But, I’ve definitely had my fair share of Pluto transits and the lingering hell that comes with it! Pluto crossing my IC corresponded with my parents’ divorce, the beginning of my mother’s ongoing depressive breakdown, 20+ years of instability on the home front, and a whole series of other unexpected life ramifications that are still present now. It’s been almost 35 years now since that happened! Then when Pluto opposed my Moon, it led to a unwanted pregnancy which ended in miscarriage and a fateful meeting a with an abusive man I married who wrecked my life, stole part of my motherhood (Moon), publicly humiliated me, and is still continuing to wreak havoc on my life in some ways –nearly 20 years later! And in the ways you mentioned, these were things I kept intensely private. Not even a therapist could have reached me during those years! It was emotional torment to say the least.

    Pluto-Moon transits aren’t positive. But they will rip you to your core and brutally transform you. And there are many lessons contained in those transformations that will strengthen and widen you! If you have skeletons in your closet, better start cleaning them out now. ?

  6. But I will say that the Pluto opposition to my natal Sun transit was very turbulent but also positive and much-needed! Maybe because my Sun is unaspected. I gained so much power and wisdom during that time ?

  7. How about Pluto opposite the Moon? Having a Gemini Moon during the Pluto in Sag transit was no fun, either. Working from my fifth house Moon to my eleventh house of friends. I lost about all of my friends due to the fact that I just could not be the fun, happy person that they wanted me to be. Hopes and wishes were crushed repeatedly, lots of deaths, lost a lot of homes and felt like a wandering Gypsy. I had to have my mother institutionalized. The transits are not that much better now, either. And with the mutable retrogrades and Saturn squaring my Virgo Sun…I just wanna crawl in a hole and hide.

  8. Thanks, Elsa. I’m having that dreadful transit now.Your incredible insights in the posts from that time are a great help to me. I’ve read that series for so many times now.
    In the whole site, I keeping going back to that part the most.

  9. As I have Pluto currently within 3 degrees of my Moon in the 11th house, this post (and the others) is of special interest to me. My dad turns 90 this year and is in assisted living nearby, so am expecting he will probably pass next spring when the first exact conjunction hits. Friends have already disappeared and few new ones have come to fill the void. Currently working with a Drama Queen who just plain doesn’t like me and as the boss told me, sees me as a threat – so high school. To top it off I developed sciatica and in the same leg (left) a bad knee a few months ago. Gritting my teeth and moving two steps forward and one back is absolutely no fun at all. Have picked up studying Astrology again after a 35 year break and it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what is going on. Pluto will conjunct my Sun/Mercury conjunction next, which is 8 degrees from my Moon. As I’m currently 66, I expect a rocky ride for some years to come. Thanks to you Elsa, Satori, and your informative articles that help me through each day. Blessings to all.

    1. Depends on a person’s sensitivity. I’d say you have a taste by the time it gets within 5 degrees of your moon. But 3 or 2 or 1, is a much higher intensity than 5 degrees.

      You come to a point where you’re speechless, I’d say. You just can’t verbalize what you’re going through.

      1. That accounts for things on all levels. Retro Pluto is 2 degrees away from my natal Capricorn moon. Words don’t suffice.

      2. I agree – words are insufficient. Been doing the ‘head down, plowing forward against a strong head wind’ thing, which Capricorn’s tend to do when stressed.

  10. Thank you Elsa and alicia for this post.
    I have been through pluto opposite my moon 29 years ago- I am curently under pluto trine my moon- which although the trine very dark and painful- I don’t think I will ever find words to describe this. i have been through pluto square sun and trine sun- which were very horrible and hard – but the moon transit is harder by not being able to ditach or zombie out of the physical heart ache in addition to all that is happening around me. that is the worse part for me- the actual heart pain that will not surrender to logic trancendance.
    I will have the pluto square moon in 12 years- I dread it already.
    The only thing that manages to hold me is the fact that my jupiter squares my natal moon- which makes the pain huge- but to my amazement does seem protect me from actual harm done to me by other people or circumstances. my heart is raped, I have to see the shadow of everyone around- I think that is the most heartbreaking part- but somehow I do pull through and appreciate that I was “ripped away” from what logically could turn out as so much worse situations. but the lonliness can truly feel like death. you got to love jupiter.
    Thank you again Elsa for all you write about here on your site- I got here seeking information to help cope with the pluto-moon transit- And I do believe your wisdom that I read here has saved me.
    For that I will always be truly greatful. You are a huge source of light. thank you.

  11. Pluto is transiting my moon in the second house.
    I found out today that my landlord is selling the house I rent from him, and I have the usual roughly 30 days to vacate.
    So, like everyone else, this transit has been going on for me since 2008. I looked back to see when the moon-Pluto conjunction was exact and I don’t recall that day or even the week or so preceding it, to be that bad. I did move when the conjunction was just one degree apart, and that was kind of a rough move, but I got through it.
    Today the moon and Pluto are exactly opposite at 16 degrees, maybe that’s why this sh*tshow happened today. And yea, I’m PISSED.
    As far as this transit, yea, I’m over it. I have made it through, I don’t know if it’s been as bad (for me) as what Elsa or some other posters described. I would not say it’s been pleasant, my work/career/money-making and home situations seem to be in flux every so many years, lots of job changes and now this will be my fourth change of residence since the transit started.
    I also have a cardinal grand cross in my natal chart so this Pluto transit has also been squaring the natal Pluto 10th house, which is I guess career, opposing my 8th house Saturn in Cancer and squaring my fifth house Aries Sun.
    Often, after reading how awful a transit should be, I come away thinking “am I stronger than I think I am? Or did I not have it as bad as some other people?” Jury is still out on that one.
    I’m hoping that wherever I move is not as bad as what I dread could be, and that with the lovely light of hindsight, I’ll see some great “reason” for having had to move again. I hope it’s not just for “character building.”
    Good luck everyone being extra affected by this Moon-Pluto transit. I’m just plowing forward, hoping as it continues to separate in degrees (from my moon) things will get easier. 🙂

  12. For the last two years, I’ve had Pluto opposing my natal 9th house Sun in Cancer and, right on its heels, conjunct my 3rd house Cap moon. Saturn was also opposing Mars at the beginning of this.

    The worst of it so far (Rx Pluto is bearing back down on Moon again, but won’t quite touch it this time) has been a slew of autoimmune diseases — full-body eczema, hashimoto’s (hypothyroid), disgusting digestive symptoms (trapped farts, e.g.) and circulation issues that limit how far my left leg will carry me without a sit leading to obesity.

    I quit my job of 30 years on a dime, but that went pretty well. Waiting for Pluto to go direct and start leaving me alone!

  13. My theory about moon/Pluto is that it is an opportunity to burn accumulated karma and your emotional legacy. When you go through a transit like that, your mission is to live through it with as much consciousness as possible. So it makes sense what Elsa says about not learning anything – it isn’t so much about learning as completing. After it, you feel free, but probably too exhausted to do much of a happy dance.

    I was born with the conjunction, the opposition approaches.

    1. Thank you aspire- this is an inspiring observation!
      …my first instinct was to add ” true- apart from the part when people you love- die” but I guess we are all destined to die sometime- regardless of transit- it is always painful. so thank you for this piece of wisdom. and bless all other “pluto moon”s” out there….

    2. Aspire – your theory struck a chord in me – thank you. Burning the emotional legacy would be a blessing.

      1. Wow aspire!!! And you say that your opposition is approaching soon? You have lived a very long life! Incredible ?

        1. Opposition is approaching, but not immediately thank goodness! Tho one must never become too complacent…or fearful ?

  14. -Splat, I hope you make it through ok! So sorry for all that you’re going through. My best friend is dealing with a possible Guillian-Barre Syndrome diagnosis right now, in late 2008 she had a terrible bout with Ulcerative Colitis.
    -Aspire, that’s an interesting interpretation of the transit, I’ve never quite read anything framing it that way. But I think I am or will be appreciating the completing: too exhausted to do a happy dance” part of it.
    -I checked the retrograde, forgot we were in it right now, until Sept 26th, right? Back to 15 degrees? That’s still 7 degrees past exact conjunction with my moon, so I hope I’m on the downhill slope of it.

  15. On a positive note – I currently have Pluto “dancing around” my IC.
    I have waited and waited and waited to relocate to my dream place of choice
    and continue my career in my new locale.
    Pluto goes direct the end of Sept. 2016 right on my IC.
    My plans thus far, are slowly coming into place.
    After literally, so many, many years I look forward to my new transformation.
    I, also BTW, remind myself – “Get Ready! It won’t be easy!!”

  16. Natal way too sensitive cancer moon in the eighth. Trying to express it is fruitless, no one will ever get it. As far as mother, there is good, there is bad. What I did not get is what I need to incorporate. Her heart was in the right place, she did her job. What more could I ask. And in the end, I got it. Pluto opposing my moon was just more of the same, except for acceptance, and learning to cope with it. Bigger than me. Pluto is coming to opposition with venus. Focussing on hidden wealth in life, of which my mother was a master. It’s the tie that binds us. Old fart knew it all along, our shared secret, but did not confirm it till her dying breath. I was her primary caregiver, but not her “power of” anything. She was whisked away to hospital and I was the last to know. They wanted her gone but she held out till I got there. They had no choice but to let me know what they did because it was the only way she was going. Pass the candle kid, pass the candle.

  17. Pluto is sitting on top of my moon in the second house. Conjunct Saturn. Square Mercury. Quincunx Venus. Opposite Mars. In a Little over two years I lost my job, my marriage, our friends, his family, our hopes and dreams. Places that I enjoyed going to have closed. Some friends, cousins, and pets died unexpectedly. Minor health issues that aren’t totally clearing up including major loss of hearing in one ear. Reminding me that taking care of myself and my health is of value. Almost lost both parents this past year but they both pulled back. Very thankful to having my family near. Am fortunate that I come from a close knit family. I have had no income for the past two and a half years so haven’t really spent money on myself or my home as I did in the past. Basically learning we are all doing the best we can with what we have. That I love and honor and appreciate myself and those around me. So I spend more time visiting with my mom and dad and brother. And forgive myself when I get down about my marriage ending and still being unemployed and having to rely on my parents to help me pay my mortgage, car insurance, electric, etc. I cry while doing it, but I have learned to ask for help. Maybe that is something else I have learned – don’t hold in my emotions. And I get out and walk and appreciate this world we live in and on. And I guess I could say am learning transits! ?

  18. I agree “aspire”, I regard it as karmic. Throughout my life, I’m now in my sixties, my three major relationships have been with men with personality disorders. The last was BPD, my first encounter with it and I cannot describe the effect of the trauma bonding in a relationship with a BPD. It’s like third degree emotional burns and takes a long time to recover.

    This relationship started when Pluto was 5 degrees off squaring my moon and then became so traumatic that I ended it when the square was exact. It’s been going back and forth while I try to recover and he’s tried to pull me back in.

    I see the lesson as Pluto making me face why I get involved with disordered men. Linked with my childhood and birth family. (Pluto is transiting my fourth.)

    It doesn’t make it any easier but it helps to know the lesson I must learn. It’s had other effects too, an estrangement from my son – I hope to learn from this too. Also property problems. This is the last year of the square within 1 degree, two exact hits to go, head down and hyper vigilant.

  19. Does Jupiter aspecting your moon blunt the effects? I went through this transit junior and senior year of high school and did not experience anything devastating. I did find out certain members on my mothers side of the family really didn’t care about her or anyone else for that matter. It hurt to realize this but I am glad I found out then rather than later so I could avoid being used by them. Interestingly, my high school moved to it’s new “home” my senior year.

  20. Just found this site a week ago and have enjoyed reading everyone’s entries.

    This intrigues me, especially with natal moon @ 24 Cap 9th House. Looking ahead precisely 4 years, I will have a tight transit of 4 retrograde planets & asteroids (b/c one strafing won’t be enough?) – Pluto exactly at 24, Jupiter 26, Pallas 29, & Saturn 1 Aquarius. Moon natally squares Neptune, Merc & Jupiter; trines Sun/Asc. Makes me a little nervous! Is there any way to prepare for this?

    1. I think the only way to prepare for a Pluto transit is to go into it being REALLY flexible. Keep reminding yourself that you are going to let go of all that needs to be destroyed in your life in order to rebuild a better life. Don’t try to fight it, either, it will just make it worse.

      And good luck.

  21. Pluto conjunct my natal moon when I was about 18. Now 29, looking back, it was a very dark period in my life.

    I think the themes are very much related to the sign and position of the moon. My natal moon is in the 1st house smack dab in the middle of Uranus and Neptune.

    During the transit, I was kicked out of university, and my mom went through a kidney transplant after 7 years of waiting for a kidney.

    This transit is definitely stretches beyond. I am still dealing with repercussion of what happened during that time, 10 years later and probably for the rest of my life.

    But i think there was a saving grace (maybe it’s just my optimistic sag moon talking). I felt like during this time, astrology was there and it was my therapy when no one else understood. I was facing a lot of shadows of myself and of other’s and astrology helped me navigate that. And I am forever changed from the core.

    I also wonder if the age makes a difference too. The younger you are when you experience it, the less there is to “burn through”?

  22. I graduated college, got a graduate teaching assistantship & went to grad. school 200 miles away from home and saw my husband about 1 weekend a month & during the summer. Was when Pluto had gone into Sadge & opposed my moon.

    Was my 4th house saturn return at that time too. Was so broke, even with GTA that I pretty much lived on oatmeal with the occasional 6-pack of Mickey’s Big Mouths LOL about once a month.

    After graduation I got good $$ job at in 1997 & got a ham radio license then we bought our house a couple years later. Which is why I went to grad school – so I could get a $ job so we could buy a house.

  23. Elsa you are so spot on (as usual).

    I have Pluto conjunct Moon (and also Uranus, all three on my Asc) natally… My whole life has been a long string of severely painful situations, with experiences similar to what other posters wrote. I’ve tried hard to see a “lesson” – the only lesson that stands out is that it’s horrible and very unlucky to constantly encounter extreme hardship.

  24. Avatar

    Pluto retrograded over my Moon and its last pass was exactly the day I began a cross country move. As in to the degree AND minute!

    During my Pluto conjunct Moon transit, a long term relationship ended, a sibling ended up on life support for 2 months and luckily made it, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, 4 relatives died in the space of 2 months (one my SIL at a young age); I and the other tenants were evicted from the best place I ever lived so they could bulldoze the place and put up condos. I moved across the city to an area that I loved.

    I had a short but intense relationship that shook me to my very core and the repercussions still reverberate today. I simply can’t open to any romantic relationship since. Neptune natally in my 7th and the rose coloured glasses got ripped off, smashed, stomped on and lie in a crumpled heap.

    How fortunate that my Moon is 5 degrees from my Midheaven, so right after I had Pluto take on my MC. In my new city, I found I was the target of others anger, and met far too many manipulators. Abusive employer, but I stayed for the promotion that would ultimately be canned, just like the department; illness; bankruptcy, extreme poverty and a deep depression. Major existential crisis. Two more deaths in the family (both sudden and horrible). Estrangement for a time from the only sibling I’m close to for a reason I don’t understand, she simply dumped me when I was at my lowest (we’re talking again).

    Meanwhile, I hated the city I had moved to and couldn’t leave. Incredibly isolated the 5 years I’ve lived here. I think I’ll finally be able to leave by the end of this year. Can’t wait to say goodbye.

    I’ve come to understand the Pluto/Moon, and I’m starting to understand the Pluto/MC. Giving up what I had to try something new in midlife is now puzzling for me, but I guess I had to try. I would have gone out of my mind if I would have stayed where I was. I see the old life I had in a new light, much more objectively.

    1. Thank you beachfront babe! Because my MC is 3 degrees from my Moon at 16 degrees Capricorn. In fact it’s already being hit. Argh…

  25. Wow beachfrontbabe, I couldn’t have put it better myself. That’s what it feels like. “rose coloured glasses got ripped off, smashed stomped on and lie in a crumpled heap”. Other issues for me as well, similar to yours.

    I think it’s a good point made: that we have more karmic burn if it happens later in life. Mine was exacerbated last year by Uranus conjunct Moon while Pluto squared Moon. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person again. Older and wiser. I hope!

    I’m glad you see your old life in a new light, more objectively. It gives me hope.

  26. Hello, i do like reading this blog, i love astrology but how can u tell when a pluto transit is awful? I got scared reading this, i have pluto in libra in the 1st house and jupiter sextile pluto? also libra is my ascendant and moon 🙁

    Im not familiar with calculating astrology, i mostly read your blog for info.. how can u tell when

    im having some troubles lately financially, working for my brother and feel unbalanced about where to go in life.
    My birthdate 31-07-1979 netherlands. Is there a page where i can follow these transits?

    thank you

  27. Hi I am currently going through this transit so I thought I would share. Pluto has been squaring my moon since may nov 2015. I also currently have Pluto squaring Mercury and have JUST come out of the year Long Pluto square mars transit. I have lost my core group of friends. These were the girls I was so close with, for years we were tight I did everything with these girls and they were alway there for me, they were like family. And in the blink of an eye, all gone. I was riding high in life now nothing. It’s like the life I once knew is gone. It’s painful. I don’t know what message this is teaching me either..they have all turned in me . I have never had this happen would haven’t ever expected this. I am also very much alone now .

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss Tara. Fingers crossed you’ll soon find good new friends and/or reconnect with your older friends. I’ve had avalanches of loss in the past few years, in every possible domain of my life, and the message I learned is: “never take anything for granted – enjoy each and every little good thing you’ve got in the here and now”.

  28. (((((Nadine))))))? My heart goes out to you! I hope you have support around you.❤️
    I have Moon/Pluto nataly and have had terrible things happens to me, a mom who loved me but also hated me I think on some levels, and on the other hand parts of my life have been charmed. I do dread to see what happens when transiting Pluto is opposite my 10th house. It’s in my second now but was training my Moon/Pluto and good things happened for me at work. Go figure!

  29. Does this transit begin to ease up after its exact? My brother is going thru it and I havent felt well mysteriously and whats worse is that im just coming out of saturn conjunct my neptune (dissolution of boundaries)…

  30. Last time Saturn went through Capricorn, Pluto opposed my Moon. I was bullied relentlessly and brutally for about 3 years. By the time we moved here to Georgia and got away from that, I was spending every day, ALL DAY, thinking through ways to kill myself. I obsessed over different methods. ANYTHING to stop the soul-killing pain of being everybody’s reject or object of pity.

    I’m in a better place now. I am so hoping that just the Pluto transit, because Saturn’s about to enter Capricorn. I just can’t do that tour through hell again.

    1. I never knew this. After spending time with you on the other side of the internet and getting to actually see you and know you better… this makes me furious. I am not sure there is a kinder person to be found. I have no idea who would ever reject someone with your heart. We all come here. And some of us have spoken to one another. But I have a pretty clear picture of who you actually are and if I saw it, was witness to it, I would probably knock the person on their *** This happened to you years ago and I find myself angry to read it. Ugh. People make me sick. At any rate… I have no idea why such a thing happened. You are as cute as can be and as kindhearted as can be too. I guess we all have things we have to go through, but I can assure you… that, you did not deserve.

      1. Aww, thank you! 🥰 Back then I dressed and acted kind of dorky, and normal kids do NOT like anyone who’s “different”. (Today I would probably be diagnosed as “neurodivergent”.) I had also just moved from the South, and Northerners didn’t much care for the way I talked.
        I’ve enjoyed getting to know you on the other side as well. You have a lovely family! I also love how outspoken you are and how you call out people’s BS. I’ve finally found my own voice and you’re helping me not to be afraid to speak up. 🙂

  31. Pluto is starting to transit my moon and it will last for years. I’m feeling a bit nervous after reading about the experiences here.

    Wonder does it make any difference if I also have hard moon pluto aspects in my natal chart.

    1. I guess it does!i have moon pluto square nataly, plus pluto saturn conjunction (i am from 1983). Moon i cap, 11th house – 21 degrees. Pluto and saturn conjunction in 2020 will be in my moon. This has been the worst time of my life so far. No matter what I try, I can’t change things. Depressed, sad, alone…

  32. When Pluto conjunct Saturn happened in 2020 this exactly squared my moon. Pluto squared my moon 7 times. My natal moon is square the nodes. During the pandemic I was homeless or living in my car with no job or money in despair and suicidal. I have 2 days to go before the last exact square. This was the most horrible year of my Life by far.

    1. Doug, I hope things are improving or will improve for you soon, so sorry. These transits won’t last forever. Sending you positive vibes! (((())))

    2. I feel so reflected. This has been a horrible year and next more, ´cause I´ll be having Saturn transiting 4th conjunct Moon and opposite Sun/Saturn in 10th, I´m so scared to end up homeless and sleeping in my car just like you. Things are going down in everythig personal, career, my father, health…there´s no relief. The infamous conjunction Saturn/Pluto was on my Nadir, exact, 0. Terrified!!

      1. The best advice I can give is to stay focused on what makes life worth living. I watched this come for years. When Saturn conjunct Pluto I felt it in my stomach when exact. When Saturn pass to my fourth house I was a single dad working all the time and had no time to be at home. After reading what you wrote I think possibly beforehand try to get your priorities straight between your home and your career. Letting go of those things that no longer serve you. It may not be that bad but the fear will magnify it. You probably have positive aspects in your birth chart that will protect you to a certain extent I call them guardian angles. My moon is exactly on the IC. so that means in my birth chart I have Saturn trine Moon and I think that protected me. I was homeless but for some reason a roof always found itself over my head. Don’t quit don’t give up no matter what.

        1. Now important for me foremost my health. No doubt. This coming year will be number 9 for me which means a year of endings. Let´s see what happens, anyway don´t have a say in transits, they just happens even if they´re not wellcome. Hope things improve for us. Thank for your words.

  33. Avatar
    Douglas L Robinson

    Thank you so much things are improving I’m just holding on to my hat while Pluto passes by one more time at 23° Capricorn. This all happened right on my South node and I’m pretty sure this was karmic debt. I’ll let you know.

  34. I just discovered that I have had Pluto square my moon when I was 5 years old. The pain sustained at that young age never went away, although it remained unconscious, yet in the background my whole life through, and I think this is what made me depression-prone ( I never can/could feel true joy, deeply, in the back of my mind there was always a feeling of un-deservedness, of grief). Now, at 63, Pluto is squaring my Sun, and soon to square my Mars (29 degrees). I am hoping to finally un-cover all the trauma, as I now know better..

  35. I was 25/26 yrs old when transit Pluto was conjunct my natal Moon (conjunct Asc, exact sq natal Uranus).I am 59yrs old now. The approaching transit saw me undergo a sterilization reversal to try for another baby. This was a huge fear facing, life changing endeavor, as I almost died twice before under circumstances involving births and pregnancies. Op was successful & I conceived 1st go. At the same time the approaching transit saw houses in my neighborhood (rough, criminal locale)being firebombed and a family of 5 in one of them burnt to death, including small children. There was nothing we could do except watch. So I moved hours away up the coast. This new place was fair dinkum haunted. But I was placed under a professor at the local teaching hospital that happenned to specialise in my rare previous pregnancy condition! By the last pass of Pluto I had birthed a healthy baby without any complications, moved a 3rd time into a home I lived in for 10yrs that was 10mins away from my family and that my eldest daughter & grandkids still live in to this day & I healed a very deep, personal soul need to give life without death & dying consequences. (many personal circumstances & grief around this previously). If you go through this it is certainly for your karmic evolvement & soul contract fulfillment this lifetime…

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