Pluto Transiting 12th House: Brink Of Homelessness – Help!

helping handHi Elsa, I see you’ve written extensively and have lived through Pluto sweeping your 12th. I’m living it now and am wondering if it will literally kill me? I’m on the brink of homelessness, everyone I know seems to be karmic and end up turning against me and everything I try to do to pull myself out of it seems to get blocked in some way – applying for jobs to make money, etc. I’m in my thirties going through this and am feeling hopeless right now. Just looking for some insight and inspiration.

First, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Reading your note, my heart feels, gripped. This says something about you or maybe it is about you and I, because I’m telling you, I feel your words, deeply and they inform me.

It may be that I know the deep well you’re living in at this time, but I also know you’re going to get out of the well one day. I mean, I know. So what follows will be everything I can think of that might help you right now, today, as you move towards resolving this.

First, you’re not alone. I know it feels you are; I’m sure you scared to death, yet I note you are still persevering.  You’re doing the right thing, which is very important when it comes to Capricorn.  IT COUNTS.

Please try to internalize this! The 12th house dissolves. It can have you thinking and feeling, you’ve not been successful; therefore what you’ve done amounts to nothing, but that an illusion! You are methodically working through your problems in thick fog. There will be a time when the fog lifts and you see how this ordeal has transformed you.  Something is truly happening at this time.

Second, PLUTO is associated with the collective. The 12th house blurs boundaries. It’s likely you’re carrying the weight or the burden (Capricorn / Saturn) of the collective (Pluto). All the fear, the free-floating despair that’s out there, is settling on you to an extent.  You will compensated for this, eventually, but my point is you can think you’re absolutely hopeless and repulsive during this transit when in reality, there is no truth to that at all.   If you feel this when your read this, please let these bad feelings dissipate and dissolve.

Next. I don’t know your brand of religion or spirituality, but you’re operating in the ethereal world with the 12th house. It’s possible to “offer your suffering”.  As you’re sitting there, feeling like crap, simply state, you’re carrying this weight to spare others.  You may be surprised at how this brings you relief. It also gives meaning and purpose to your suffering which can help you get some kind of handle on it.

wellIt the difference between floating or drowning in the abyss vs being in the abyss with some light on the subject, and possibly something solid to hold on to.

One point in this is you are not failing. You’re living through extraordinary circumstances which are very likely not your fault at all.

When you see that; please avoid taking the victim position as it will completely disempower you.  I believe these are the facts:

There is suffering in the world. Some suffer more than others and sometimes a person gets caught; it’s like being called for jury duty, really. I make the comparison because you don’t choose, jury duty. It comes to you. So you’ve been called to suffer at this time. Sounds stupid but it’s also the obvious case. You are living this!

Let me give you another example… you’re happily married and your spouse gets ill.. dementia. Not only do you lose your spouse, your life as you knew it disappears as you become a caregiver.

That is the level of pain of this transit. I want you to see it’s not a personal failing. This is PLUTO.

I hope you read this enough times, you really get it. If you were called to be a on jury, you may not like it, but you’d be on it. Would you not do your best? Probably. Well, that is all that is required with this transit.

Pluto will be changing signs soon but looking at this next bit, with Pluto still transiting Capricorn; this is a Saturn-flavored transit too.  Saturn definitely restricts and Pluto makes that harsh, however Saturn also promises you’ll be supported so long as you stick to the principles (do the right thing, take responsibility).

You are doing both these things, that’s one of the reasons I know you’ll be okay!  But you want to set your expectations, appropriately…

Saturn will provide the support you need to complete your task but virtually nothing more.  Understand this so you’re not looking for some fabulous day in the middle of all this. It’s more like winter. There are no Spring flowers right now, so just accept this.

An example of what I mean is this note I’m writing for you! I am a Saturn figure and this is a raft you can climb on and float; with the understanding you are “serving” by “suffering”.  It will help you and can help you solve your problems, but it won’t solve them for you.  That’s Saturn!

Does dementia strike every spouse? No!  But it does strike, so if it strikes you and not your neighbor, you’re essentially take the bullet for others.  Hopefully understanding this, again, helps just a little. Just enough to make it through another day.

To be clear, you are not just suffering, but suffering to spare someone else.  It’s a high calling.

Now astrology helps because it lets us know we’re not crazy; there really is something going on.  It also tells us when an ordeal will end.

In this case, you’re looking at a shift in near future, when Pluto hits Aquarius. You might want to set a goal to reach that point; knowing the relentless BS will at least change up at that point.  You’ll enter a new phase.

Also, try to remember you are learning. Not the education you wanted, perhaps.  But you’re going to wind up with very deep wisdom when this is all said and done. No telling how it might be applied but if you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

To directly address your note, I do not think you’re going to die and I also do not think you will be homeless.  Those are powerful fears and you don’t want to invest in them too much or you’ll really spin down.

Instead, try to counter them.  Saturn responds to counterpressure.  Start slow and built yourself up; just like lifting weights.

“I’m going to wind up homeless.”
“Or not,” you respond.

This simple exercise will begin to shore you up. You’re parenting yourself, see?  You don’t scare a kid whose alone in the dark so don’t do this to yourself. WAGMI We’re all gonna make it!

With a little practice, it will become this:

“I’m going to wind up homeless.”
“No I’m not, that’s a fear,” you respond.

Also, if you feel like crying, please do. Cry and cry, cry it out. Let tears spill, knowing they freeing you and healing you, because that’s part of this as well.

Last, it helped me to keep in mind, this is a one time transit; if you have it at all. You will never, ever, go through this again.

Please hang in there. Look for the Saturn figures; they’ll be around to let you know you’re on the right track. You will have the support you need to make it!

If anyone else can offer this gal support, please do!

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  1. This post has helped me, another person going through this pluto transit as well as neptune opposite my sun.

    That abyss is very real when so much has been taken from you. I had been in a cycle of decay and death and a step above homelessness. I had gotten to the point of surrender and was ready to die. (Not by my own doing mind you.) But I will say that I would not wish these transits on the worst person in the world. It is ruthless and soul changing.

    I was having dreams of dark water and me alone trying to find my way.

    You have to cling to faith that there is a purpose and it has an end. Just last week, a ray of light shined to help pull me out of my hell. Yes, Saturn was the rescuer, because a Capricorn offered help. I am eternally grateful,too.

    You are not alone, and when you find yourself in hell, keep going. Do not abandon hope.

  2. I just read this yesterday: “Meet sorrows as calmly and cheerfully as you can. (my note: as you can – and that includes Elsa’s advice to cry it out when that will help you.) Do not focus your whole attention on the necessity of suffering, focus your attention on the necessity of loving. It’s just you see the necessary place of suffering in the overall activity of love.”

    I personally found the advice to “focus on loving in the circumstances” not suffering to be inspiring and freeing. I don’t know what you can love where you are: yourself? your friends that haven’t supported you (forgiveness, understanding), the blue sky? Find what you love and remind yourself that you are able to love – that’s a superpower! – and that there are things/people/principles that deserve love.

    I don’t know if this will help or not. You are treading water. Your note is proof of that. You’re hanging on in difficult, scary circumstances. Prayers for you.

  3. Hi, I do not know where she lives, I assume in the U.S.
    I am trying to picture myself in her shoes. I am better read
    than most people, I have a fairly good knowledge of several
    states. That being said, the amount of people who are
    homeless that would not ordinarily be homeless, is staggering
    nowadays. Rents everywhere have skyrocketed. Corporate has
    bought out the housing market, it is rare nowadays for an
    individual person that normally used to be able to afford
    something humble, is completely priced out now, and that does
    not even factor in interest rates. So, first of all, stop
    blaming yourself, you are in a completely unfair situation.

    Our government is going to have to step in and do something.
    Lobbying has brought about this very issue. Lobbyists have
    positioned themselves to win at all cost over the consumer.
    We now have government that protects corporate lobbying instead
    of consumers. That is not capitalism, it is crony capitalism.
    It is direct favoritism of lobbyists interest in return for
    what has now morphed into what is truly legalized bribery of
    all our elected government officials.

    I believe that 2024, when Pluto goes back into Aquarius for a
    bit longer than last year, that we will begin to see something
    addressed gradually in favor of the unhoused. I am extremely
    concerned about the dip back into Capricorn, during the last
    of 2024. I think that is when the ugly is going to hit it’s
    zenith, but that is just my opinion. I think our government
    is going to go bonkers crazy, refusing to allow basic human
    rights because it is the last hurrah. I think that 2025 we
    will finally start to see some access to basic human rights
    occur, and based on other transits, an economy that benefits
    the consumer again.

    As far as what to do to not be homeless, I myself have been
    homeless. It is easier for a single woman, or a single woman
    with children to be helped by an agency tasked with finding
    housing for homelessness. What ultimately saved me and gave
    me a roof was when I accepted jobs as a live in caretaker.
    Some states are better than others at placement. If I had
    not been given that option, then I would hoof it to as many
    free online advertising sites, and I would just flat out
    advertise who I was and what I needed in regards to housing.
    There are people out there who will provide housing, especially
    to a woman, you would be surprised. I would also try not to
    get to comfortable, approach as a learning experience and
    try to find bridges to other people who are more desirable
    to live with, who would be willing to offer a safe roof.

    Lastly, I would recommend not having too much baggage. Try
    not to have pets, you would be surprised how many homeless
    and people who live in their cars, who hang on to pets, not
    realizing that it is far better to be situated first before
    taking on the responsibility of pets. I personally know a
    woman in her 30’s who worked full time, could not afford a
    place to rent, yet she collected kittens and cats because
    she was lonely. She kept a litter box in her car, and she
    was a hot mess because she would not free herself of cats.
    She did not understand that she was likely rejected for
    potential housing help, because when offered housing, she
    brought her cats with her, because she wanted to introduce
    her cats to the potential new place to stay. She did not
    understand that anyone offering housing to her, viewed her
    cats as an issue they did not want to take on. Same with
    stuff. I have also known women who went out and bought
    furniture on credit once they moved into a room. They
    encountered problems getting along with the person renting
    the room, and they ended up fighting to get their furniture
    back. There is no shame in moving in with only the clothes
    on your back. Try to make yourself as light as possible
    when searching for a place to live. It can be very dicey
    trying to find the right fit. Now is the time to travel
    light and keep options open. I hope this helps. I am
    so sorry, that is a vulnerable place to be in and our
    government needs to do the right thing for our citizens.

  4. I am sorry you are going through this. Elsa’s advice is spot on – as usual! My own ascendant is at 2 Aquarius (rectified). I have been dealing with Pluto for a while – The dark night of the soul. Friends dying that I have had in my life for decades. Time spent pondering over things that have happened in my past. A family secret of deep betrayal and disloyalty uncovered. I think the advice I can offer to a much younger person is to try not to deal with your current life from a place of fear. Fear blocks everything that can help you, your courage, your creativity, your readiness to see help where it may be offered. It’s like a huge thick wall but over the other side is your brave, loving self waiting to take you on to the next chapter. Good luck!

    1. I believe I’ve been actively fighting against the fear minute by minute. Writing in to Elsa took some pushing through fear. Thank you for sharing. This is helpful to read.

      1. I’m glad it helped. Everything changes – including the awful times we go through. Look out for the person shining the flashlight at the end of the tunnel!

  5. I have pluto about to leave my 12th house. Before I even read your response to the asker, my first instinct was to suggest to do anything and everything to build a stable base and healthy boundaries. Let everything that’s dissolving, dissolve, and focus only on what’s real. Many things you identify with aren’t you, don’t hold on to it. 12th house stuff makes us perceive we’re drowning when we’re not. It cleans all the garbage from the subconscious. I’ve had to let go of A LOT. I have maybe two people in my life. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything because the violent storm that used to be my subconscious is more like a hazy sky becoming brighter and brighter. For much of my life I was reining in so much subconscious crap it was making my body fall apart and this transit let me reach a level of spiritual depth and focus that allowed me to work through that and now my body feels light and almost perfectly functional. I’m still fat lol and aging too, but I’ve never felt this relaxed in all my life. I look forward to pluto crossing my ascendant, which I know some folks will scoff at. I know that it will be a rebirth. It feels like purification. You must forgive yourself for absolutely everything and let go of toxic shame. Do absolutely everything you can to nurture yourself, as if you were a mother intentionally growing a healthy baby. Try to gravitate toward stable normal people and safe situations. Be here now, and so on.

    1. Very encouraging message from someone who lived through the experience.
      I think it’s applicable to other transits as well, even if in differents contexts.
      Thank you for your advice.

    2. Yes, when pluto crossed from the 12th to my asc. it definitely was a re birth. I got out of an abusive marriage. {it was like a prison}.My sun and saturn in scorpio so those pluto in scorpio years were very difficult. It moved into Sagittarius, and I got my divorce and my freedom. Then met my late husband which was a complete turnaround from the life I had before. This pluto in capricorn has been tough as it was in My husband’s 12th house. He and I were one, so we did end up losing everything, living with a family a couple of months then he got sick in 2014 as I was having my second saturn return. He passed in 2019. I am hoping that the Pluto in aquarius will return some joy into my life.

    3. Both your reply and Elsa’s post are very uplifting. Much food for thought. My grown son is at tail end of Pluto in 12.His life was transformed by sudden illness that is now on going. His day to day existence and Our family has been changed in dramatic ways and my role as caregiver took a toll on me but is lightening up lately. I find that having meaning, a framework in which to house all these experiences and try to make sense of them, is helpful. .Some people use organized religion.While I have deep Faith and pray and meditate daily.. I find the framework of astrology is more nurturing and makes more sense than anything else. People do survive the very difficult transits, we just get pressured into change, like the coal that turns into diamonds.. I am not saying I like the process, or that some sparkly bauble comes out the other end of suffering.. that certainly has not happened in my family.. but there is growth, wisdom, and maturity on the other side.We find out what we are capable of and what we have been called here to do (like it or not..)

      1. I feel similarly in that astrology as a framework serves a far better coping mechanism than most other things, but I am praying daily. Thank you for sharing your story.

    4. Such a revealing comment. Thank you for sharing. I’m slowly realizing this experience is forcing me to excavate much of the subconscious mess I had yet to dissolve that needs elimination…things I don’t really need to take into my next chapter.

  6. Every strength and encouragement to you. You will make it.

    And Elsa, this is why I value you so highly. A safe port in the worst storm. Amazing insight and candour. 🧡

    1. YES, Elsa!! This may be one of the most powerfully written posts of your already GENEROUS services over the years.

      I survived Pluto’s transit through the 12th house later in life than you, brave poster, and lost everything I thought important: my home, most of my friends, my health (physical and mental), most of my money, and my credibility with society at large. But what I found was Faith and a resilience that you can buy with money. Real friends, like this Advice Elsa’s lined up? They show up.
      And Crying!! In all cultures, human and more than human Wailing in grief is what we do to mark the trauma … pay it their dues; it’s not releasing that causes more damage (secrets)
      You came to the absolute best loving place for help!! We are so glad and grateful (cause look at this) Real help.

        1. Knowing I will have an unmatched faith and resilience on the other side of this is promising. Thank you for sharing your story.

          1. Dear Deborah
            Your question is ABSOLUTELY serving so many, through your example (of asking for help from a solid Saturn).
            I’m glad my short story offers you something if promise. I’d like to add that as I reflect on that 12th House transit ( not that long along complete) what I do with my life, and choices so demand I keep to the lesson: serve or suffer. I get why obstacles keep deflating my drive… It’s the big whole not the black hole.
            Thank you all, thank you Elsa, thank you Deborah

  7. l am sorry you have to face this. The advice already given comes from a real caring place and lived experience…safety, learning to live with the basics, finding good people to help you and small ways you can help others. l hope things get better for you soon.

  8. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Elsa’s response and the others’, I hope you can take them and use them. Please stay in touch as you are able.

  9. Elsa, when you ask us what we prefer in your blog… these are the posts that I seek out and really need… I lean into astrology to uncover themes or guideposts, but miss a lot because I am the one in the middle of the storm. Because our friend who sent this SOS to is all of us on this day or another. I have had these same terrifying days too, and NO faith I could get thru it, except the borrowed faith of my “Saturns” that seemed to cross my path as if by miracle. I didn’t know that is who they were until I read your advice today Elsa… but their words: unmistakable — seemed to have shimmer-glimmers around them so I would see and hear them, even in my own suffering. I learned a good phrase today that you may know: jamais vu, which is the opposite of de ja vu… and it struck me when I read this person’s struggle and call for help, that when I have trod that road too, I can see now, that I felt caught in what I now know to be jamais vu… Jamais vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily does not recognize a word or, less commonly, a person or place, that they already know. It can be achieved by anyone by repeatedly writing or saying a specific word out loud. After a few seconds, one will often, despite knowing that it is a real word, feel as if “there’s no way it is an actual word.” I guess my life was the place or the word I stopped recognizing in my own jamais vu… The remedy to jamais vu for our poster is to recognize what you assert: it is an event outside of her. The remedy as our other exceptionally kind friend here responded is not to stop moving forward. But to pause to care for yourself too, as part of your strategy to overcome. Thank you for the brave question. Thank you for the Saturnly response, Elsa, an all. I learned so much… like you wrote a day or so back.. Sometimes it takes you (us) years to understand what happened back there. Elsa, I think the two of you just helped me to figure out something massive in the past… God it was terrifying. I made it. And I would guess that no one who gets a look at me now could ever make any math add up to a sum that equals the spot on the road that our poster described as she calls out for help and advice. Poster, you have all our good wishes… you have all our prayers and faith, really too. Thank you for suffering in the stead of others… Elsa is right. I am so grateful to have been reminded of the role or even value suffering may play. It doesn’t make it right. But we stand with you, okay? You are never alone. Don’t throw in the towel.

    1. So spot on with the Jamais vu…I neither recognize this life or myself, but realize shedding has taken place and reacquaintance will be required. Thanks for providing hope.

  10. When Pluto entered my 12th, it brought two devastating deaths. I had to move and the first apartment was a bit creepy as I was trying to live on a temp job wages. A year later I got promoted and found a heavenly apartment. But in a few years the job started to dissolve, and rather than endure change or persevere on finding better, I made a foolhardy major move, actually several costly and stressful missteps in a subconscious quest to recapture a carefree earlier life that I’d idealized in myopic nostalgia. I forgot about the “serve or suffer” and how my particular service needed to take precedence. After a few more erratic and regrettable choices, the stress was taking its toll and I really did think I was dying! By divine guidance, but with much trepidation, I eventually landed happily in my current situation just as Pluto reached my Ascendant. But I still have many painful regrets about so much that I could’ve done better had I been more focused on serving selflessly. So don’t try to find a shortcut or a way around or minimize that part. Put your heart and soul into happily serving in a way that’s meaningful to you, ahead of yourself.
    I never realized until reading this post and checking the dates how Pluto’s transit paralleled this decade of my life.

      1. Thank you, Satsun! I’m still amazed to recognize so many similar trials in my transit. Gaslighting, firings and reversals at work, friends I’d rented from abruptly selling the house to move far away, my own irrational escapist choices, a hesitation that cost me true opportunity, and my failure to prioritize to aid a friend in need who had helped me in ways I could never repay. I’m still living with the regrets and also some tangible financial cost of making irrational emotional choices. I want the querent to know she will survive, with hard-earned Wisdom and the mission to Live By It when Pluto transits her 1st house.

  11. This person should also review their digital life for criminal interference and check they are not being derailed by narcissistic, power crazies from their past or in their present. Their quest for professional success and financial stability might be being purposefully derailed by other/s (they may or may not know) with malicious, ego-weilding intent for nefarious reasons of their own making to justify their actions. The kind that worship the exploitative playground Big Tech gives them with their collective nonchalance for safeguarding the individual. This is not reassuring, but it’s worth mentioning. I am living this right now, so I’m shining a light on it being something to consider in the mix of general ‘contemplation around’ your current circumstances. Perhaps it can help. If this is far removed from possibility in your life, then consider a newly discovered little win about where you are at. Keep safe, love Love x

        1. Louise, this is precisely what I’m up against. 12th house transit has brought to my awareness some powerful, still, mostly hidden enemies who have stopped at nothing to destroy me professionally and financially which is why I’ve questioned if they will eventually win. Gangstalking, electronic harassment, all the trappings of being targeted.

          1. This is sad to read. Aside from the unfounded malevolence, I find it unfathomable that these person/s don’t look to channel their broken selves into positive pursuits that would lift them out of a very obvious cycle of self-loathing to act in this way. Instead they look to distract themselves from by mindlessly, pointlessly crushing others to take the pain away. When they could just do the work and fundamentally present as much better humans inhabiting the planet. It’s lazy, shameful and smacks of a person/s arrested development that’s failed to launch into being (a) functional, socially conscious adult/s.

  12. Hey there. Pluto is not in my 12th right now, but from the degree it’s at now to 0 Aquarius it’s conjunct my Neptune in 7th. I DID become homeless for a few months this year. I don’t want to terrify you, but I feel like it’s important to rip the disguises off of these vast, all consuming fears, look them in the eye, and realize they’re not as big as they say they are. You would be shocked how common homelessness is for twenty and thirty somethings, let alone the fear of it. The vast majority of us get through either of them.

    This was my abuser’s “thank you” for my disclosure of the disgusting things he did. He was a sociopath and connected with the people who owned the place I lived in. He really tried to burn the rest of my life down; I lost half my things, my religion, most of my friends and the people I thought of as family, I had to drop out of school, even my cat got killed.

    Your worst nightmares probably WON’T become real. I just don’t think that happens to most people. But as corny and stupid as this sounds during a time of Pluto, I lived through mine, and if worse comes to worst, you will too. You probably can’t see any beauty in the plot twists now, but Pluto does Pluto to what needs to go to hell. I had some tough nights from February to April, but now I sleep safe and cool in my own place every night. Nobody hits me, terrorizes me, gaslights me, invades my body or spies on me in the shower. Nothing can bring my kitty back, but I can get some justice for him and save many more by fostering ones in bad situations.

    Elsa is right when she tells you to do the right thing. Without knowing anything else about you or your chart, I’d add that for some reason, Saturn and Capricorn want some of us to push ourselves to muscle failure. That’s my Neptune in Capricorn and Saturn in the 10th. Don’t be afraid if you feel shaky and weak. Do everything you can and do it right. Play by the rules. Don’t start fights or get involved with drama. Throw 100% of whatever you have into your current responsibilities. Also, advocate for everything you need and then work like it ALL depends on you. Apply for every service, shelter, benefit, and job available to you the second you think you’ll need them, now if possible. If you get rejected, or end up spending a few nights in your car or on a couch, ask again. Don’t give landlords and interviewers sob stories though. Be matter of fact about everything. Something WILL break your way, even if it’s not a movie-like redemption and there are some setbacks.

    Again, without knowing more of the details of you, the “karmic people” you speak of were, in my case, shadows of an insecure and outgrown old me, and they vanished into thin air when they started to realize that themselves. In their absence I can see who my real friends are. I had food and I had couches to sleep on. I had life advice and late night pep talks. Some friends literally talked me off a ledge. I grabbed some new exit buddies as well. Some sh*t still sucks. I occasionally fear more retaliation from my abuser and his henchmen. I have to work a lot, and I got into some mid-size money trouble with my school. But my life is richer than it was when I was clinging to those people and the rest of my dead skin. I don’t want to be a Pollyanna but I have a feeling that while you may have to grieve some good things, you’ll find yourself in a similar position when this blows over.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story! Lots of insight and similarities. I, too, spoke up about abuse, but within the family system and all hell broke loose after. I’m feeling much more hopeful after reading this. I hope you continue to persevere.

  13. I have Pluto in the 12th House natally. Across the years of suffering and loss and betrayal by hidden enemies to the point of depersonalization (I truly felt dead, invisible, I was CONVINCED I was a ghost haunting my surroundings and nobody seemed to see me.. yes, to THAT point), there comes a point when you see the light in the dark.Keep on following that light (i called it the inner black sun) and you start realizing you have broken through the lowest level of hell.. only to understand those hells were purifying you to the absolutely best version of yourself, stripping you down to your DNA. You won’t die, you only pass through different bardos (the Tibetan book of the dead illustrates this, and btw is a big help in times of despair), but the end result is nothing less than superhuman powers. Take heart, what doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger. And as Elsa and others mentioned, what helps tremendously is genuine service to others. It REDEEMS. In conclusion, Pluto in the 12th House is the highest blessing a human can go through because you will realize you truly can survive through anything. Hope you feel better soon, but most importantly, don’t fight or resist the unfolding process of soul purification, really. You will look back at these times and realize the Perfection of the Universe and its transits. I hope that helped🙏

    1. It has! I feel seen. Your words resonate and provide a sense of understanding I’ve needed. Most think you’re out of your mind when trying to share details on what is taking place. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Pluto entered my 12th house in 2012 and I became homeless too. At least in a way that I had to move to a very small place, far away from the place I knew.

    I got to a place where I tried to buy myself into a home that reminded me of the “carefree” days of Pluto in Sag/11th house, bit it was the same time Pluto squared my moon!
    So, of course it was RUTHLESS – I got raped, it cost me a lot of money, and my only salvation was my cat.

    can only recommend that by the way. Find a homeless cat. Or dog. Apply your heart to the ones in need. You will need them. But do it to animals and not human beings, unless you are 100% sure they are right for you (it can be hard to tell in the 12th house).

    As Elsa said, DO THE RIGHT THING. Apply your skillset and heart and let go of what you THINK you need to be outside of your own circle.

    Pluto removes what no longer suits us. What’s not TRUE. Or RIGHT.
    It’s not pretty, but Pluto don’t care about pretty, he cares only for truth. The quote from Pulp Fiction or what film it was said in, applies here as well: “The truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

    Practice handling YOUR truth.

    During the later years of this transit, I found my Saturn person, I got diagnosed with ADHD, got medicine. It put me out of work again and again, due to stress, anxiety and all. It made my sexlife go MIA. Pluto (sex) and Saturn/Cap (blockages).
    But it also showed me why this year.
    And this sent me on a “do the right thing” quest yet again, of therapy and dealing with abuse in the past.

    The worst thing to do is being a victim. Saturn/Cap should support you to take personal responsibility for yourself. But it’s no walk in the park, and Pluto is bloody brutal. Death is not pretty. But it sure is one hell of a tool to prioritize what is real or not.

    Pluto will cross my Ascendant in 2024-2025… I am not who I was before that transit, too much has happened, most of all because Pluto also squared my own natal Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra.
    It has been… Hell.

    If you’re going through Hell, keep going. The only way out is through.

    1. “If you’re going through Hell, keep going. The only way out is through.”

      That’s a Saturn/Pluto quote if there ever were such a thing.

      I also second some kind of animal therapy. If you want to try this but can’t afford to keep a pet, volunteering at a shelter is pretty free and has a similar effect. Dogs and horses in particular have a great capacity to reach people suffering from severe trauma.

    2. I’m sorry that happened to you! Hearing your truth and knowing you’ve been left to tell gives me hope. Animal therapy sounds good particularly because I don’t know which humans are safe and which aren’t as mentioned. I hope the upcoming cycle is better than the last.

      1. I am glad it could offer some help and comfort, Deborah … I think you are doing the right thing in regards to animals then. Animal love is the purest, most unconditional love there is, and teaches us we are worthy of love.
        I can only hope it will offer peace and healing through it all.
        It sounds like a nightmare to me.

        Sending all of us hope and many thoughts ❤️

  15. A very heart-wrenching and yet beautiful post, thank you for sharing Elsa, this is the kind of answer that has helped me in and through similar trials. I wish this dear person the very best, Elsa has said it all, keep reading her post, believe in it and act on it. [Sun sign Capricorn here in 8th house] – this resonated deeply with me, tears in the heart for you, hang on in there, keep moving forward slowly, find your spiritual centre and support and you will make it…others have and so will you. This kind of wisdom that Elsa shares is timeless.

  16. I have been in that Pluto hole and want to send you my most Saturine support! For me the most difficult part was feeling repulsive. It confirmed what my many Capricorn planets always suspected lol. It wasnt true but the only way out of it was trudging through it. There is gold to be found there though. Because once through, I could never believe in my repulsiveness again and for me that was 24 carat. It also changed how I interacted with others who are in that kind of hole. My judgy Cap tendency softened.

    Developing a practice of neutral self reflection and naming what arises in my mind was crucial. Naming something as a fear or a thought puts space between you and it. If you can do that, you are not the thing you are naming. You are not it. I used meditation and pyschotherapy for this.

    Also Elsa mentioning how you would handle a frightened child is spot on. Be gentle with yourself. Dont buckle, but dont berate yourself either. You will get through this. I wish you the best.

  17. When my heart feels little or I should be feeling weak, I say hell Mary’s and that I asked the Lord please watch over me amazing stuff happens with a little prayer not miracles, but amazing things hold on girl hold on

    1. ❤️Raerae
      On another but related stream: thank you for your big heart of sharing the New Moon prayer and penny filled bun ritual, I have taken her to heart and the universe is nodding! (As long as I go the work🌈)

  18. I have had Pluto going through my 12th for 8 years now and still have 6 to go until it reaches my ascendent. Lets say that for me that transit stresses the prison side of things the 12th house can be, so I am living in – sometimes extremely aggravating – circumstances that I cannot get out of for a variety of reasons – responsibilty for my kids, money and of course the housing market. so – my experience is different from but also similar to yours.
    On top of all this, I have my natal Sun at 29 degrees Capricorn so that applies some extra pressure. crazy pressure. anyway, crazy also means that there have been some dynamics at play that have certainly rattled the cage. Those few months that Pluto went into Aquarius have changed the landscape completely while the day Pluto regressed into Capricorn the whole prison theme came back with a force. I know from Saturn transits that the final months a planet goes back to a sign or house before moving on for good can be very nasty. Dense with experience. So I hope that Pluto does its thing now and then the landscape will change for the better again, soon with Pluto/Capricorn wrapping up. I hope this will play out in a beneficial way for you, too.

  19. Elsa’s advice is sound and testament to her mastery of both Astrology, and human nature – I wish I had had such good advice at the time Pluto was in my 12th! The only advice I can add as it helped me, is write it all down, all the ugly, scared thoughts, all the grief and rage, just vomit it all up and write it down. It doesn’t matter what you do with it, burn it, shred it, whatever, just get it out. I never read mine, but carried them around in notebooks for a good number of years, until I realised I didn’t feel that pain anymore, I was a different soul. It felt so good to throw those notebooks away! I, as I’m sure everyone else here will be, keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. I ditto the praise for Elsa! Exactly that – astrology AND human nature!
      And your good advice too, write all the stuff down – then do whatever with it.
      At least some of the poison/barf/whatever will have been somewhat drained out.
      I have a few notebooks myself – not sure I’ll ever really want to know wtf I went through. Just forget and move on.

      1. Yes, it’s funny, I’ve never been tempted to read back all the pain I went through, almost like I don’t want to tempt fate!

  20. And also, once again, great praises for Elsa!!!!!
    Someone who knows where it hurts and proposes a good ways to move on and up.

  21. dear Elsa,
    this is such an awesome writing and advice filled with insight. this transit looks like a heavy labour, going through the birth canal or trying to give birth in a long agonizing unending winter night.
    I am going through it, trying my best to do the right thing.
    in my case I have asc 5Aquarius, opposite Mars on DSC and Saturn 29 Cancer both square Uranus 3 Scorpio so you can imagine…
    no salvation for the Fixed yet.

  22. I have not been thru this transit but I do have a Scorpio 12th house and ascendant.

    I just want to take a minute to commend this awesome community and *ELSA for sharing, encouraging and shinning their light on courageous ~ Brink of Homelessness. Honestly where else does this sorta thing happen in AI/Bots world!!??! Sending love and gratitude to this community!

  23. As a strange coincidence, when Plut was transiting my 12th I experience periods of near homelesness and actual homelessness for a short period, I know this does not help, the anecdotal nature, but like most things it will pass; it may reflect how you are thinking at the moment, your situation that ism I think it sure reflected mine back in the day: as above so below, as within as without.

  24. I pray for everyone to get through Pluto in Capricorn in one piece, and where it falls in the 12th and ascendant, know you are the warriors of grace we need on this planet. You will be strong when those who currently seem stronger are weak and in need, you will have the answers people need. Know you are being prepared and will triumph.

  25. What is there to be afraid off with the 12th house?

    My natal 12th has 4 planets – Pluto, Venus conjunt (Virgo) and in the mix Merc and Mars occupy it, though the M&M are in Leo!

    Elsa can possibly comment on thw above.

  26. Dear Person who wrote to Elsa on this (and all others suffering either by transit or natally), I have my Sun in the 12th. I am a double Scorpio with Pluto on my MC angle. First I would like to say, I had support through every turn of any emergencies and crisis in my life that came out of nowhere! I believe this can happen to all of us if we keep our channels open. I have had to move over and over all my life, both with my parents and in my adult life due to extraneous circumstances. Yet in all of these circumstances, something good cam out of them, even after going through my “Dark Night of the Soul” periods and I also believe this can happen to all of us with these Pluto issues. There IS a light out there! Seek it out!
    Also, later in life I have found Mindfulness Meditation has kept me sane and grounded- it’s free and easy to learn-just sit somewhere you feel safe, close your eyes and connect with your breath-anchor your attention there and if it wonders, say “thinking” and bring gently back to your breath. You may like to focus from your nostrils, diaphragm or belly. It does not matter. Try it for 2 minutes a day and work up to at least 20. It will help keep you calm, relieve anxiety. Also hum “Hue” maybe two or three times out loud, then silently, at bed time. It will quiet your thoughts and help you sleep!
    It has been studied and shown that where people meditate, crime is lowered and there is a sense of peace and safety. Give this to yourself!

    Many blessings to you and listen to Elsa! She has been there!xxoo

  27. Oh and also remember, thoughts can be hurtful or helpful. Don’t fill your head with hurtful thoughts. Thoughts are not facts! Best to you!

  28. I’m sorry- Did I miss something? Why do you include so much about Capricorn? Is this person’s 12th house ruled by Capricorn or is there some reason to consider Capricorn when looking at a Pluto transit??

  29. I became homeless in 2015 (in my 50’s) and have been either homeless (in my old car) or tinkering on homelessness since. (I did not find, as one commenter above, that there is agencies/housing for a single woman. Even after extensive, non-stop searching. I became an expert (literally) in homelessness and re-sources and it’s a fallacy that shelter is available. No judgement about it; it’s become a pet peeve of mine about public perspectives on what homelessness is and how that translates into 3D, physical life–existence actually–on planet Earth. No drugs, no alcohol, no arrests, nobody’s trying to kill me, no crazy exes stalking me. And no relatives (with houses) extending an offer to sleep on a couch. It is a hell like no other. (Think: modern-day Leper) I had been told as a toddler that I was rotten to the core and my life would get worse as I got older. I turn 62 end of Nov. I don’t look homeless. My heart goes out to every single homeless person on the street… most are out there for years and sometimes life. I’ve been a mindfull meditator for 20 years. As far as not filling your head with negative thoughts … know you are being prepared … and that it will pass … real help for homeless and brink of homelessness is simple: Take somebody home with you tonight. Just like dogs and cats are taken off the streets. I believe money can absolutely help heal depression. (And yes I’ve worked minimum wage jobs to help get through) Do you know what it’s like not being able to sleep on a bed? If you met me right this minute you’d never guess I was breathing in and out with every heartbeat not knowing if I’m going to be on the street in a few short weeks. We could be out to dinner or a party and I’d be just as calm, laughing, and articulate as a person who’s making it in the world. THen I’d drive back to the floor space I’m staying in. And showering at the gym. When was the last time you hugged a homeless person?

    1. l’d give you a hug right now, Anon. This is so important to hear…one person’s experience is not equal to anothers. l think that is shown in the responses here…one person ‘needs’ the pet, another not so much. Our approaches will be differnt too, and individual charts and life exp. would bear this out, l think.
      l do something similar to you Anon. when managing a health issue. l only let people ‘see’ me when l am sitting up and ‘looking’ well. l still do that…(moon Leo 6th). People judge in the moment and some take advantage of perceived weakness.

      The last time l hugged a homeless person was during COVID. l gave him a fiver$ and he hugged me. Unfortunately, l think l caught COVID from him, but ld like to think l got it from the tradie who removed his mask to cough…he said it was hay fever. Stuff happens and l dont regret hugs.
      l hope things change for the better for you soon, Anon.

      1. Hi Dianne,

        Thank you for your kindness and warmth. I am uplifted by your stories, acceptance and encouragement.

        “I don’t regret hugs”. Beautiful sentiment.

        I feel your hug. Much love back at you!

    2. I hope you will be able to get social security soon. This might help in getting a place.? I live in a small apt. The only thing keeping me from living in my van so I can travel is not having a real address which could get me into all kinds of trouble. I will be 68 in Nov.I pray you can find a permanent home shortly.

      1. Thank you opalina,

        That’s an idea thank you. I’m in a safe place and set up to job search. I’ve been looking at tiny home / van life videos for a few years.

        For an address, have you checked into: America’s Mailbox (dot com)?

        Happy 68th this Nov.

        Thank you for the prayer. Lots of love and happiness back at you.

      1. Hi Deborah,

        Thank you for seeing me and the acknowledgement.

        Witness is a power-full archetype.

        May all be abundantly blessed with hugs, love, friends, peace, joy and lots of groovy stuff.

        May our lives be that which we want it to be.

        Amen, awomen.

  30. Anonymous, My heart goes out to you! The planet, and all its people are going through one of the most challenging times, in history. Thank you, for posting here, and telling us your perspective. I can’t imagine what it is like to be you.
    I can tell you, I could of been you. I have struggled with depression my whole adult life, I am 67 years old, and lately have started feeling a big improvement.
    I have always had the monetary support, in my life, without it I could of been homeless easily. Hang in there, you sound like an amazing person. Thank you
    for sharing with us here. Take good care.❤️

    1. Hi turtle,

      Gosh, I am moved by your compassion and story.
      “I have struggled with depression my whole adult life”.

      Big hugs to you. Thank you for sharing that realisation.

      I’m glad you’ve had foundational support; may you be snug as a bug in a rug always.

      Thanks for saying I sound like an amazing person. Like Mark Twain said, “I can go two weeks on a compliment”. I’ll hold that thought in my heart.

      Love to you.

  31. 🙏🏽Thank you for sharing this Elsa, and for all the wisdom and insight you generously share with all of us! IT HELPS!
    And to the courageous person who reached out for help from Elsa. I hope what’s been shared here gives you strength, courage and confidence in yourself. You can make it! Just keep going.
    You’re in your fourth decade (30’s). Your frame of reference is shorter than those of us that have lived much longer. Please know that these are VERY HARD times for many, many people. Abnormally hard in my opinion. Hang on! Things will shift and you will make it through this!
    The only thing I can add to all of the heartfelt, wise, loving messages above, is to ask for help and strength from your ancestors. They have paved the way for you and are guiding you. You are the gift of their efforts. You carry forth so many of their hopes and dreams. You are a miracle!

  32. I’ll add this also…the equinox is just a few hours away. It is a point of balance. There is much power available. Perfect time to focus your thoughts and send your wishes, hopes and dreams forward. NOW!

  33. @C I too was born, with Pluto in the 12th house. It was actually in Conjunction with Jupiter, so it expanded Pluto. It was about 5 degrees from the Ascendant, the first three years of my life were a nightmare, and we all know that does not set you up for anything good.
    My mother was born into a cult, I was also raised in the cult. My father traveled a lot for his job, my father was not part of the cult, he had no clue what my mother was up to. She did not know, what she herself was up to, she was very dissociative. Both of my parents, are deceased. I have looked at both of my parents natal charts. I don’t have a birth time for my Mom, but I do for my Dad.
    He has the same Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction in the 12th house near the Ascendant. Is that weird or what? He was an only child, I have no idea,
    what that meant in his life? Most likely, something terrifying.
    Thank you to all, who shared their stories here, and thank you to Elsa, for having
    this blog to share them!

  34. Pluto is doing a last two month opposition to my 12th and in my 6th. As my asc and dc are 28 degrees, I won’t see Pluto here again even when it does the last of retro Cappie in 2024, it will still be 7th and 1st house then. I have done interviews for two organizations offering wrap around housing services to homeless people, generally also dealing with mental health and addictions challenges.
    My partner in the 90s, and father to my only son, ended up in this situation and died unsheltered, though technically, he was living in a tent along the river in the community and bc his family are Northern Indigenous people, he knew how to survive generally. It was mighty cold though in the winters and a few times his sister worried he was going to freeze to death. In the end he ended up with a wound in his leg which got infected with flesh eating disease, and died on the operating table when they were going to amputate.

    I have NN in 12th house Cancer; Sun in the 4th house of home – I never did see myself as a real estate type person, or Home and Gardens. I’m realizing from some past jobs that were related to serving the homeless that I may finally be consciously manifesting my ‘career’ destiny. I have studied a lot around homelessness, especially Indigenous homelessness as a result of colonization and displacement of the original people.

    It’s good to see this discussion happening, the stigma needs to be lifted. Here in Canada the federal government used to invest in public and social housing; those policies changed late 80s and into 90s and we’ve seen an explosion in homelessness.

  35. Adding :P. My Pluto is 3rd house of communication and neighbours/neighbourhood. I have the intense need to discuss and investigate!

  36. Excellent post!!! Thank you. I’d lost this bookmark, and so glad I found it again. I will share my PLUTO experience. It wasn’t transiting in the 12th house, but is in the 4th. Remember in May of 2023 when T. Mars, T. Jupiter and T. Pluto created a T-sq? I call it “the crowbar”-for changing the ___.(fill in). The very moment that happened, my ceiling started raining water from an upstairs flat. It was a nightmare -well, Day-mare!! I DID become homeless. My greatest fear. This launched 3.5 months of the hardest of my adult life (62). I am a 29 degree Scorpio Sun with a stellium in Capricorn. I can take much and not become a puddle, but this summer really did TEST my strength. I ended up moving to another city, which had been my desire! Pluto provided this-“opportunity” through loss. Death=Rebirth. BTW, I am a professional astrologer and was about to do a podcast on the t-sq of Mars/Pluto/Jupiter-when the ceilings almost collapsed! There is humor in our cosmos messengers. I am in a new city, ( staying with a friend) looking for a new abode, to begin my new fabulous chapter in life. I can look back and laugh at the way *I* got what I wished for, in very unexpected way. It is quite the story! (in full). The stars don’t mess around with their telegrams! Let go, and move forward-and remember-“YOU are made of stardust!”

  37. I started experiencing homelessness 3 yrs after Pluto entered my 4th house. (Before that it was problems with plumbing and bad neighbors and management.) I am in a living situation I’d rather not be in (completely incompatible housemate that is distasteful in several ways).

    Pluto entered my 4th house 10 years ago. It will be in my 4th house for the rest of my life. I am 72. That’s not a comforting feeling.

      1. I’d like to think that’s true, but I make too much money to qualify for low income housing, and not enough to pay for regular rent. And I make more on social security than a lot of people do, but it’s not enough. My family is not generous so I’m on my own.

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