Progressed Jupiter In Aquarius

aquarius-nudeMy progressed Jupiter ingressed into Aquarius this week. It was immediately apparent.  Almost like flipping a switch. The change I’ve noticed is along the lines of concern over what people think of me.

Capricorn is known to care about their reputation. I’ve completely detached from that. I’ve have become surprisingly outspoken. Things I have never talked about in my life have suddenly become my first handshake.

I am very into social groups (Aquarius) now. At church (Jupiter), but I’m also interested in getting together will groups of eclectic people for good times.

It’s seem a huge gift to trade Jupiter in Capricorn for Jupiter in Aquarius at this stage. I feel exuberant!

Where is your progressed Jupiter? If you don’t know, learn more here!

10 thoughts on “Progressed Jupiter In Aquarius”

  1. Mine is in Cancer, retrograde. It turned retro shortly before I turned 24. I,be felt stuck in my job since then, and getting any kind of routine going is like pulling teeth for me now. I hate it. Jupiter moved from the 7th to the 6th house at some point before it reversed, and routines were easier for me then.

    There are times when I worry that I’ll never leave this job because of retro Jupiter–it’s like my ambition just left the building. 🙁

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    When my Jupiter progressed from Gemini to Cancer about two weeks before my 40th birthday, I started training to become a massage therapist, leaving retail management the following year. My Jupiter had progressed from 5th to 4th house about ten years earlier at which time I’d begun my first “serious” career (in real estate) for five years, then moved to CA for retail opportunity with friends’ new company, many moves and changes followed.
    Now in prog. 3rd — still lost…

  3. Progressed Jupiter in Pisces in the eight. Moving closer to my natal MC. Have been supported by good teachers. Now helping others by teaching.

  4. Progressed Jupiter in Leo. I’m an Aqua moon natally and I have always gravitated to people different from me. I love having friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

  5. Jupiter envy! Jupiter in aquarius is my favorite jupiter placement. Feels good finding someone who has this in their natal chart. I adore two different people with this jupiter and they have similar preferences and oddities. Their existence in itself is a cure for my depressed saturn in aquarius. My cheeks are hurting from smiling even thinking about them. Jupiter in 1st house in synastry feel so good. Peers would put their saturn in my 1st house and as my saturn is all bad aspects, it brings more pain and criticism where there is enough pain and criticism. My jupiter is and will forever be in virgo but it’s in the 7th house.

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