Saturn In Libra: Comeuppance In Relationship

One thing that baffles me is how people can treat others horribly and then come back around and expect to be welcomed.  It’s got to be part of the whole entitlement thing.  Having grown up with the idea I was not entitled to anything, I have a real hard time trying to understand the mindset.

I grew up deprived and because of this, some think my perspective is skewed. I think it’s their perspective that is skewed. If you don’t study, then you flunk. If you don’t work, you get fired. If you treat people poorly, they’ll eventually not want anything to do with you.

Eventually your colors show and sensible people don’t throw good money after bad.  We haven’t been sensible for awhile but boy is this coming back into vogue, and with a vengeance.

A couple years ago I said that, I myself would come into vogue at this time and it is happening. What am I? Plain? Honest? Someone you can trust?

Yesterday, I met with a lawyer. I placed my hands on my cheeks and said, “I only have one face.  This is the only personality I have,” I added.  She stared but I felt good. Like, I’ve got some currency.

The last time Saturn was in Libra, I wouldn’t marry my husband so he married someone else. It doesn’t matter if I had compelling reasons. Eventually you run out of rope. I don’t think this is cruel. I think it’s reality.

Related – I made a short video on this topic: Does Treating Your Partner Lousy In One Relationship Affect The Next?

Who can relate? Where is your Saturn?

54 thoughts on “Saturn In Libra: Comeuppance In Relationship”

  1. It isn’t necessary to guillotine friendships, however sometimes one has to set (very clear) boundaries. If another transgresses in a way that is destructive then I do believe it is perfectly honorable to take time out. Also, sometimes people are in the midst of work, projects, deadlines, etc. and have to drop out until obligations are met. It doesn’t come from any lack of love, but considering how many people get caught up in the very human loop of squabbles and dramas, sometimes it’s the healthiest thing to reset the focus (and the relationship).

  2. Saturn (virgo- 11th house) square venus (sag- 3rd house), moon in capricorn, with forgiveness courtesy of venus exactly trine pluto. Here’s what I’ve learned in my ripe older age: First, if you build it yourself and follow the laws of the universe, no one can take it (your confidence) away. Second, the wonderful thing about Saturn is we never need concern ourselves with thoughts of revenge.

  3. Thanx Elsa now I understand myself even better :), I am also this way, any mistreatment —-> your out,it is also a great way of making “enemies” LOL and getting a reputation as someone unforgiving and resentful …go fugure … i think to myself i am way better off without you (the person in question)around me!

    7th house Saturn & Cappy Rising

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