Who’s The Bad Guy? Her! She’s The Bad Guy, Damnit! AKA Life With A Packed 8th House

roof-truss.jpg“I’m showing Vidroid this notebook,” the soldier said. ” See, P? There you are,” he said, with the page flipped open to the song. “Aand guess what all that is around you?”


“Those are roofing trusses,” he said. “I was calculating roofing trusses.”

“You were making a roof?”  I glanced at the the pages that were covered in equations. Didn’t look like trusses to me.

“No, just calculating.  I guess thinking about roofs made me think of you.”

I looked at him,

“Like maybe I should throw myself from a roof or something,” he added.

I laughed slightly still not recovered from yesterday’s fight.

“So she came through your blog, huh?” he said regarding one of my ex-boyfriend’s ex (new) girlfriend who emailed me today. “Boy, I’d never do that.”


“Why did he tell her where you blog was? Boy, I’d have not done that. No way.”

I told him my theory.

“Well I’d have never done it. I’d never tell the new girl where your blog was. I’d tell her you crushed me though. I’d say, yeah she stomped me into the ground and her initials are… he initials are ELSA! PANIZZON! ELLLLLLLLLL SA PAN-IZZ-ON! Those are her initials, that’s who stomped on my heart, she’s the one who did it.”

I refused to look at him.

6 thoughts on “Who’s The Bad Guy? Her! She’s The Bad Guy, Damnit! AKA Life With A Packed 8th House”

  1. And she floats down the Amazon with no panties on! TOP THAT! 😉

    I dunno, it reminds me of the guy who told you the story about that chick giving him a bj on the night he intended to propose. I mean, really, wtf?
    Don’t ask why I think they’re connected, though, it’s just a gut reaction.

  2. The trusses made me smile. I once loved a boy who was studying engineering, civil actually so yeah trusses make me swoon. haha. Sorry that was irrelvent and self-indulgent

    Im curious what was your theory on why? Sounds like undercurrent play by the ex bf but of course I would think that being a scorpio 😉

  3. Skye, he broke up with her and she is in pain.
    I am sure he would die a million deaths if he knew she contacted me. Last thing he would want is her to hear another side to his story, LOL. Anyway, I responded but minimally. I do not form ex-girlfriend clubs although he joined my ex-boyfriend club so really I think it’s just that coming back at him ‘cept P don’t play that shit. That’s why this is public, see? I hate triangles…

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