Weekend Love Forecast – Follow The Pre-eclipse Rabbit

Jane treesThrough Saturday morning, Aries Venus sextiles Pluto in Aquarius. Are you thinking of a long-lost special friend? They may be thinking of you too. Friday night, the Pisces Moon moves from the Venus-Pluto midpoint into wavy, watery conjunction with Mars. As we head into Monday’s new moon eclispe in Aries, desire and action are both heightened and… uh… deepened?

Titillation is the keyword. Pleasure is in there, but sometimes we can draw pleasure from unusual quarters. Is something lousy happening? Something crappy? Somehow some good will come of it. Some pleasure, some benefit. Something good IS coming your way, and if you’re not identifying anything “crappy”? Well you’re in the groove. Good on ya (it’s sure not me, but I’m glad it’s you).

In any case, go where the itch sends you. It says “drink me”? Give it a shot. Follow that rabbit. Take the next step in tune with your intuition.

Saturday afternoon, the Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus and goes on to conjoin Neptune overnight. The collective mood is vivacious and grounded, open to swells of genius and emotionally profitable flights of fancy. It’s not exactly tangible, but it’s a precursor to such. Find your opportunity in the spirit and its mirrored legacy will follow.

Where is your damage right now? Where are you seeking healing? That’s the course that is emerging. We are triangulating next steps from past-present-future as they come to a point with the will of our highest self.

All weekend, Jupiter moves in conjunction with Uranus, and Mars continues in conjunction with Saturn. The Sun approaches a conjunction with Aries Chiron as well, an aspect that will triple (Moon-Sun-Chiron exact) when the eclipse perfects midday Monday. As we see that eclipse coming in, we still have a weekend to manage.

The order of the moment is preparation. Slow down just enough to allow fate to step in. Timing is divine, so there’s no need to overthink. Relax and let fate drive. Creative learning leads to solid, real world innovation. Don’t rush it; we’re ripe to hit our mark.

On Sunday, the Moon finishes its conjunction to Pisces ruler Neptune and makes its move to Aries: a mood that goes from the end to the beginning. Immediately it sextiles Pluto then moves on to conjoin Venus. I’m sure none of us have forgotten retrograde Aries Mercury in the mix. Pay attention to the whisper in the back of your mind as it swirls to capture your fancy and points to something that warrants another look. It’s a tickle, a mood that itches in a good way. There’s an awareness poking out from under the radar (like when you’re suddenly prompted to check an old jacket pocket and find a 20 dollar bill). It’s a subtle and enticing mood that shows you where to dig (X marks the spot).

In any case, all weekend long, pressing and poignant urges build. Take them seriously, but act judiciously (not willy nilly). Intuition is strong and fluid; take your time to follow its lead. While we rethink possible courses of action, stay alert for silent hints you may have missed before. Heal and learn.

Do you have any weekend plans?

22 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Follow The Pre-eclipse Rabbit”

  1. So, we’re inching towards a Solar Eclipse exactly conjunct Chiron. And now my back has gone! 😭 It twinged a bit a few days ago so I thought, chuck a hot compress on it and it will fix itself. Except it hasn’t! It’s like hot burning fire whenever I stand up, which is taking ages to even manage, as my back muscles lock, or stiffen, if that makes sense.

    I’m not even in my 50s yet, what the hell Chiron!?!?!!!!! 😡😡😡😡

    If anyone has any tips or quick remedies, I’m open to ideas 🙂 I’m guessing it’s the Cosmos telling me I need to slow down though, as I’ve been constantly busy and on the go for a few years.

    1. Other than the somewhat extreme of chiropractic therapy I’d suggest a ‘sugar/carb fast’.
      This means no white rice, pasta, potatoes, candy, pie, ice cream, cake, donuts, French fries etc.
      These things generally cause inflammation and/or increase the possibility of same.
      I have moderate severe osteoarthritis of my right hip.
      I cut those things from my diet since mid-Feb.
      To say I’m pain free is just a slight overstatement but the pain is so minimal it’s far more manageable with stretches and does not interfere with my weekly workouts.
      Of course the back can be a much more serious matter.
      If your pain is acute you may need to see an orthopedic specialist first n foremost or at least make it part of your plan.
      Otherwise I hope my suggestion is of some help for you.

      1. I wish I read this BEFORE I demolished the tub of delicious raspberry meringue ice cream, along with my painkillers 🤦

        I will allow the foody comfort binge for today, but will definitely start eliminating sugar and carbs from the beginning of the week. Eclipsing out, so to speak, things that hinder my health (Chiron). What better time to start 🙂

        1. You’re very welcome. I believe the combination of these very excellent suggestions will have feeling good n up n running in no time!
          🕊️and continued Blessings!!!

    2. Hi Mermaid,
      I am a massage therapist; a quick remedy( for low back pain,) is to massage your abdominal muscles in the front. Find your belly button; use your 4 fingers and work from center out to your hips on both sides. You will feel the tightness there which are connected to your Lumbar area in your back. I do this release with my clients often. Have a great weekend.

      1. I will definitely try this, thanks for the tip! I never knew that massaging the front of my abdominal muscles can alleviate back pain! But as they say, everything is connected 🙂

        I will report back to let you know of the outcome. Thanks for the tips!

    3. When I have a flair I take three Advil overt six hours along with a heating pad. Voltarin cream also works (a very strong medicine I wouldn’t use for longer than a week at a time). I dislike using meds, but getting the inflammation handled is important.

  2. Today my late hubby whom I still miss (his energy for sure) sometimes, would have turned 70. My daughter sent me a childhood picture of him that I hadn’t seen before, a cheeky, happy little boy. Vicious and heartless parenting turned him into an angry teenager but the little boy survived, Aries style.

    I’m sure he’s thinking of us too, wherever he is in whatever form.

    I agree with your take on letting fate flow and prepare, lots of insight popping up, connecting the below with the up above.

    Thank you

    1. That’s a lovely expression of the energy!

      My cousin just sent me a pic of our great grandfather, and it’s the spitting image of my adult son (startlingly so).

  3. Loving the entries here
    Keeping with the non cerebral compartments of this experience
    Watching nature
    Happen to be looking out the window as the earth shook yesterday
    The birds gathered on the porch where I left a platter of seeds and nuts
    The April snowstorm left no bare ground here in the Catskills
    The house began to shake as if a huge wind barreled through or maybe more snow slid off the metal roof… nope
    Birds scattered to the woods immediately
    Moments later they resumed their little peckings
    Gaia’s rumblings
    Keeping the aliveness
    Like my bones need jumping rope to make new
    Make new at every moment
    Bring it on

  4. Mermaid… another tool…Get yourself a hang bar….fits right on your door jamb…and hang and elongate those vertabrae….I use everyday…creates space….good friend for daily maintenance

  5. I’m currently living in an orchard. Every spring it becomes a staging point for dozens of hives from a pro apiary, and they arrived a week ago. Something has gone wrong and there’s been a massive die off. I hope it’s not hive collapse. I’ll put my faith in fate to deliver something life affirming. Heartbreaking.

    1. It’s wonderful to see and read the thread of expression here, and hear from you in the orchard!!

      Satori you wrote, “We are triangulating meaning from the past/present-future “ and my dreams last night were doing just that. Back to my old homestead with my nephew as a 3 or 4 year old decorating a Christmas tree(his height) with big beautiful blue ribbons; Then, an odd and disturbing dream of ?? Maybe AI in the form of paperwork that needed human intervention and corrections with pens and chalk. I woke to wonder: “Where do all these pieces come from?”

      Joe Campbell in The Power of Myth said all it takes is a thread, follow the ball of string out of the labyrinth. (The old myth of Theseus and Ariadne.)

      Triangulation and a thread, it’s happening here. The power of real thread.

  6. Loving the replies. A deep long sleep, long walk by the river, then in the kitchen taking time to create something Good – a playlist I made for my husband playing in the background. Slowing this Saturday all the way down to enjoy every waking moment.

    Living in an orchard sounds absolutely divine. Fingers crossed for those beloved bees.

    1. It truly is divine. Yet everything has its shadow, and I’ve seen death as often as life. It’s humbling and breaks an illusion that doesn’t serve me. Thanks for the new vibes! It’s worrying and sad.

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