Scorpio – Soul-Deep Love!

Scorpio love
Scorpio: Cool, let’s get going.

Ah Scorpio, the bad boy of the zodiac. There are countless articles singing the praises of their intensity, loyalty, and legendary sex appeal. And there are just as many warning of their jealousy, vengefulness, and mind games. That can’t all be true, can it? Well yeah, actually, but that’s barely scratching the surface.

Scorpio love goes deep. Deeper. Even deeper than that. Scorpio sees down to your very core and loves you anyway. Everyone is naked in front of Scorpio. They see your faults, your fears, your weaknesses, your cowardice, and every disgusting, shameful, creepy-crawly corner of your psyche. They truly know you. And they love you, not in spite of, but because of it.

Scorpio love is intense because they have no patience for anything surface level. Leave the networking to Gemini and the social niceties to Libra. Scorpio wants your soul.

And they give their soul in return. Scorpio’s energy, the sheer fixed power of it, supports and feeds their beloved. It supports and nurtures in ways both invisible and hidden. But if you ever doubt it’s there, just try going without it. The void that’s left could swallow worlds.

Scorpio is also the most intensely loyal sign to walk the earth. In these days of public shaming, when one comment or joke gone wrong can turn any of us into pariahs, Scorpio will stand by your side. First, Scorpios are no strangers to pariah-dom themselves. They never existed in the light, so they don’t feel the lack while they’re in the darkness with you. Also, Scorpio knows you deep down. They know your heart and intentions and they just can’t be fooled by anything that’s inauthentic. It reminds me of an old Smashing Pumpkins lyric, “No apologies ever need be made. I know you better than you fake it.”

If you want someone to go galas and be seen with, pick a Leo or a Capricorn. But if you want intense piece of work who sees you for what you really are and will walk with you through the very fires of hell, Scorpio’s got you covered.

How has Scorpio supported you?

20 thoughts on “Scorpio – Soul-Deep Love!”

  1. To be honest I loved a Scorpio
    Capable, I will agree.hurt me
    A million times; are they hurt inside, it would be my opinion to say yes
    Like carrying Jesus’ cross around
    Capable of loyalty to their own
    Desires.constantly looking, up for the conquest always, seemingly
    Sincere, looks that way
    Don’t cross them worst than a bell sting;mine are forever

  2. I was recently on the receiving end of a married Scorpio who stalked me constantly. Complete creep and perv. Eww.

    I have a love or hate relationship with them. Some of my closest friends are Scorpio and they are intensely loyal people and I’m so grateful for them. But I have also met the textbook creepy/malicious/vindictive ones. It’s like there is no in-between with this sign. They’re either super evolved and fantastic or they’re just horrible.

  3. Perfect Scorpio:

    In the desert
    I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
    Who, squatting upon the ground,
    Held his heart in his hands,
    And ate of it.
    I said, “Is it good, friend?”
    “It is bitter. Bitter,” he answered;

    “But I like it
    “Because it is bitter,
    “And because it is my heart.”

    As much as Scorpio knows your deepest fears, shame and can see through you – they own their failures and dark side to the max. That’s what makes them so darn hypnotic, so darn drawing. The magnetism emenates because they have seen all the worst, and felt the pain deeply. No one is as sensitive as Scorpio, and none is the block of ice because of feelings being so raw and hurting that they have to contain it in an iceblock, to contain the pain inside as to not let it seep out into the organs.

    They are their own worst enemies in that. And yet, the depth of their understanding, their love and their truth seeking abilities is past any signs’.

    Scorpio meme of all time:
    If you want love, express hate. If you want hate – express love.


    4 x scorpio with 3 planets in 8th house as well…

    1. This is beautiful. You’ve described to elegantly the mechanism behind the infamous Scorpio amputation. Scorpios feel everything so deeply, and if they cut someone off, there’s no malice. They’ve simply discovered that the pain of being around the person is too great and simply can’t be sustained. Scorpio does what they have to do to survive.

      1. Thank you, Midara.
        I am really Scorpionic. Libra Moon – but… 8th house. We don’t want all that dirty laundry, but people or circumstances forces it on us – or else we attract it subconsciously!

        What I have experienced is that I tend to draw out the WORST traits in my partners (and the most intense/best/most emotional/raw/sensitive traits) – and so their Venus/Neptune oppositions will balk and push me down from the pedestal after which they leave me, devestated. Robbed of energy and with more bitterness inside than before. It’s bitter, it’s brutal and my last partner had his Pluto conjunct my moon, in his 3rd house. He robbed me of energy, literally. We broke up in February, after he said things to me that was utterly devastating (couldn’t control his Pluto I think, it was trine to Mars in Gemini). He had the audacity to want us to be friends afterwards. I am not in any way feeling a need to be friendly with him again. Scorpio cuts and cuts deep, to the roots…

        The Phoenix-process of rising after such a messy breakup can be long, hard and very exhausting. This time luckily I had kept my boundaries up, and I didn’t loose myself to another. I also have a great therapist on my side these days, which helps a lot!

        So yeah, we love deep, but it takes time to go deep. But when we are first there, it is REALLY deep, the good, the bad and the ugly. Unless Chiron contacts are involved. Then it gets deep fast – and ugly fast. And the breakup… Phew. Don’t get me started on those. But it can also be incredibly healing, like the fires of Hell, and rebirth. Those loves changes you in your core being… And that is when they say “If you want love, hate. If you want to hate – feel love”.

        1. In contrast I can add, that after 15 years of obsessively trying to make my mom come aware of my feelings from a difficult childhood and make her feel empathy towards me – I gave up in 2019, letting go of aaall that sh*t. Inner peace became a bigger need. I didn’t want the drama anymore. No more obsessiveness.

          I think that’s when you become indifferent. That’s when Pluto has burned out his energy in this lifetime. For Scorpios this takes a LOT of time, I think. It IS Pluto after all. But when you’re dead, you’re dead. Another form of amputation one could say – but a more peaceful expression.

  4. oh yes, have experienced the highs and the lows of Scorpio. As a Taurus with Scorp Pluto Rising, I find them absolutely delicious and adore the way they devour. yum yum yum but yea, those walls of steel… or the ones that don’t have a harness over their power, run for the hills

  5. I’m an 8H Libra Sun, Mercury, and NN. I possess a lot of the Scorpionic traits you listed; probably in a more fashionable and fair-minded package! 😉

  6. I always thought Scorpio love is THE love. i have pluto in scorpio square moon and venus.
    But 3 years ago T Uranus trined my moon and venus
    and for the first time in my life i felt true love
    The kind of love that gives understanding and wants nothing to hold on to in return
    The kind of love that gives you space and let you just BE

    I think scorpios are deep.
    But if you are too busy digging a hole you are turning your back to the sky.

    Thats why Saggittarius is after the scorpio, his arrow is pointed up

  7. PurpleStarGirl

    I have Scorpio as my ASC and Pluto in the 1st house with Black Moon Lilith tightly conjunct the ASC in the 1st as well. When I fall in love, it’s intense and often too much to handle even for me. It doesn’t help that I have an Aquarius Venus squaring the my ASC either.

  8. I met an eight year old Scorpio this Spring. She and her family showed up to greet me and my husband after a deeply painful experience for a Scorpio Sun with squares to Saturn-Mars and Pluto in Leo. The depth of love and desperation contorts when Scorpio feels betrayed. What the Universe offers me, and my husband, was the pure, soul, deep love of a Scorpio child. Long enough to be reminded of the best of Scorpio with no room for the “vampires” that Scorpio Girl Child helped me remember what Gloria Steinem said, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” It’s a bit of a stretch … but that’s what Scorpio is good at, at any age. Part of the superpower package.

  9. I think I would enjoy a relationship with a happy Scorpio (Moon, Merc, Mars, Uranus in Scorpio myself).

    I think that happiness is the key to their evolution. A tormented Scorpio can wreak a lot of havoc and a happy one can be so amazingly nourishing. Either way their presence is pretty powerful.

    1. I agree. The love of a happy Scorpio is one of the greatest gifts it’s possible to receive in my opinion.

      I also agree about unhealthy Scorpios. I don’t think there are more unhealthy Scorpios than there are unhealthy people of any other sign, but the effects can be even more devastating due to their intensity. To me, Scorpio has one of the highest ceilings and lowest floors, if that makes sense. Few other signs can reach their heights and few can go as low.

  10. We can love too much. Become consumed with our partner until we no longer exist.
    one thing My Aries taught me, look forward not back. In his way he was always open to abundance which I have never been. I am thankful for the gift.

    1. Opalina, I love that! Aries can have a lot of surprising wisdom. My Aries partner has taught me a lot about remaining independent even while being committed to the bone. They’re really amazing, aren’t they?

  11. Avatar
    Your right hand Hermes

    Scorpios are either evil or lovely. Mature or immature. They want loyalty but doubt alway reciprocate. Quite confused individuals bless em

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