Weekly Forecast: October 23-27, 2023 – Scorpio Season, Eclipse Prep

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Monday morning the Moon in Aquarius sextiles retro Chiron. It then goes on to square retro Uranus as the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio. The early air mood is invigorating, putting investigative urges to work and to the test. The mood goes sideways in surprise as the order of the day takes a dive into the deep. But pleasure is still on the table.

Nighttime takes the Moon into water as well, as it hits Pisces overnight. This includes a conjunction to retro Saturn and a trine to the newly Scorpio Sun. Sweet dreams maybe, but definitely substantive and pithy.

The Sun also trines retro Saturn overnight. It’s not exactly a turning point, but definitely a place to pause and take note – and push off if you can.

Tuesday’s Pisces Moon trines the budding Mercury-Mars conjunction and sextiles retro Jupiter, highlighting the active oppositions from Mars and Mercury to Jupiter. A mutable mood infuses a possible standoff with grace – or at least with wiggle room and the faith and leeway to allow for a creative solution.

The Moon goes on to oppose Venus overnight with Virgo Venus moving into trine with retro Uranus in Taurus. The mood fills the gaps in electric desire, warming or cooling as necessary. With Venus-Uranus and Mars-Mercury-Jupiter all week, Tuesday and Wednesday’s Pisces Moon involvement is an opening for the divine, an allowance for filling in the rough spots. Changes in desire and a tendency to rush to judgement or overshoot can be smoothed with a bit of Neptune mood magic.

Wednesday the Pisces Moon perfects the opposition to Venus and goes on to sextile retro Uranus and conjoin Pisces ruler Neptune (also retro). The Moon sextiles Pluto overnight. Work with others if they share your values and are open to your philosophy, but there’s nothing wrong with going with your gut if you have to go it alone. It’s never JUST your gut on a Pisces Moon.

Thursday morning, the Moon moves to Mars-ruled Aries, quincunxing the Sun-Mercury-Mars train through the day. Experiencing the urge to initiate, to put a plan into motion? Do it, it’s what gets the ball rolling. Why not? Action is the key.

Friday’s Aries Moon conjoins retro Chiron then goes on to cross the north node on its way into a square with Pluto. The Moon moves to Taurus in the night, in preparation for Saturday’s full moon. With the Aries Moon, the mood takes on an urgency for shuffling the options till what works falls into place. Sometimes you’ve got to try what didn’t work before, because all options are still a possibility. Again, why not? It’s worth the effort.

When the Moon moves to Taurus, there’s a sense of settling in, becoming emotionally banked and ready. So make hay while the Aries Moon shines!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: October 23-27, 2023 – Scorpio Season, Eclipse Prep”

  1. β€˜..make hay while the Aries Moon shines!’; Love this line! 🩷.
    Will keep Thursday in mind to initiate a plan πŸ‘πŸ».

  2. The moon will conjunct shitstirrer Eris in Aries too though.
    So, maybe not too peaceful a week, but looks like a nice week for traveling!

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