The Astrological Weeble


If you don’t know what you’re looking at, it’s a weeble.  “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

Some people are Weebles.  They enjoy tremendous support in life, shown plainly in their chart.

It’s not that nothing bad can happen to them. It’s more like bad things rarely happen and when they do, the problems tend to be short-lived.

Everyone has some level of resilience but I’m talking about people who reliably skate by trouble. On some level these people look at people who live in the eye of hurricane as if they belong to another species.

Some blame the person who always seems to we walking uphill. Others may pity them.  It’s hard for people on either end of this spectrum to connect and they may prefer it that way.

It’s a bit like being very, very pretty.  It’s a wonderful gift that often ostracizes you.

I would say I am partly Weeble in spite of all the things I’ve been through. This is ideal for my purposes.  Not too pretty, not too ugly; I’m approachable. I have an insane amount of bad experiences but I also had no problem teaching myself to read on a 7th grade level before I turned five.  I figure it’s a wash!

Astrologically, Weebles have support from Jupiter in some form. I think this is universal to the Weeble population. They may also have a Grand Trine in their chart, but not just any Grand Trine.  The configuration has to dominate the chart.  A Grand Trine with a Grand Cross is not going to do it.

In the case of a person with a dominant Grand Trine, transits will hit the less favorable parts of their chart and things will happen to them…briefly.  Before long they are back in that trine.

You may wonder if this hinders their growth; I think it does in most cases. The same thing happens with a dominant and harsh type Grand Cross. This is why the mixed bag is preferable in my mind.  For me, this is. I want my gifts and warts and all.  You may feel differently.

Paul Simon wrote a song about this, you can hear it below.

Are you a Weeble? Do you know a Weeble?

33 thoughts on “The Astrological Weeble”

  1. One of the closet aspects in my chart is a trine from a 5th house Jupiter to my 1st house Moon. Learning astrology helped me understand why I can always find the silver lining in whatever happens when my peeps around me can’t. Saturn is conjunct that Jupiter and keeps my feet on the ground! I wobble but don’t fall all the way down.

  2. Never heard of these things, but I might possibly be a Weeble. I do have a pile of Jupiter, but I also have a series of semi-sextiles that I have noticed are very supportive… For instance Saturn is squaring my moon right now, but with that comes a trine to Pluto and sextile to Neptune, because my Pluto-Moon-Neptune are all about 30 degrees apart in 3 consecutive signs. I have a similar thing going on with my Venus-Sun-Mars, too. I have had one very bad thing happen to me that stands out, and I utterly lucked out, but it changed me just enough that I can connect with people who do seem to live in the eye of a hurricane, and I’m thankful for that.

  3. Hybrid here. Sagittarius moon conjunct Sag Ascendent and Capricorn Mercury conj. Saturn. I can see crap but am hopeful (Sagittarius) enough to climb (Capricorn) out.

  4. I believe I am a weeble. I have jupiter conjunct moon in leo in 5th house and the only aspect it makes is inconjunct to my venus/mc conjunction in capricorn. Which is part of a grand trine involving saturn and chiron (the venus/mc conjunction). When shit hits the fan, work is what gets me through. But I’m very optimistic by nature. The only thing that I realized that also happens is, you deal with stuff (I’ve had a difficult few years) and it’s all good, but now I feel the consequences. You cannot go dealing with bad experience and moving on, eventually you have to process it.

  5. Definitely a weeble, you are right, Dear Elsa. I have
    Jupiter conjunct the Moon and the South Node in Taurus.
    Grand trine in Air with a kite.
    It helps to overcome some explosive other aspects…

  6. I don’t know. Maybe i am: things tend to sort themselves out for me – even as bad things of course happen, i’m always somehow spared from the very worst of it. I break my right arm but the solution only needed me to use precisely the left one anyway so in the end I’m always fine and back on track. But I don’t really consider that skating, I still need to actively participate in finding the solution.

    My chart definitely has a Jupiter flavor though! It’s in Leo, 11H, conjunct sun, venus and Mercury (my chart ruler). So even if I maybe aren’t a weeble (ultimately I feel like maybe life has been a bit to harsh on me for that), I can’t help but be sunny 🙂

  7. What about planets exalted or in their own signs? Does this also give a protective aspect to a person’s life? Maybe planets in the 12th house can give behind the scenes support too.

    1. Planets are high functioning when exalted but it’s not enough to give this effect, generally speaking.

      Jupiter in the 12th is generally seen as an angel on your shoulder. It would mitigate problems but again, I don’t think it reaches this standard.

      Jupiter in the 12th in it’s own sign or exaltation – maybe? I think you’d have to look at the whole chart to determine this.

      The kind of people I’m talking about; it’s usually pretty obvious, they are not going to have to toil that much or wrestle around. It’s like real vs facsimile.

  8. I’ve had a harsh lonely 12th Houser life, but I’ve also known miracles, i.e., hard to explain good luck. Like: I almost DIED when I went into a coma as a baby! vs. I ALMOST died…

    Grand Trine in Water, with the Venus conj Mars corner (late 10th) sextile Jupiter in Taurus in early 9th House–that’s my Luck.

    I also have NNode conjunct MC and Part of Fortune in 10th House: many “angels” have helped me along my education and career.

    My love life sux but you can’t have it all. 😄

  9. So. My sun mercury and Saturn is in the 12th house Scorpio. My asc, moon and Venus is in Sag. Jupiter is trine my Moon. I was considered quite attractive until my 30s.It was difficult to make friends unless the women I friended were also attractive. It opened a few doors but in reality It caused more problems.I put weight on in my 30s which made less of a threat to women and it turned off the men. No way I would say I have had a charmed life but I do know that I used to have an attitude if I get knocked down I will get up again. After the loss of my husband I am just too tired to get up again.

  10. I’m not even sure what a grand trine is. I know I have lots of trines in my chart, is the dominant type of aspect in my chart. But, what exactly, makes a trine Grand?

    (I think basic questions like this keep many of your readers from commenting. I know I truly learn from you, I research and look up what I don’t know from the article, and try to apply it to my chart. This is always a great way for me to learn. But, then I get stymied on something like a trine vs a grand trine….researching definitions, etc. didn’t bring it home to me in a way I could apply it to my chart.)

        1. If I explain every term, it slows down the writing. This will just be a different site altogether.

          It’s hard to learn astrology and it’s hard to write for such a diverse audience but I think overall, my work is accessible.

          1. Oh, Elsa, I was not trying to offend! I was just attempting to share why many don’t post comments. I think you do reach a very diverse audience. And those who post are 90% of the time fluent in astrology. But many of your readers are like me….still looking to define terms.

            1. I didn’t take it that way.
              There is a beginners tag which covers a bunch of very common questions, answered in a easily digestible, un-boring way so that’s another option.

              1. Cool.

                I’ll look for the beginners tag. Again, I truly hadn’t thought of searching your site.

  11. Avatar
    Constance Walsh

    Hi Elsa,

    Gemini Weeble (6/9/’46).
    Exactly as you say.
    Including client prep: “bring me a specific problem or pattern!”
    The ambiguity today is killing.
    I’d love a phone encounter with you but can’t think of a problem or pattern … maybe dig a bit deeper … Love to you, genius Gemini Sister.

  12. I have Jupiter conjunct Venus and Sun in Scorpio, so in some parts – yes. But it’s Scorpio. Venus is in its detrimental function in Scorpio.

    These 3 are opposite my natal Chiron i Taurus, which is conjunct fixed star Algol (the Medusa-theme)

    With the Jupiter conjunction/opposition to Chiron, I am able to use my art as a tool to create beauty out of pain. Especially the kind of pain that algol has inflicted on my life every time sometimes hits either my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 8th house Libra, or Chiron, by aspecting transit.

    “If shit is about to go down, let’s go down in style”, I normally say, and dress the hell up for the big bang.

    That’s my kind of saving grace. Does it protect me from bad things? Nope. Does it make it all bad instead? Nope. With Jupiter there is always the possibility to learn and be grateful, there are always a silver lining, and acting with integrity is damn important, because Mars in in Cap.

    So that’s a kind of tangible weeble/saving grace, anchored in the concrete.

    I still have a Sag Neptune quincunxing my Chiron as well. But Neptune is also sextiled by the Saturn/Pluto.
    So, all eyes are on that Chiron.

    Make art, make poetry, not war of words. But when Cap Mars is connected to Libra Moon, cravings might erupt and so will tempers.

    It’s a bit of both, and mightily so! There is no softness there, only raw purpose and energy….

    1. Good point!
      No grand trines or crossees here. But sun trine moon. jupiter is only well aspected by mercury, Mars, saturn, uranus.
      I’ve had my share of shit. I can say I came out well enough. People are surprised and maybe don’t even believe what I’ve been through so I guess I come off unscathed.

  13. Astrologically, I’d be a weeble I suppose. Water Grand trine with Jupiter conj Venus on MC in Cancer 9th/Pisces Moon 5th/Scorpio Uranus 2nd. I see the positive more now I’m older, but I’ve come through many hideous and frightening periods of abuse. Maybe that’s my Pluto conjunct ASC. My friend told me a few years ago how things that I wanted always seem to work out for me and it surprised me because I was still working through being traumatised and couldn’t see it. Now I realise my luck comes when I *really want and commit to getting something. Also though, I reframe my experiences as bringing me what I needed – so I define my life as lucky in hindsight, even if its a series of setbacks. Eg, I’ve been trying to find a house to rent for months, turned away multiple times, but each time I’ve learned something new and am arming myself to be seen as the ultimate tenant. When I finally do move I’ll find some reason why its exactly the right place for me to live even if it’s temporary and/or not ideal in some way. Perhaps I’ve just learned to have faith.

  14. Maybe hoping I’m a wee bit Weeble? I have a fixed Grand Cross but wide Jupiter trines to Venus, Ascendant and Sun.

  15. Avatar
    Vahnessa Faires

    Yes! I think you and I are similar in that we’re mixed.. little Jupiter action to keep from falling all the time right?

    I knew a weeble and we had so much trouble connecting I decided to manifest a different person in my life, more of a mixed bag and this is we’re toxic ex came in the picture of my life. Jupiter conjunct his sun.

    The weeble had Jupiter conjunct sun and Venus ascendant.

  16. I am not a weeble, but Jupiter conjuncts Venus in the 11th House and aspects the harsher signatures in my Leo 7-8th stellium, and help comes to me WITH work. My warts are not so much visible as deep, so it’s been a blessing to have a long time friend who IS a broadly trined Weeble. Her bounce back is contagious and being such deeply warty Scorpio I was suspicious of her intentions early on. Now, as tutus (grandmas) it’s wonderful because … little things and lucky generosity? It’s precious

  17. Yep. By the definition given I am a weeble with Jupiter conjunct my Sun and involved in a grand trine. Now that mentioned I have skirted some difficult issues. However, until now I only attributed my skirting to my devotion to Astrology. Anyway, I view the state of my chart at least 5 to 10 years ahead of time so I usually have a good idea of what my sky arrangement looks likes and plan for what I see. I am just too fragile to not at least try to glimpse what the future holds. However, I do not take my skirting for granted. I am always under the stress of worrying is this fix going to work? So far so good. However, I, also, believe in guardian angels. Through dreams they also taught me some valuable stuff and have let me view some clairvoyant events and yes I realize that it is just my unconscious speaking. I am clairvoyant to such a extent that when I was a teenager I asked God to take that ability away as I found it troubling that no matter what, with family for instance, I could not stop that event from happening so what is the point of knowing it. So now my ancestors come to me in dreams to help lead the way. So thanks to my angels, my spiritual devotion to Astrology, and Elsa, so far I have prevailed, but I never take that for granted. I just thank the gods when things work out in my favor especially since I OCD’d trying to make sure future events turn out in my favor. Elsa, interesting post as it implies that a grand trine, would provide that “work-out” factor. Nice to know. However, I am just too easily fractured to stop OCD planning ahead. Makes me feel prepared thus I can then relax. However, one of my trines is Sun conjunct Jupiter trine to Uranus, the trickster, and it usually fakes me out. However, I prepare for that, too. I truly believe in forewarned is forearmed.

  18. I wish I had a grand trine in my chart to save me from all those bad transits. My chart has predominantly inconjunctions and finding balance is so difficult. The only trines I have is a 7degree orb sun in taurus and Neptune in 29sagittarius. The second one is my Leo asc trine Jupiter uranus conjunction in Sagittarius which again is not that tight. I wish they were more helpful because when planets hit they hit really hard..

  19. It took me awhile to work out why l was so ‘poked’ by the weeble thingy…a toy that wobbles and ends up in the same spot. Why not a spinning top? It goes around and around l circles in a blur.. I am bored with the past…it bever changes and it doesnt serve me.l am going to side with Peanut Girl who does not want to wear her shell anymore.

  20. i am one most of the time but i have bad transits and bad days and they’re heavy. Saturn let me off after my first saturn return and i wasn’t living in fear anymore, with abuse, starvation and suffering alot. (this is cap/aqua saturn crap) but i do understand the “very pretty” and though i dont like it, it has benefited me in many ways that i can see the perspective of the other side. For example, when i was remembering how rich and poor treat eachother, basically the wealthy forget about the poor and boohoo on them. It’s in every country, east west you name it. In school i was from poor background but because i had excellent scores i was placed in classes where all the rich kids hang out. They never bullied me either, infact many of the girls liked me, (my husband said it’s because i was extremely pretty to them — he maybe biased too) I believe i attributed it to virgo stellium because many times people said i look sweet, innocent, wholesome and youthful (could be capricorn with youthful) but one time one of the richest girls in class whose family owns chains of stores nationwide, told me about the girl in school who was super poor and wore dirty clothes and her hair was oily and look unkempt all the time, got killed by a drunk driver just walking to school. This rich girl told me, “so what? she was a nobody”. wtf. Seriously this is true story. I looked at her as if she grew horns and was shocked. How can even young people think so cruelly about a human being? dont they too deserve love and happiness and living a good life? I always knew the world was unfair but it’s also so cruel. There are times i think why did i get born into this world to see cruelty? is there a sick joke going on? maybe my earth placements judged her, but now i know that it’s her upbringing. Her family must have also taught her that if you dont have anything of merit or anything worth it’s not worth much.

    My mother ( who has a grand cross and hard life) was ostracized by my father’s family, the eldest sister said to her younger sisters, “dont make friends with her, we dont need to be her friend just because she married into the family.” My mother was super poor. I think my mother was pretty and she bragged she was beautiful from other people telling her so, but her personality is quite edgy and mean, more fakish like a veneer about it. Could be her Libra. but no one can deny my mother is a good woman. but yes the wide gap between rich and poor is the same as it is back before the French Revolution with the super wealthy throwing up luxurious food over and over (greed) and starving dying people on the streets eating mold and scraping off trash. Anyway weeble, if they are the super pretty ones, then maybe i am one due to the benefit of beauty which i inherited from my parents and grandparents. it sounds conceited. yuck. but if it’s true then ok good. (my sag likes to tell the truth)

    1. I cant ‘see’ you Elisa but l do– you have a loving heart. I have known rich people and poor people too…l remember a time when l was teaching and someone had said they were hungry. A woman up the back said l will get chips for lunch. It really was her last $2 and she shared it.

        1. And thanks for your story too, Elisa. l have not had to deal with the extreme things that you have had to face–first hand…my issues were hidden (mostly). I wish l had been brave(like you) at my first Saturn return…l believed in ‘false securities’. Then
          I got sick and became borderline poor(l am great at budgeting and grow my own food) but l was left alone to manage. l have a Fixed Grand Cross and a Grand Sextile. You mentioned the French Revolution…the people rebelled– when they had nothing left to lose…but stavation rations of food/ love, whatever, can ‘keep a person in their place’ for a very long time, which is a type of living stagnation.l used to dream and draw myself stuck in a mud wallow. Not necessarily a great place to be– it felt like a slow spiritual death…it took years and years to escape…half in, half out– you see…
          You helped me understand something, Elisa, my Sag MC needs the truth too…even if it remains a work in progress for me.

          1. aw you’re welcome, Dianne M, i wish you the best and pray you get loads of courage to do the things you need/want to do. and thank you for that perspective, about “staying in your place” by rationing and surviving that way. It makes alot o sense, that you become automated without wanting more out of it. for me, i hated to be in that stagnation and i prayed to God i will not be like this. It is sheer determination (kind of like the scene out of Gone with the Wind) when Scarlett O’Hara (taurus rising/ Scorpio sun/Aquarius moon said, by god i’ll never go hungry again. Sheer will and strength against all odds. that’s power and strength too. ^^

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