What If My Planets Are Bunched Together?

hemisphere“Is there any significance to having one side of your chart have all the activity? I was looking as my mother’s chart tonight, and all her planets are aligned on the left side of the chart, with literally nothing going on in the right.”

Yes. You should always note an emphasis of anything in a chart. When you have one that is lopsided it does give information.

Astrologers divide the chart into four hemispheres. The top half of your natal chart is called the “southern” hemisphere. The bottom half is the northern hemisphere. The left and the right sides of the chart are called the western and eastern hemispheres.

In short, people with emphasis on the top half of the chart are public. People with a preponderance of planets in the lower half of the chart are inevitably more private.

Emphasis on the eastern hemisphere inclines a person to be more independent and assertive then someone with emphasis on the western hemisphere who would tend to be a team player.

I have emphasis on the top half of the chart. You see my life is public. I also have emphasis on the right side of the chart and my interest in others is obvious.

In the chart shown, the western hemisphere is emphasized.

Which hemisphere(s) are emphasized in your chart?

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  1. Avatar

    Emphasis on the bottom making me a private person, no surprise because people get to know me slowly. As for the western/eastern I have almost an equal balance on both sides. Eastern 10, Western 9. Private, independent, team player. Nice information to know.

  2. Everything on the left side and with the exception of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn all of my planets are in the south. A little confusing for a pluto dominate person who tries to keep everything hidden away..

  3. Bah. Kinda late to this party – but I am totally eastern hemisphere. How do I contact another commenter?

    I have all 10 of my planets on the left side – 7 below, 3 above. And does that mean social life is inherently difficult for me? I find I don’t really _need_ friends. I don’t really know what to say after that sentence either, lol.

    1. Well, in case you’d somehow be seeing this reply, Verve77, I’m an eastern hemisphere person too (9 planets on the left), more precisely northeastern, and yes, social life is very difficult to me. I’m doing well without friends as well, but sometimes I still wish I had them lol.

      1. hmm is your north node on the eastern or western half?

        At least you have 1 planet on the right – all of my stuff is on the left, though spread out all over like a bowl. only chiron is on the right.

        I don’t really have a social life outside work !

  4. I have 9 planets in the northern hemisphere, 4 in the 1H, 1 in 3H, 3 in 5H, and 1 in 6H. Only Jupiter is in the southern, 9H. I have 5 each in the eastern and 4 in western.

  5. About even between the public and private areas but all on the west side showing my fate has usually been in the hands of family, lovers, friends and business partners! Self direction/determination only came many years into this lifetime.

  6. I have planet placements in all four quadrants: 1 in 1st quad; 1 in 2nd quad; 7 in 3rd quad; and 1 in 4th quad. That noted, the 3rd quadrant of relationships has the heaviest influence in my life. My Moon, Mars, and Saturn in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th respective quadrants anchor and fuel me.

  7. All bodies and south node in the Top Half of my natal chart. Very public life. It’s my Uranus in the 6th house that sextiles Mars-Saturn conjunct that pulls me into the cave for periodic and spontaneous escapes. Good thing!

  8. Bottom but with a moon in opposition.

    Makes it hard to be private, and stay private. I want to…but I get pulled into the public at times anyway at times. But, true to my nature…I always head underground when I have had enough. I could never be/stay a public person for long. Blechhhhhhhhhh

  9. It’s not about being “public” or “private”. Rather, it’s about being extraverted or introverted. Top hemisphere = extraverted, bottom hemisphere = introverted.

  10. Nine planets in the upper half of my chart. Evenly distributed at left and right side. Uranus and Pluto in the middle of the upper half, makes an opposition to Saturn, the only planet in my lower half.
    I prefer to be a private person, but somehow I unevitably end up having the public eye on me….Very disturbing….

  11. Six bodies and the south node in the houses 1-3 making tons of aspects to outer planets in house 9 and 12. Private, independent search, expand and transcend…lol pretty simple chart really.

  12. I’m surprised. My chart doesn’t look the way I feel!
    6 planets in southeast quadrant, 2 in southwest, but I don’t really feel like a public-style person.
    One planet in northeast, and one (Moon) in northwest.
    That Moon has been run over by a truck (and opposite Sun, Saturn and Pluto). Pretty flat.

  13. Hmm, I feel more a private person than a public person (stellium in 10th and 11th houses). But I also live in Australia, so is the northern hemisphere our southern hemisphere?

  14. All of my planets are in the 5th-9th houses natally. I am very independent, but I’m also an extrovert who loves team sports! (Stellium in 5th) 🙂

  15. Avatar

    I have all of my planets (except Chiron in 11th) bunched up in the second to sixth houses, within about 130°.

    I have always been intensely introverted. As the outer planets have transited into the opposing hemisphere, and we have begun to experience repeated and extended b stellium throughout the public houses of my chart, I have going myself increasingly wishing to detach from society and social systems altogether.

    Having Chiron in the 11th has been a difficult counterpoint to this as it has often meant my attempts to find my tribe have been thwarted and painful, with peer rejection in days of my youth, and then as middle age draws in, a simple feeling that people are generally not to be depended on outside of the intimate circle.

    Does anyone respond to messages, keep appointments or reach out to initiate contact with friends and check in on others anymore? Not in my experience. I’m happiest in my home with the door firmly shut. And that’s what a bundle in the bottom half of the chart means in my experience!

  16. PurpleStarGirl

    All but one of my planets are in the Southern hemisphere of my chart. I have planets located in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th houses but six of those are in my 3rd house (Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Moon, and Venus). Pluto is the 1st, Mars and Uranus in the 2nd, and Jupiter in the 8th. According to this article, I’m private and a team player. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m private because of the 3rd house energy and I can tend to overshare and blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind but I suppose I am a team player because I’m fairly cooperative.

    1. PurpleStarGirl

      Okay. I got confused with the Western and Eastern hemispheres. I’m actually more independent and assertive yet private. That makes more sense for me because I’m happy being left to my own devices and I stay home a lot. I lack assertiveness but that has to do with the lack of Fire energy on my natal chart more than anything plus having a chaotic and unstable home life for a good chunk of my life. I’m highly chatty with friends and family but less so when I first meet people. That’s my Scorpio ASC. Assessing people to see if they can be trusted. It doesn’t mean that I’m not friendly because I am.

  17. All of my planets (except for Saturn), are on the top half of my chart. Although I value privacy, and at times wish to be incognito, life situations tend to propel me into the spotlight. You cannot whilst out, fly under the radar with these placements. I guess this may have influenced me to always leave the house very presentable. If I am going to be noticed/recognised I better make sure I look good ?

  18. Low part heavy chart, introvert. Left side dominant. But it’s not that unbalanced, 6 left side, 4 right side, so it’s not very hard to see where others are coming from but I prefer to do my own thing and have my own schedule.

    1. I should write it better, for my chart the terminology would be north- eastern dominance and nocturnal oriental quadrant. Nocturnal oriental would make a great perfume name..?

  19. All my planets are on the right side except for the moon, rite next to them. But I don’t feel like I have been assertive/independent. I was told by an astrologer long ago that my cap asc 28, already near the cusp of Aquarius, was intercepted by Aquarius. I did see a book about intercepted signs once but The topic of intercepted signs seems to be esoteric with little info found…my grandmother was a professional astrologer but I never knew her. I am not clear on how significant intercepted signs are.

  20. All of my major planets are bunched together from 8 Gemini in the 7th, to 5 Libra in the 10th (making a trine). Even Chiron and the Vertex are included. As you can see, everything is in the South as well, only my South Node is in the North.
    My son’s main planets fall within a square from Jupiter con Saturn in Libra to Moon con Mars in Capricorn. Six of his planets are North, 4 are South.
    I believe this kind of pattern can be a partial signature for Aspergers (a kind of autism), which both of us have.

  21. “I believe this kind of pattern can be a partial signature for Aspergers (a kind of autism), which both of us have.”

    What an interesting theory.

  22. I left a long reply about Aspergers which has disappeared.
    If this message comes thru, I’ll give it another try.
    The problem may lie with my WordPress “names”.
    char555 = also irmi1969

  23. This is the comment that vanished:
    I have to admit that the Jones chart shape’s correlation was my idea, but I feel that my theory was borne out by the “research” I did.
    I looked in Astrodatabank and searched for people who were linked to Aspergers, autism, ADD, ADHD etc. I also googled for lists of people who were claimed to have had autism, eg. Alan Turing, or who had been called “savants” and I made charts for them.
    Few charts had the bunched planets as they are described here, but notably I found partial bunches, with one or two planets on the opposite side. the outside planets were most often Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon.
    Also notably, the bunched planets had MANY close conjunctions between two or more planets.
    But the bunched planet theory shows only ONE symptom of Aspergers / autism, viz. the fierce concentration on their one favourite subject; there are many more, some of which at least involve Mercury and Uranus. And so far I’ve found two threads in your Forum that speak of more of them.
    I did all this way back in 2017. Didn’t follow it up except in the sense of always keeping an eye on any news or research that came up.
    BTW – your Forum thread about someone who constantly interrupted conversations rang a bell with me: to this day my son and I do that, in spite of years trying to control it. But we are much better than we were!

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