Sun, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio: Fire Up Your Soul


The sun, Mercury and Mars will be in Scorpio, today through November 11th.  The stellium will peak under the full moon eclipse in Taurus so there’s an opposition here.

I want to isolate the Scorpio because the planets are moving as a loose unit, where the Taurus situation is not. It’s that but it’s also because this stellium is potent and gaining power as days pass.

This is because Mars is in it’s own sign, but also because at the end of the transit through the sign, each body will pick up support from Scorpio co-ruler, Pluto.  I hate leaving rich energy like this, just lying around!

If you want proof of this, the Scorpio planets land in my 10th house. Just look what I’ve done on this blog (public / my career), since Mercury and Mars hit the sign.  We’re talking about energy exchange and prowess. Sources and sinks.

Wasting Another Person’s Time And Energy… Wasting Your Own

We’re talking about feeding that which feeds you; and about being a source and not being a sink.   Keep in mind that “energy” takes many forms.  Money is just one of them.

If you want to take advantage of this yourself, think (Mercury) about being bold (Mars) and creative (Sun) in the area of life indicated by the house in your chart, impacted by this very fine energy.

What do you think? What house does this stellium energize in your chart? Will you challenge yourself with this? Fire up you soul?

17 thoughts on “Sun, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio: Fire Up Your Soul”

  1. Interesting because these planets are at the end of my 12th and will cross over my 11 deg Scorpio ASC right after the eclipse. It feels like a loose tooth of sorts like you always say.

    Mars is on my 8-degree Pluto now and will be exact on my ASC the day after the eclipse, while Mercury hangs 1 degree behind.

  2. The stellium is in my 10th house as well, heating up for my 76th birthday mid-November. My “career” is better understood in my culture as “responsibility in English” but more like entanglement and very much a soul legacy.
    I’m literally entangled with details to get me on an airplane after 15 yrs. Many unknowns, changes and challenges. A newbie Scorpio is making her way into this world: legacy continues. I am one of her ancestors upon whose shoulders and prowess she’s to thrive. My responses and Mars-Mercury-Sun maps influence her, setting things to right backwards and forward: this is a tremendous opportunity for high quality Scorpio signatures for our family.
    Thanks for the timing kiss Elsa😘👍🏽

  3. Scorpio is in my 9th…funny l cant find my words today…so l will support yours, Elsa ‘find what feeds you’.

    The fullmoon eclipse will conjunct my
    Mercury. Mercury in Taurus has rulership over my IC/DC and 8th hse cusp (interception–2 doors). All unfolding…

    Nice work putting value on your worth while keeping your doors open to those in need, Elsa. Admirable.

  4. This Scorpio stellium affects my 10th & 11th house. I do need to work on this energy exchange that you brought up Elsa.
    Thanks! will report back if things really get moving

  5. Interesting post, as always. 🤔

    This eclipse falls on my relational axis, this stellium is in my first.

    I caught my silly teen daughter’s cold/flu/Covid (can never tell without testing these days) and have been in bed since Saturday morning. Obviously as a mother and a working one at that, staying in bed for the rest of the week is not an option.

    I hope Mars conjunct my AC will fire up the fuel tank . 🤞Ps. Side note, the last time Mars was conjunct at angle, 20/7/22, the DC, I sustained a burn from a frying accident on my left cheek that took months and a lot of treatment to fade. 😬😬😬

  6. l hope that Mars doesnt fire up a fever. If you drop…?? And no there will be no ‘from the frying pan into the fire’ jokes from me, Estella.Not funny given all you manage. Take care.

  7. hmmm. think about being bold and creative around my 10th house Scorpio.Tough one for me, as I have been a stay at home mom. But now kids are in college, and I have no career or job even and not much fire for anything😭.feel pretty purposeless and “fireless.” I am open and receptive to a fire in my soul that opens new doors for me.

  8. Great laughs!
    I just tried to answer but the message didn’t make it.
    I’d written that the three planets are transiting my first house, but that I never check it out b/c it’s empty in natal.
    Like : there’s totally nothing going on, even when I try to express myself!!!!
    How redundant can you get?

  9. I have heard so many scary things about this from various astrologers, and there has been a friendship fallout from the related eclipse last year that has again come up for healing, which I have tried to deal with in the best way possible by speaking my truth non aggressively… I have 0 degrees Scorpio on the IC and Neptune conjunct Moon in Scorpio at 12 and 16 degrees, and I am no longer afraid… I think I have used my psychic and intuitive gifts actively… We will see… I don’t want to carry this baggage any longer, and I read an interpretation of this placement where Neptune tends to dissolve things… Thanks always for your wonderful insights, Elsa..

  10. Hi People!
    What a great bunch
    Scorpio sun 18*NN 10*and Mercury 29* in 2nd house…Mars in Scorp in 1st at 1*
    Welcome to Scorpio Land!! Woohoo!

  11. It’s in my third house so I will need to use this energy to improve my communication and maybe I will have some great times with my siblings and neighbors. I have a neighborhood party to go to this weekend and I am looking forward to it!

  12. This is in my 11th and will conjunct my Scorpio stellium one by one. Inspired by this post, I put my energy out there, challenging someone that’s trying to stab me in the back. It didn’t work, but Mars is right on my MC right now, so I think I’ll have to try when I’m less of a ‘crazy lady’! Who knows, maybe the eclipse this weekend may change things?

  13. I have my sun ,mercury and Saturn in scorpio residing in my 12th house.Last night I had the craziest sick sexual dream imaginable. I also dreamt I was shot up with heroin.

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