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Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon

Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon “One girl’s a streetwalker, but her feet are so soft…” S. Margolin, performed by Jerry Riopelle You have to live your sun and satisfy your moon. Since I’ve said this so many times., I’ll elaborate. Your Sun, its sign, its house placement, and its aspects show what you have […]

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Learn Astrology The Easy Way!

People want to learn astrology, but they don’t know where to start. Start with your own (natal) chart! Get an inexpensive Natal Report.  This will tell you what you should be noting in your chart. This is from a sample report:


Tips On Judging Synastry

When considering compatibility, keep in mind that the signs correlate with the houses. Aries, the first sign is associated with the first house. Taurus, the 2nd sign correlates with the the 2nd house. Gemini/3rd, Cancer/4th and so on through the zodiac. Consequently someone with a lot of planets in the 2nd house will have a

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