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What If Energies In A Natal Chart Conflict?

Hi, Elsa. How do you fuse the contradictory energy of planets in a chart? For an example a restrictive, traditionalist Saturn conjunct freedom loving, unconventional Uranus in the unknown realms of boundless, confusing Neptune(12H). Does not Saturn lose its sense of structure or Uranus loses its genius amidst neptunic confusion? Or they actually don’t fuse

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Why Am I Nothing Like My Sun Sign?

Occasionally, people ask me why they don’t relate to their sun sign.  There a few explanations. First, people have their own minds, myself included. They sometimes adjust astrology to suit their needs and preferences. For example a Leo who would rather be a Scorpio so they’ll see their Sun in the 8th house and proclaim themselves

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How To Interpret Yout Natal Chart

I had a client reference her Moon in regards to showing what she wants in life. I told her that what a person wants is shown by Mars in their chart. The Moon describes a person’s emotional needs. I realized that beginners could use a simple cheat sheet, so here it is: What you want

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