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Is Happiness Shown In A Natal Chart?

Dear Elsa, I liked your “happiness” posts. I would love to see more astrology on this. What do you look at as a happiness base?  Jupiter? Moon?  Difficult or easy Saturn, Mars, Venus?  Probably everything but do you have a standard procedure for a basic  happy-meter? Wondering in the United States

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Is Happiness Genetic & Shown In The Natal Chart?

Happiness Is In The Genes, Say Scottish Scientists Jamie Beatson writes: “Psychologists at Edinburgh University found that inherited genes control up to half of the personality traits that keep us happy. <snip> The group were able to identify evidence of common genes that result in certain personality traits, which in turn predispose people to happiness…”

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Freed Slaves And People Who Begrudge Other People Their Happiness

So to flesh out my theory… I asked myself why people would not be happy for the slaves that are freed. Because the slaves are going to be happy for sure. They will be giddy like the soldier and I. So why isn’t the collective happy for the slaves? Is it because we need slaves?

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