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Bonded By Hate (Or Love)

Sometimes I feel like a wide-eyed child in this world. It happens when I learn something new. Something I’d have never guessed unless someone spelled it out for me. This is what happened, a few dozen years ago when, Satori, explained that people can in fact, be bonded by their hate. “But it’s a weak bond?” […]

Bonded By Hate

Have you ever noticed that some are bonded to each other via hate? They like each other because they both hate. They hate George Bush. Or Sarah Palin. Or whoever. I just wonder as I read truly horrible remarks on facebook if the people who write them realize their bond is based in a negative


Fixed Taurus / Scorpio Hate vs Saturn Neptune, Italian Style

This is for fellow Italian astrologer, Maddalena at continued from the Italy / Italians blog… “That’s the spirit, P,” the soldier said. “Give Italians someone to hate or be pissed off at and you’re doing them a favor.” “Italians hate people, you think? Yeah, I guess that’s right.” “Yeah, hell yeah it’s right. Italians love

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