Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk Redux

Alison writes on Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk: In the sixties we did see new ways of being; the pill gave sexual liberation, revolutionary art, poetry, music and fashion. However, having observed my fellow peers with Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo there is a deep conservatism in this bunch. Like the Virgo

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Leonard Cohen and the Pluto Uranus Conjunction of the 60’s Generation

From 2007… My friend, satori is a Pisces born in the 60’a with the Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo opposing her Sun. With Uranus transiting Pisces, I have been witnessing her liberation and kickin’ it up a gear whenever I think I can.   “Well I think you should check out some of this stuff

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Compassion And Confiding In Strangers: “The Sisters Of Mercy, I Hope You Run Into Them Soon…”

Are you one of those people others confide in? I am. I can be in the produce department of a grocery store and have a stranger tell me their deepest and darkest. I have no feeling about this other than I think I am well suited. I was standing behind a bar hearing tales of

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