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Secrets & The 8th House

I have a packed 8th house. Yesterday, someone commented on a post I wrote in 2007.  The gal who asked the question in the post was always probing. That explains my attitude in the piece. It’s twelve years later and she still emails me, infrequently.  I heard from her in the last week! I’m not […]

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The Secret Lives Of Virgo: They All Have Them!

Speaking of the secret lives of Virgo, disgraced politician, Mark Foley is a Virgo. So is Michael Jackson. So is the very clean Hugh Grant… who was caught cheating on his model girlfriend with a whore, Divine Brown. Whoops! How are these for examples of secret lives? And don’t go jumping on this because there

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Why Does A Person Keeps Secrets?

Dina writes: “I definitely noticed your keeping your life secret from the blog, Elsa. You keep saying that difficult things are going on in your life but never really talk about them. Plus you keep your music tastes secret. I remember the reason you gave for that. It’s because it’s precious to you right? I

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