All about the Mars in the natal chart…

Mars, Mercury and Motorcycles

The AMF bought a new (old) motorcycle on Friday and brought it by for me to ride yesterday morning, after picking it up at the shop complete with new tires. Woooooo! I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in more than 20 years! However, I could ride like hell when I did, and it all came me […]


She Wants Copious Amounts Of Sex No Man Can Deliver: Aries Sun, Scorpio Ascendent

Dear ElsaElsa! I just love your blog! I like your insightfulness and your straightforwardness: no beating about the bush! Your posting on the mars-scorpio-sex-OCD-connection touched me! A wonderful example of how directness and empathy can go hand-in-hand, indeed! I am an Aries with Scorpio rising myself, so I do relate to this urge to” express

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OCD & Sexual Repression: Scorpio Rising, Stellium in Aries

Dear Elsa I’m in my last year of university, but I feel it’s hard to move forward to what is next in my life. Ever since I’ve been 15, my sex drive has been non-existent. I remember it was very strong for a bit, but I felt very guilty about it and the feelings I

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Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra: On Death and Dying

Scorpio Moon chatting with a packed 8th house. This is the retired Special Forces soldier and I on the phone. He’s the Scorpio Moon, with Mercury in Aries. I’m a packed 8th house with Mars Mercury in Libra and death and dying one of our favorite topics. “I hear all that crap on TV about

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