All about Pluto transits to planets and in houses…

Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – End Of Life

People bother me when I write about things that are “morose”. It always surprises me because these deeper topics are my favorite things to write about. Sin eating. Death customs. And my personal favorite – firsthand accounts of truly horrible real life happenings. Pluto is deep in my 12th house now. I’ve pretty much disappeared from public

Neptune offering gifts

What Happens When An Outer Planet Transit Ends?

Hi Elsa! My question is about what happens after the transit. Neptune is squaring my natal neptune and I am in it! Meditating, praying, volunteering, becoming a Catholic. I am very Neptunian natally, but this is wonderfully all encompassing. But what happens when the transit passes? How much of these joyous neptune feelings will remain?

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Scrabble Madness – Pluto Transit

I play a lot of phone scrabble lately. Mostly because it keeps me from leaping out of windows. I’m also having an intense Pluto transit. In one particular game, the actual picture of which I’ve posted, I played an unprecedented amount of “negative” words. My opponent sent me an instant message noting this, asking if

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