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What Happens When Two Shadow Figures Join Forces? Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House

I first got in contact with the soldier in 2003 when Pluto was transiting my Sun. A Pluto Moon transit is infinitely easier to cope with but I did the best I could back then and one of the ways I coped was by writing the astrology mailing lists. More specifically, I wrote to one […]

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Manipulating Energy – Death And Money: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House

I was talking to my husband about my position on the exchange of energy that takes place when someone dies… “The idea you inherit energy is no different than when someone dies and someone else gets their money, This is something everyone understands. Some rich guy dies and his money goes out all over. Ultimately

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woman's shadow

Carrying The Shadow For The Collective: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types – It’s Relentless

Regarding the 6 year old hero who fought off her rapist or whatever happened (there is no link to the story)…. I wanted to make another point. I have already made it but I want to make it again. If you’re six, and you’re effective then I guess that is fine because you are cute

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Carrying The Shadow For The Collective: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types

This is for the people who feel they carry the shadow for the collective. I know I am one of them and I wonder if any of you have ever confronted anyone who constantly dumps on you. “If it wasn’t for you, Elsa…” I have. Listening carefully to the 800th complaint about my personality lodged

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Who Carries The Shadow For The Collective? Scorpio? Pluto? 8th House?

Busted writes on Suffering In The Collective: Cool post Elsa. Really smart perceptive idea. Your sister and Elizabeth Smart – how do you think Scorpio or Pluto might be different in performing this suffering or containing negativity function for others? Big questions for me, as Pisces Sun opposite Pluto. Busted – there is no difference

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