Pluto Transit To The Moon: Mine… The Family Legacy

My husband was raised in a conservative family, steeped in tradition, where as I was raised by progressive, eccentric and ultra-detached, Aquarians. And with the Pluto transit (uncover what is hidden) to my Moon (roots) these things have become center stage. Now when we were kids, this was one jacked up relationship! Because coming here […]

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Five Years Post A Spirtual Crisis: Stellium In Virgo In The 9th House

Good Day Elsa, Some years ago, as a teenager and young adult, I belonged to a Christian church and a woman’s group. Due to the influence of these groups, I became someone unrecognizable. I went from being a shy moody girl to being an over zealous, self-righteous, bible quoting, hand waving, and hallelujah shouting fanatic.

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Family Trouble: I Grew Up In A Religious Home, I Now Study Astrology

Hi Elsa, I am having trouble relating to my sisters. I talk to them all very superficially, but I feel I cannot be myself around them. We grew up in a religious home (evangelical Christians) but I am not religious. I curse like a trucker, I am pro-choice, I hang out with all kinds of

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