Saturn Neptune

Saturn in aspect to Neptune, effects. Square, opposite, trine, conjunction.

snow covered bench
Astrology, Real Life

Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares

I may sound pathetic in the title of this, but that’s not how I feel. I just think this is funny in a Saturn square Neptune, confused reality, way. They replaced the windows in the front of my house today. I am super cold-sensitive with this autoimmune stuff. So I put on a coat and

Advice, Astrology

Stuck In A Rut, For No Real Reason

I have a client who is involved with a man with six planets in Cardinal signs. The planets are in Cardinal houses as well. His whole chart is a cardinal t-square, outside of one dreamy, sexy aspect that’s unrelated. The man has this woman in his grip. She’s controlled by the nebulous promises he’s made about a

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