Saturn Neptune

Saturn in aspect to Neptune, effects. Square, opposite, trine, conjunction.

Astrology, Real Life

Can You Spot A Trap?

Here I go again, claiming that people don’t change.  I must do this once a year.  A person may develop other interests or change their priorities, but their basic nature really does seem fixed. This is on my mind, because my sister (who just lost her husband) is calling me many times a day.  The […]

Honore Daumier The Laundress (The Burden)
Astrology, Real Life

Relieving A Person Of Their Burden

This is a topic most would not bring up but I’m going to do it anyway. I posted about deathbed pictures, warning that some might find it ghoulish. I explained that I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature. I know all about sharing a burden.  I can dissipate my burden, or take yours on, easily.

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