The Composite Ascendant

George and Gracie BurnsThose two are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous.”
–Henny Youngman

The most evident effect of the composite chart is the ascendant. If you want to know how you appear as a couple look to the rising sign. This is the placement that represents how you look when you are together. Leo rising couples are radiant and regal, dramatic. They look like fun. With a Scorpio ascendant you’ll have a subtle and compelling power about you. Perhaps you look a bit dangerous. My man and I have Libra on the ascendant and have been told we’re an attractive and pleasant couple. Because of this I try to keep him near me at all times.

Planets in conjunction to the ascendant add their energy to that of the sign. For example, Neptune obscures, adds a shimmer of chameleon-like essence. A couple with Neptune conjunct the ascendant is subtle, perhaps at times magical. Add Jupiter to the ascendant and you get a cheery effect, or a bigger presence, or on a bad day, perhaps you’re a bit much.

Planets in other aspects to the rising sign also influence the overall impression. A square can introduce an effect that is seemingly at odds with the overall appearance. It can, however, create an interesting mix. Planets trining the rising add an element of ease. Venus trine the ascendant couples tend to be popular.

Check out your composite chart report.

How do you appear as a couple? What is your composite ascendant?

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  1. …”Because of this I try to keep him near me at all times.”…

    Lady, you are seriously top shelf. You never cease to entertain, inform or enlighten me.

  2. Since I tend to date Scorp risings, most of the composites for my relationships have Virgo rising.
    So we seem innocent yet persnickity? Critical? Coy? I really don’t know. I don’t have a handle on Virgo yet, really.

    Of my last two relationships (with Virgo rising, of course), one had Mercury and N. Node conjunct Asc. So we looked super-duper intelligent and like we were fulfilling our destinies (and this was remarked on more than once).
    The other had Mars conjunct Asc and Saturn square. I know the Mars conjunct gave us a RAR! vibe, it was uncanny the “take no prisoners” ‘tude that constellated. Saturn square I’m not sure of; maybe we looked serious or dour as well?

  3. I hope you talk about the DC too! Elsa talks a lot about projection here, but whats the difference in the projection of a relationship? like, how do we alter the descriptions of the houses for a composite?

    I’ve been looking into a particular composite chart, and the moon is almost right on the line of descendant in aquarius (coming from a trine between my sadge moon, and his aries moon), and venus also there in the 7th (mine in aries, his in sadge) with jupiter too!

    So, Leo asc, with sun and mercury in the 1st house. so many aspects to untangle! ahh!

  4. We’ve got a Gemini rising composite. I’m told we come off as very interesting and (at the risk of sounding stuck-up, but somebody actually said this to me!) “two of the smartest people I know”

  5. I’ve had a lot of Aries rising composites. I’m not sure… quick to anger and immature? Haha.
    The Pisces rising composite I had was pretty awesome.. may have been aspected as well, to enhance things, but I guess we had something undefinable and special about us… people would constantly stare and smile at us… did we look magical? Romantic? I don’t know.

  6. Aries ascendant. Entrepreneurial, dynamic, physical energy, sports together, implusive? dare devils? Given the circusmstances of our meeting and our personal situation, us coming together looks very much externally like something crazy to do. Children are a big part of our lifes too.

    Moon (conjunct midheaven) squares ascendant, but I don’t know really how that plays out.
    also pluto (end of house 6) opposition ascendent ?? Serious depth…
    Neptune trine ascendant – same wave length, something that softens probably the impetuous aries.
    Venus sextile ascendant – affection display most probably 🙂

    This makes me want to ask a question on the difference between composite chart and Davison chart. I read this could be that the composite is how the couple apperas to others (external), and that the Davison is more centered on the purpose of coming together (internal). Does anyone have experience with this? It’s also because, our davison chart is basically inverted from our composite chart. There we have a Libra ascendant and moon conjunct IC instead of Midheaven…

  7. scorpio. grand trine involving mars and saturn.
    lots of scorpio in the wedding chart, too…
    i don’t really see the scorpio… but we do seem to both have richer social lives as a couple.

  8. We have a capricorn ascendant. He is an Aries Rising (Aquarius Sun) and I’m a Libra rising (Capricorn Sun). We both have our Venus in Capricorn. SO there is a LOT of saturnian energy. 3 Planets in the first house, VENUS, SUN, and MERCURY. ALL in capricorn, other than the sun, which is in aquarius, but still in the first house. As far as our aspects, we have mercury conjunct ascendant, moon square ascendant but moon conjunct midheaven, saturn square ascendant but saturn conjunct midheaven, and mars trine ascendant. I think we’re a very serious couple and when people see us they don’t know how to approach us. I think it’s an intensity to itself. Not quite like scorpio rising intensity, though. It’s kind of hard to describe.

  9. What about a composite Sagittarius rising with Neptune conjunct Asc? Cheerful yet mysterious? (hah). And does anyone know the effect of Venus opposite Ascendant?

    1. I had a distabilizing relationship that has a composite ascendant in Sagittarius, with Neptune conjunct AC (and also Mars conjunct AC on the end of 12H). I still have mixed feelings about him, I am still trying to understand what happened, what I felt and feel, what he felt and feels. It had a platonic feeling, an extra marital affair, a lot of desire and expectations, few sexual encounters and a lot of frustrated desires, wants, needs, plans, expectactions on my part. A lot of frustration. A lot of plans not realized, love not given. He was a narcissist man, also a very fearful and traumatized man. It was awful most of the time, and is still awful to remember the good moments, while feeling that it could have been so good for both if only he would be able to trust and give himself to others. A lot of misunderstandings and impossibility to communicate, due to his escapism.

  10. scorpio asc conj pluto, but both of us are scorpio asc and each pluto conj each other asc so this is very very intense and deep, private almost secret relationship with a sence of fatality.

  11. Me and my love interest have Venus trine Ascendant as well. I am Venus Capricorn, Ascendant Aries and she has Venus Libra and Ascendant Libra. I don’t know yet how we seem to the public, we tend to meet up alone and quietly spend our time together. I am not even sure if our friends “know” we’re dating.

    1. In addition to above, a composite chart I looked at showed that our composite Ascendant for me and my love interest was Capricorn.

  12. Capricorn rising, with sun and venus conjunct the ascendant. We appear hardworking, but also extremely popular and charming. People come up to us all the time and want to chat, and make friends with us. We often get told “you are a lovely couple”. It’s great 🙂

  13. I’ve been looking at mine and hubby’s composite chart today… Leo rising with chart ruler Sun in 5th conjunct Mercury. Creativity, fun and games! Hubby has kids (I never did), and we game with them on a semi-regular basis, too. However, we also have Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in 6th/Capricorn… play, creativity, and romance are essential for us because “the daily (6th house) grind (Saturn)” is also a significant factor in our couplehood.

  14. hmm interesting. So, ive only been with (natal chart) virgo rising and leo rising, so i guess by “composite” chart, they’re leo and cancer rising guys? i can definitely see the “homebody” aspect. If they are leo rising, they’re still homebodies, because of someting else in their chart. I like the homebody type of man, like my husband,

  15. Capricorn AC with Neptune conjunct it. The mind boggles. Hopefully something solid will come of our connection!

  16. Doing a composite of someone who I may be interested in dating… a modest interest has been directed toward me (Capricorn is his personal rising sign) Our Composite shows me a Grand Trine with Scorpio Asc, Uranus/Leo/MC, Chiron,Aquarius/IC. Combined is a Yod: Chiron, Cancer/Moon, NNode/Virgo… I’m so hesitant, it feels like all or nothing to me. Mercury is parked directly on the Asc with the Sun and Neptune joining it in the 12th house. After tossing out an Alcholic/Narcissist from my personal life (I’m soooo tired of helping people) I’m working on my own wound that leads me to do repairs. I’d like to be able to let it heal but this situation feels intriguing… His natal moon AND sun are conjuct to my sun, this could be intense in any stretch of imagination. His Natal Mars/Pluto sits on my Pluto and is in the 12th house for me, approaching my asc… His Venus directly on my ASC. Feeling like a moth being drawn to the flame but will probably push the button… Thoughts Folks?

  17. We are a Scorpio composite Ascendent, and as it happens your description “you’ll have a subtle and compelling power about you. Perhaps you look a bit dangerous” fits quite aptly. With a Chiron conjunction we are in this together to heal old wounds.

  18. We have a Scorpio Asc conjunct Moon and Neptune. We definitly have that subtle compelling power with deep emotional intensity, its palpable and undenible.

  19. Composites are amazing. My best friend and her husband have very little astrological compatibility. She has 7 planets in aquarius, and he is mostly earth and water. It sucks. However, their composite is great. Sun Venus Mercury conjunct, and good Jupiter stuff. It seems to work. Her rising is Scorpio and his is Gemini – again, quite different. I’m not sure if their rising is leo or virgo.

  20. Aries composite ascendant. People see us as a fun couple. We like to venture out and try new things. Those really close to us know we’re fiery. lol

  21. Scorpio rising with Uranus conjunct ascendant with a guy once. Strangers would turn their heads and look like wtf when they saw us. It was very unstable and unexpected relationship.

    With current bf, Libra rising and Venus in Capricorn. I don’t think people see us as an attractive couple at all. You won’t see us being affectionate in public or appear like we’re in love. People have several times said bluntly to our face that I’m too good looking for him (idiots). From there they assume that I’m with him because of money. Pluto conjunct ascendant also, but I don’t know how that plays out or appears to others. Nobody has commented anything that fits.

  22. My daughter and I have an Aquarius rising in our composite chart as well as Uranus in Aquarius in the 12th house conjunct the composite ascendant and the South Node in Aquarius conjunct the composite ascendant and the Moon in Aquarius in the first house conjunct the ascendant as well. It’s a stellium in Aquarius and lots of energy between us. We also each individually have an Aquarius rising. Can anyone give anymore insight into our relationship….

  23. One of my good friends and I have a Virgo ASC. We met at college. Saturn in the 1st, Pluto in the 2nd, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune in the 3rd, Sun, Venus, North Node, Mercury are all in Capricorn in the 4th house, Moon is in the 5th, Jupiter in the 8th. Sun sits right on the IC. Saturn squares Venus and trines the Moon, Pluto squares Venus and sextiles the Sun.

    There’s not much info out there about 4th house stelliums in the composite chart but everything suggests that it’s intimate regardless of the fact that it is a friendship. I suspect that the composite north node in the 4th house has to do with our natal north nodes being in our own 4th houses.

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