The Truth About Jupiter Conjunct Uranus


I admit, I’m disturbed by the comments on Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Unexpected Luck & Opportunity. I’m not complaining. I want to help.

I’m going to do this by telling you some real life stories of this type of luck! I am hoping that you will see that “SUPRISE” is the hallmark of this combination.  Uranus.

“BENEFIT” is the other hallmark.

Roughly 18 years ago, I was blogging away on my rudimentary site here.  You can see what it looked like. Please note there is NO way to hire me on that page. Can you see that?

One day, I woke up in the morning, it was 5 am or so. Someone had emailed me to say I’d been plagiarized.  They said what I’d written a couple days prior, arrived in their inbox, part of’s newsletter. Surprise!

I didn’t know what to do. I was a bit hot but I wasn’t sure there was anything I could do.  Have you ever tried to reach one of these sites? I steamed for a few minutes, then made some choice comments in certain places. Long story short, I was on the phone with Viacom within 20 minutes.  That’s who owned at the time. I don’t know who owns them now.  But the man took full responsibility and he was very apologetic.

Apparently, they hired a writer; he or she was the one who stole my words.  He would not tell me who the writer was, which I thought was classy, because I would have broadcast the name, for sure. His good judgement spared us both and I appreciate it to this day.

So he was sorry, but he was also going to make it right, by sending another newsletter, explaining and apologizing to their audience, and directing the credit to me.  That letter went out within fifteen minutes.

So add it up. In less than an hour, droves of people arrived on my blog. Tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands.  My site went down, of course. I was not equipped to handle that amount of traffic, which slammed us all day and all night as we fought to keep the site up the best we could. Here’s the miracle: by the end of the day, 53 people managed to hire me!  Can you believe that? You really had to dig to hire me,  but this story gets even better – that flood of traffic, launched my blog.  In fact, I bet there are people, still here today.

So there’s a story and my Heaven, I Mean Circle K, story is another.  Insane luck. There are other Jupiter Uranus stories in my book. Let’s see. Turn a Frito Lay truck over, landing with two wheels off the ground, in the middle of the desert… only to be greeted by an old friend with a backhoe, with one minute?

How about driving down the highway, with my truck on fire? ON FIRE. Fire burning inside the vehicle.  If you read my book, you know what happened. Insane grace with humor added. Jupiter Uranus!

Jupiter Uranus is some kind of quirky divine providence. I have a lifetime of stories like this. It is insane luck, you would never expect in a hundred million years.  So when you say, you can’t see it – how would you be able to see it?  Do you think I start my truck on fire, to have luck? Steal my own writing to launch my blog?

Jupiter Uranus is out of your hands because it is out of this world.  I hope ye of little faith have enjoy something like this in the coming weeks. That would be marvelous!


37 thoughts on “The Truth About Jupiter Conjunct Uranus”

  1. I’m just a little nervous about this conjunction to tell you the truth. My ascendant is 18 degrees Taurus with Sun/Mercury at 19 degrees Aqua. I’ve had some vague health issues showing up on my blood tests and have been struggling financially (Venus at 29 Cap).

  2. Me too! I hope to experience the quirky good fortune. I remember the day launched you into the heavens! The numbers will thrill my number loving guy👍🏽

    Reading this with my wet hair wrapped turban style next to the heater reminds me how extraordinary everyday luck is missed. I walk 100 feet to get to our shower tucked in the woods. I pass three hens in a pen, and pull a green flannel curtain aside and into an old claw foot tub. When disrobed I get hot water!! Hot running water.

    Extraordinary luck paired us with a woman, a naturopath, an old friend with a heart as big as a house. That was near three years ago.

    Uranus conjunction Jupiter encloses my natal North Node in Taurus now. My destiny enfolded. Timing it’s a trip✅ Remember the BeeGees “Staying Alive “? I’m dancing my way to that shower with that song moving my old body

    1. Surely that feather-light gratitude I hear so loud brings its own good fortune. I know that when I’m squarely present, sensing the complex perfection of the overall flow, I feel perfectly fortunate to know that I belong to that flow … it cannot but … have my back.

      1. Caw, caw! The feather-weight gratitude… yes, Marco, in many of the mythic tales and drawing that pull from me like spider silk my appreciation is the reciprocal gift to the Universe.

  3. I am one of the people!

    I have Jupiter trine Uranus. I also have a life time of stories of unexpected things that have happened *to* me – meaning completely out of my control, sometimes very bad, but always with an incomprehensible twist of fate that makes it the best case scenario for the bad thing to happen.

  4. I think I’m leery because historically, Uranus Jupiter conjunctions left me holding the bag. Life turned harder not easier. I still maintain that those who are closely involved in your life, their transits can affect how you experience yours.

    If I’m correct the last one was in 2011 in my 5th. I started a new job, that had great pay and was in the town I live in. No creativity involved, I was account manager for a major printing house and had one of the biggest accounts for the company. The job was soul crushing and demeaning. It was also the time period that the doctors said they couldn’t do any more for hubby’s heart and put in the first pacemaker. (he just had it replaced last Christmas) It took me almost 2 years to get away from that company, I ended up taking a design job at a manufacturing company in the next town that was fun, and I liked the people, but I had to take a 9 dollar an hour pay cut. I stayed at that design job for 4 years until I could get into the company I currently work for, which is a wonderful Company. I am just now getting my earnings back where they were and being able to get ahead. An interesting side note on the printing house, I gave my resignation letter on Friday and the next Monday they announced they had sold the company. Two years later they shut the company down. It was the biggest employer in our town. Alot of people were out of a job. So, in that way I guess I was lucky to get out when I did.

    1997 wasn’t much better, it was in my 4th house. Story there too, but I don’t want to bore anyone.

    1983 same thing, this time in my 2nd house, laid off work with the 3rd kid on the way and a hubby who was too busy being a wild twenty something to buckle down. Debilitating debt, depression almost the end of my marriage.

    So, when Uranus and Jupiter get together, I’m a great believer that all that great energy gets sucked out of one person’s chart in order to make another’s dreams come true.

    If I get some type of windfall, I will be grateful, but I’m not counting on anything other than one way or the other I will probably have some type of extra burden.

    I really don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, and I do know I should get a consult with you Elsa. I’ll get my courage up one of these days. (I think I got the years right for the conjunctions)

    Cheesy Quote: Tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow will be a better day…

  5. I’ve looked back at the times transitting jupiter conjunct uranus aspected anything in my chart. For me these past conjunctions were simply major turning points for the better. And sometimes we’re not sure if a turning point will be for the better or not and may only know when looking back. So I wouldn’t expect anything miraculous in April but it’s a great time to be on the lookout for opportunities to move forward in a positive way. I have this conjunction natally trine my sun and sextile my moon. I’d say that makes me a “yes” person who is good at spotting potential.

  6. *raises hand*
    yup, I have been addicted to reading ElsaP ever since that plagiarism incident. lurking in the shadows… 😉

  7. Uranus had already reached the 21°50′ Taurus degree twice so far: 4th July 2023, and 25th October 2023.

    If you’ve had planets affected by both of those Uranus transits, you may get an inkling as to what the transit may be about already, only this time, Jupiter is involved! So whatever occurred around July and October 2023, may have some extra oomph from Jupiter.

    Also it’s the last time Uranus will be at that degree, as it will zoom forwards to the later degrees of Taurus (stationing retrograde this September at 27°15′ …. that’s some speed there! 6 degrees forwards from April!!)

  8. I went to visit my mother in India in November, and I am still here: she fell and broke her leg, and then had a bunch of medical complications, including two mini-strokes. She is slowly turning around, and now my sister and I have to plan out next steps. I work on contract, so I have been able to stay and look after my mother – that certainly is the divine providence Elsa speaks about, that and the fact that I was here when my mother fell, and thanks to my profession, could immediately figure out what happened to her, AND continue to advocate for her health. And now I am waiting for the insane grace that Elsa also mentions, given my worry about my mother’s health and the fact that we haven’t much money to go around.
    Yup, we could do with some more of that divine providence and insane grace!!

  9. @elsa I am curious where this conjunction happened in your chart (then which affected your site/business) please? House? any aspects to natal planets or significant progressed placement?


    1. Jupiter was opposing my natal Uranus. I also have the two planets in aspect, natally.

      The point of this post was to be very clear how these two planets interact. I’m very well acquainted with it and I hate seeing people afraid of grace and opportunity.

      1. Thank you, that is so interesting!

        Mine looks a bit scary (Conjunct progressed IC, although the transiting conjunction is trine my natal MC and natal Uranus) but I am eternally positive and excited with Jupiter as my ruler!

  10. I looked up the last two Jupiter Uranus conjunctions and both of them coincided with very positive, creative periods in my life – which I hope is a theme that plays out again. More importantly, I feel like I have been going through a death/rebirth process since the Libra eclipse of 2023, with the loss of our beloved hound dog and also a very good friend and neighbor who lived close by. I also have had two changes with my job (one that I initiated, the other I had to leave for health reasons) and despite all this, I sense that I am being asked to prepare for whatever comes next. I’m literally cleaning house (physically, spiritually, emotionally) to make room for the new energy that I sense will align with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. I’m curious about it and open to receiving grace in whatever form it takes – anyone else out there feel like this is a time of preparation/letting go/making room?

      1. Great description! I’m just over here breathing through the count down before the engines fire up. 😁🚀

    1. I’m sorry about your losses of your beloved dog, and friend, and neighbor. When I lost my dog at 16 1/2, I never got over it.

      1. Thanks for your kind words, I’m still moving through the grief as it comes. As I believe that grief is simply another facet of love, it is no wonder it takes such a long time to process and I wish you strength on your journey.

        I welcome grief in and yet I know I need to also transfigure the experience/energy – to emerge anew, perhaps with a keener understanding of compassion for myself and humanity.

        Many blessings to you, Deborah!

  11. 99.% sure your Uranus and Jupiter last degrees in the 9th, are not squared by Saturn and Venus, first degrees, in Scorpio, in the 1st. Me thinks you don’t have an afflicted Jupiter?
    The good news is, after not believing in Astrology for forever, then studying it, (still a rookie) then KNOWING it’s the truth, it has given me tremendous hope. The likes of which I had never known.
    Like you, I believe in spontaneous, unbelievable miracles. And if the worst happens, I will still have unshakable hope:)

  12. Now that I have a clearer understanding of how a conjunction is defined, I realize that I am “officially” in my one and only Uranus return. Natal Uranus is 25D Tauus 1st H.
    I also have a Cap MC at 28 , and my Neptune is 23 Virgo 5th house. So, in effect, is that a yod in earth? So Uranus being one of the planets in the mix, what would be the best way to decipher the combinations, along with the Jupiter/Urranus conjunction. I hope I am presenting this in an understandable
    way. Thanks

    1. That’s a lot of sweet Earth Trines.
      Lucky you! And now Jupiter comes along? I’d be buying a lottery ticket, asking for a raise and buying fresh underwear!

  13. While I am hopeful for a reversal of fortune, I am very very worried Jupiter will only amplify Uranus’ rebellious nature. For exemple, It’s in my 2nd house and it’s been draining my savings. I am afraid Jupiter will only amplify the losses. Only saving grace is that it will trine my moon, but for others having squares and oppositions this conjunction could be tricky.

  14. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is in my 4th house, conjunct my natal Mars & IC. I never thought I’d receive any inter-generational wealth, as I was estranged from my (divorced) parents for 16 years, and didn’t think they had much money, anyway. I was worried my mother had little money and might end up a homeless senior, as she’s alone and her mother lived to 100.

    Last summer I decided, on a whim (or was it partly Elsa’s influence?!) to send my mother a birthday card and letter to thank her for being a good mother, despite our extreme family hardships, and to give her an update on my life.

    A few months later, she was diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer. Last month she died at 82. I just received her will yesterday, and she left me some money which will make a little dent (16%) in my mortgage, which was nice of her. I guess she inherited her father’s money, because I don’t think much came from my father (he hated her and is very stingy) or her salary as a part-time librarian.

    My mom’s brother said my mom had included me in her will at the last minute, on her death bed in hospital. I assume it was because of the letter and birthday card I sent her last summer, after 16 years of estrangement. I’m glad I followed my instinct. Also, thankful that Elsa encourages people to get along, despite family-of-origin trauma and strife!

    I would have lost out on any inheritance if it weren’t for that last minute, genuine reconciliation with my mom. And just to emphasize, no one, including me, knew she would get sick with cancer and die 6 months after I sent her the birthday card and thank you letter. The Jupiter-Uranus Taurus conjunction in my 4th house worked for me.

    1. thank goodness you got the chance to address the rift before she was gone!
      my mother never got that with her dad (he died young) and i’m pretty sure it still chews on her

  15. The last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (Jan 4th 2011 at 27°Pisces) was quite hideous! I had swine flu at the time, which lasted nearly two months 😟 it was in my 2nd house, which can rule physical/body matters.

    Although to be fair, I did have Saturn Libra conjunct Pluto at the same time, so maybe that was more dominant.

    This time it will be right on my Venus/Mars midpoint (sextile both in my chart). Not expecting miracles in my romantic life, sextile aspects I find are barely noticeable 🤔 I’m too busy/tired for a full time relationship, but a light romance would be nice 🙂

  16. In have this conjunct my DC and SN, and Jupiter is still in opposition to my Moon. My mom had a sudden health issue this winter, she was advised to get an operation if symptoms continue. But after couple of weeks she was better, with no pain. it’s not life threatening issue and she’s feeling fine, so doesn’t need to worry about operation for now.
    My husband has this conjunction on his IC, conjunct both Mars and Venus, oppisite Uranus. There real potential there for something to happen .

  17. I have Jupiter quincux Uranus natal. In early 2016, Uranus was about to hit my natal Jupiter.
    I was all ready, I assumed I would receive a financial windfall. I did not. Instead, I became
    deathly ill, my stomach had somehow tied itself into a knot, water and nutrients could not reach my kidneys. It never occurred to the doctors I was begging for help from, that this was the case. They suspected a hernia, but not a knot. An IV was all that could keep me alive.

    They sent a camera in to finally see the problem. A surgeon told me that he was going to cut the bones of my sternum apart, in order to operate. He told me that my recovery would be “Brutal”. Then an ambulance came, they announced they were moving me to a military hospital 80 miles away. The Veteran’s Administration covers my healthcare. Once I got to the VA hospital, they actually took great care of me. I felt myself slowly coming back to life, thanks to the diligent round of care they gave me. A new surgeon told me that he would operate, that he would inflate my stomach with carbon dioxide to inflate it, make only a few tiny incisions, and robotically pull the knot apart, and basically rebuild my stomach back to correct form. I said to my surgeon, “You aren’t going to cut open my chest?” He said, “Why would I do that?”.

    Surgery went great, I went home in 3 days. Turns out, the first surgeon was going to do a risky surgery that was considered obsolete by 1993. He was going to do that obsolete surgery on me, in order to get more money from the VA. He did not care about my life, he looked at me as a way to charge money and he did not care about the impact on my life. Jupiter/Uranus was a windfall, just not the windfall that I was expecting.

  18. Our mutual friend who reads the akashic records is prescient. She has been suggesting this year will involve a return to some old conventional values that been neglected. I suspect this is related to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. There is a joining quality of gnosis on either side of Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus meeting in Taurus
    In Tarot – the Heirophant represents Taurus and traditional masculine values. Those values are reemerging.

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