Tips For People Having Neptune Transits

Neptune cuffIn working with clients having Neptune transits, I’m cautious in what I say. People are suggestible under a Neptune transit. It’s important to realize you have free will. Beware an astrologer coming ’round telling you that X and Y and Z was going to happen, as if your life is completely out of your hands.

Under the influence of Neptune, Virgo things like details, and skills like discernment, are important. It’s easy to become “infected” or undermined during Neptune transits. You can compare this to a drop of red paint, added to a white or neutral base. There’s no defense available.

When I consult with people having Neptune transits, I am careful to show them the strings behind the theater so they can fact check if they want. I supply the astrology which helps to clarify things.

This is necessary because I often work with people who have been told something by someone (astrologer or otherwise), that is downright bizarre. Often times the remark has taken the person off track, when the remark is baseless. Occasionally I see someone who has been devastated by a suggestion made at a time when they we’re vulnerable.

You can compare this to having a weakened immune system.  You’ll want to avoid people who confuse of mislead you.

If a person tells you something that makes you feel bad, and leads you to believe that your life is out of your hands, this is a big red flag. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had, taken by a “psychic” who had them sending money to fix their bad mojo or some such garbage.

It’s fine to get information via intuition or other ethereal sources, I do it myself all the time. But you want the Virgo component to be included in some form.

Matter of fact, if you are having a Neptune transit, I would recommend you go out of your way to get a Virgo friend who you can tap for logic. Or Capricorn, who can offer you a reality check.

Can you remember a time in your life when you were more suggestible than usual? How did this play?

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  1. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I just started digging, wondering why I felt like I was walking around in a kind of molasses soup stupor?!! Neptune totally transiting my Ascendant in Pisces(no less). Also, it’s about 4° away and I did the math. It’s going to take about another year to fully conjunct and another 6 months to get out of the “garage”. Yours was the most concise, if not hilarious, memoirs La Vida Neptune.

  2. Great post, Elsa! Thank you. Neptune is squaring my Moon in Sadge right this minute. Ugh! I’m going thru my Jupiter Rx, Saturn Rx, and Chiron Conjunct Asc. During this Thursday’s eclipse 2~15~18 I’m going in to see if this weirdness on my breast is cancer. I am sick ALL the time. This year I’ve been diagnosed with some really serious stuff. I feel like I am slowly dissolving. Rough year so far, and it’s only Feb!!! Your post helped gain clarity. Thanks again!

  3. Such a relief to come across all these comments and Elsa..already being born with a challenging chart, I can honestly say with sheer experience (as Neptune is conjunct my moon since last year – damn slow planet), that this transit is one of THE worst yet! Already being born with a Pisces moon (dreamer) and a Moon squaring Neptune aspect, I essentially have lost all hope – “Mid-life” they call this? I call it “take your life.” LOL…I feel this transit more than others that don’t have any difficult aspects and its been a doozy. I don’t even remember what its like to be happy any more..I ve lost clarity, ambition and focus. Im basically just a shell of a woman walking around. My Taurus Sun and Virgo Ascendant are hardly helping. November-December I MAY be back to my old self…but my goodness, this has been rough. My 17 year old worries more about me these days than I do her. 🙁

  4. Neptune is forming a square to my Mercury in Virgo (7 degrees out, but still…)

    I hope I don’t dissolve mentally into a bowl of soup before it’s all over. Virgo hates feeling dumb.

  5. I’ll have t.Neptune at 20 deg from April-August 2020 sitting on me so this is something for me to keep an eye on. Though, I’ve gotten good at recognizing and ignoring internet trolls ……. so, hopefully this transit won’t be too derailing.

  6. Neptune moved into conjunction with my sun around 2010, then on to Jupiter. It has been on my Venus since 2018 then will proceed to Mercury and a moon opposition. I have also struggled with God quite a bit, though perhaps that is a lifelong endeavor. I have started to recognize magical thinking for the lovely lie that it is. Alcohol has run a river through my 20s and into my 30s. Mari Jane is my constant companion. With the Venus application obviously my chronic solitude comes into focus but I’d rather it go back out of focus. That wound is infected. The rending of garments and gnashing of teeth. One night I called the suicide hotline and they put me ON HOLD! I hung up, dazed, then laughed and laughed. What a moment. Strange bleary blurry times. Lots of TV, thousands and thousands of black and white movies where the movie stars kiss with their mouths closed. If anything I would say I have identified more with Virgo (I have moon and rising) and have leaned heavily on its traits, especially in the last few years, to a fault much of the time. If anything I am less susceptible and instead ultra wary of being duped again. I have drawn into myself, the world is full of thorns.

    1. Hugs to you Charlotte and thank you. Neptune has transited my 6th house since 2009 and during that time I’ve had a couple of unusual health issues that I related to Neptune in the 6th but I’ve had my head in the sand when it comes to my increase dependence on alcohol. Your post has made me look at that.

      In March Neptune will cross into my 7th house, immediately conjuncting my Pisces moon. It will return to the 6th house in October for about five months. I don’t want to wait to look at this addictive behavior and I hope you can as well.

      I wish you well.

  7. Avatar

    Yep, this year has been the great upheaval and spiritual awakening in my life. Transiting Neptune in my Ninth square my exact Neptune/Pallas conjunction in Sagittarius at 15° in Sixth House. The way I was living and being became suddenly too stifling, like wearing a strait jacket. The old me was suddenly something I couldn’t sustain.

    I’ve given up alcohol and drugs, meat, my career, leaving my situation financially precarious. I’ve really taken up yoga and meditation and my media diet has changed from news and factual to mainly music, astrology, Ram Dass (Vale!) and anything supporting my dream of being a full time freelance musician/composer/producer.

    I’ve got the niggling fear that the dream will subside and leave me washed up in the middle of nowhere. But the new awareness of energy fields, Divinity, soul and spiritual community has given me something far more valuable than food or a roof over my head. And I’m confident that the worst case scenarios won’t play out, in fact dealing with the fear and battling my tendency to entertain “worst case scenarios” in my mind has been one of the big learning points of this time.

    Interestingly I’ve really noticed the physical sensation of meditation releasing the same chemicals in the brain that certain drugs act upon. I think it’s very much tied to the Sixth House activity with Neptune squaring as Jupiter conjoins.

    And interestingly, the natal placement of Neptune in the Sixth represents to me the way that I just drifted thoughtlessly into the wrong career path for me. I feel that a person’s Neptune square is their opportunity to intuit where it is that natal Neptune has befuddled them throughout their lives

    Neptun square to SAG and CAP is full of everything you can’t see or get or predict. Full of surprises you want or don’t want. Dust, sometimes more, sometimes less. People come and go, fast and for moments. Only the inconsistency is constant. The future is no longer depicted. Confrontation with lies and fraud, by people and the state. Humanity, sensitive people and nature are eaten up. “How dare you?” is laughed at. Little happiness is rare.

  9. I survived Uranus and Neptune transit conjunct Moon in my 4th and it was the most horrible time of my life, together with Saturn transiting 8th and 12th. And now I´m about to live Neptune opposite natal Mars. Anybody has experienced this? Any insight? Suggestions?

    1. Avatar

      My only insight is that the gifts of Neptune are purely spiritual. I’m sure there will be some difficult moments but if you can get to the deeper meaning…. beyond mind and logic. Good luck <3

  10. Neptune was transiting my Aquarius 1H and squaring my Pr Venus and Pr Sun in Scorpio during a dark time in my life. Deceptive truths were revealed and some suspect short-term alliances were formed.

  11. No one has fee will. Most people live by accident, and many don’t even realize their astrological destiny. The first step towards gaining free will is to realize that you have NONE. The orientation of the universe should not matter to those superior beings with innate “free will.” Elsa’s Peace Pilgrim was an individual that was beginning to develop free will. She said that she was not going to let those planets push her around. Elsa did not set out to be an astrologer. She had no choice but to be one.

    1. Here’s the reference to Peace Pilgrim:
      I do not agree that we do not have free will though!
      Yes, clearly I am supposed to be an astrologer and no I would not have chosen it, because it causes me endless persecution. However, I do not have to do this! I choose it.

      Your idea is not just mildly flawed, dear Clifton (who’s a quasi-friend and ally of mind). It’s deeply flawed as I have met countless people who REFUSE to do what they are clearly made to do and so they’re miserable and often make those around them miserable too.

      To be clear, I would not choose this profession but do choose to work in it, realizing I am not in charge of grand design! 🙂

  12. People always lament that contact sports like boxing are ok but dog fighting is not, lamenting that the dog’s don’t have a choice. What was Muhamed Ali’s choice? To be the most famous person in the world or an ordinary black man in mid 20th century southern united states.

  13. Just one more thing. I like to read this board, but I don’t want to make any posts. Now I have to consider what people think and if I am hi-jacking the thread etc etc etc. However, Even knowing so, I lack the free will to abstain from making yet a third consecutive post about a pet peeve, free will. Probably have to go back 10,000 years to another astrological epoch to find a time when people have had less free will than they have now. Yet everyone assumes they have more.

    1. If there’s an ego, the ego mind sees itself as choosing. If you have reached enlightenment, then the self ceases to exist and there is no chooser. However, there is also no ego to see ‘nothingness’ or ‘no choice’ either.

      People are free to disagree with each other on this blog and forum. I do love your insight, though!

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