Transition From Saturn in Libra to Saturn In Scorpio

Saturn is direct now and will leave Libra for Scorpio on October 6th, 2012.  Many people are choosing to end their relationships at this time.  Others are reinforcing their commitment. Most seem to realize that the decisions they make at this time will have a lasting effect and because of this, they may have delayed the inevitable. It’s like strapping yourself in and going over the falls. Few want to do that.

Others do not register the importance of the decisions they’ll make in this time frame. In many cases this is because they are naive, or they lack experience or perhaps they’re delusional.  I am old enough to vividly recall events that unfolded the last time Saturn transitioned from Libra to Scorpio and I was one of these people so I understand how a situation like this exists and I’ve the fallout and suffered the (lifelong) repercussions.

Most around here know that I opted not to marry my husband the last time Saturn was in Libra, but I did more than that.  When we separated (with Saturn in Libra), he immediately married a woman he’d known for 10 days and I went into a void space. I eventually hooked up with another man, but failed to learn anything in that relationship either and I mean,  I learned nothing.  Granted, I was young. I had no one to advise me and I had no support of any kind, but that’s irrelevant to what happened because of this;  when Saturn went into Scorpio, I landed on my ass, HARD.  My husband landed hard himself at that time and as many who read here know, it’s taken 29 years to fix this thing and lemme tell you, that’s a long time.

Since no one told me, let me tell those who are younger than I am, some things that are facts.

First, if you have a good man or woman who loves you, do not make the mistake of thinking you’re going to be able to recreate the connection and enjoy the feelings you have with just anybody because this is simply not the case.  There are not endless people you are going to be able to love and have love you back and I don’t care how cute or handsome you may be.  I don’t care if you date 300 people over 2 years, if you wind up with nothing at the end of that time, then nothing is what it is.

Second, if you think you can just take your kid away from their mother or their father and pretend it’s no big deal, you are in for one hell of a rude awakening.  I am not talking about leaving a man who is beating you or the like. You know what I’m talking about.  You leave the man (or vice versa) because you think you can do better. You think you can find another man to be the father – well let me tell you something about the men in this era.  Many of them don’t want to have kids of their own and even fewer want to take on the responsibility of raising another man’s child or children, so think about this before you dump a man who is there for you on a whim.  And if you doubt what I am saying, just talk to some single mothers out there. Look around.

I am naturally optimistic. When I was young I thought the next man would always be better. I really thought this and I said I thought this. I thought  my life could and would do  nothing but get better and I thought this for a number of years. I was able to stave off reality, basically, but an illusion like that cannot be maintained forever.

I really hope people make good decisions here, in the negotiation (Libra) phase. When Saturn hits Scorpio, you’re going to find it’s too late to go back. Further, it will probably take 29 years to fully appreciate the repercussions and the results of the decisions you make now. This is for good or ill, because some people clutch it up and leave relationships with partners who abuse them and good decision.

On that note, I had a friend who was married to an alcoholic the last time Saturn was in Libra, she had a baby.  He was a good-looking, charismatic man but she told me about him getting drunk, beating her with a six-pack of beer and then standing on top the bed and pissing on her as she lie huddled in a corner.

I begged her to leave that man. BEGGED her.  She stayed.  I could not bear to watch so I left. They just recently separated. How’s that for casting a die.

Can anyone else share stories that happened the last time Saturn left Libra for Scorpio?

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  1. I was born on 15th November 1982, with Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Moon in my ascendant Libra. I am not sure what went wrong during my first period of Saturn transit. Now after 29 years, during second transit I have suffered a lot. My 8 years of relationship came to an end. I was almost about to get married, but due to his family misunderstandings we could not get married. Within a week, he found a new girl got engaged and within no time he got married as well. I changed countries because for him. Suffered physically, had major health issues due to depression. I had to undergo surgery and long medication. My passport and visa got stuck up and cannot go home to meet my family. Living all alone in this situation. I am not thinking of any further relationship as of now. Learning on what best I can do next, and more than anything keep up with dignity and always be true to myself…

  2. Saturn in Libra = My Divorce from 6 years of marriage and a good + ugliest marriage with a 5yrs old Son with her.

    Born on 26 Dec 84,
    I got married in Oct 2006, it was a really sudden one, as she just came across my parents & I had no reason to say NO to my mom.

    She was very lovable & kind hearted outgoing Sagittarius & I am a quiet, loyal, practical bossy capricorn.

    1st year was Heaven, I will never forget this in my life no matter whoever I get married to, but from 2nd year until Oct 2012 when we got divorced it was a roller coaster and mostly ugly spats from her side… All of sudden she was like Marriage is burden and its a responsibilty…bla bla….

    Whatsoever, all of sudden from 1st week of October I started getting a feel of enough is enough and
    until she is there in my life I can never go ahead as she don’t share any ambitions with me and is least bothered where my hard earned money is being wasted and she always preferred her family over me leaving me lonely for ages…. I would curse my self sitting @ the beaches or bars…. Etc

    Finally on 12th Oct within 2 weeks of my Thought for divorce, I divorced her and since then I have become very quiet and have moved on…

    I really don’t think now even of a girl freind or marriage and just wishes to live a simple life without much people involved.

    However she calls me saying she is sorry and wants me back and until I don’t get married end time she will wait, its very hard for me to believe her as I gave her ample time to correct herself.

  3. Wow,same happened to me 🙁 Have Saturn in Libra and 4 more planets in Libra (Mercury,Venus,Jupiter and Pluto) I am now heartbroken,she is now with my friend again, who was her ex (they were in short relationship which i didnt even know when i first saw and met her). I was trying to write whole story,how we met,what all happened but its to hard to bring memories back. I was told we were supposed to start love in 5th month of 2011 and merry in 11month 2011 and was supposed to be great and happy love. After that my supposed “destiny” changed,i also left school,i coudnt study anymore coz of stress and thinking about her. Now ,i was told i will merry another women have completely different job and live in another country but remain “connected” with thoughts with her.

  4. Amazing. It explains a lot.
    30 years ago, I met my ex. I was 19. We were together for 28,5 years. Until July 2012, when he asked for a divorce. Three months after I moved out with our youngest son, another woman moved in. Not younger, not prettier, not richer…just another woman. (They have split up again and my ex doesn’t seem to be very happy with his new life)

    MY life is so much better now and I didn’t even know it was bad before! But it has been almost two years of hard work to reach this point.

    After reading your article, I can’t help thinking that I made a mistake that time, 30 years ago, and have been “punished” for it all the years. But perhaps my ex made the greater mistake this time….and have to live with it for (probably) the rest of his life. 😉

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