Uranus Opposing Mercury in Scorpio – Disturbing Thoughts

van gogh selfI have been seriously affected by the current opposition between Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Scorpio. It’s a bit craaazy!

I just asked my husband if his father about a specific kind of beating. I learned that my father’s propensity to knock my sister’s and my heads together, was at least somewhat unique.

Why am I thinking of this? Randomly?

Yes, he would grab us each by the hair and bang our heads together. It hurt like hell and I don’t think I ever told anyone this before. It’s nutty now that I consider it. But at the time, we didn’t think much of it. He did it all the time!

As for this transit, I’ve found it hard to sleep.  This is normal for Mercury Uranus. It’s sometimes worth it to be awake and catch the ideas.  But when I decided to write this, I search the site and found a pattern of sorts.

I wrote this in 2019:


This from 2020:

Mercury In Scorpio Opposing Uranus In Taurus

I also wrote this in 2019 – Mercury in Scorpio Opposing Uranus – Dead Guy Neighbor

And then I wrote this in 2020, a story about suicide, I’d never told before.

Mystical Zodiac People

What kills me is I have never written about this transit until Uranus went into Taurus. I like the crap that comes up from the deep.  It’s REAL.

I just got an (unexpected) email from a gal, thanking me for doing more than offering platitudes. I understand. It’s so much more interesting than the veneer we drown in these days.

How are things going for your with Mercury opposing Uranus in Taurus?

18 thoughts on “Uranus Opposing Mercury in Scorpio – Disturbing Thoughts”

  1. For me it’s been manifesting like a jittery nervousness. and fear of unexpected decline. Unexpected because there’s not really anything that says things are about to go south but I just have this… feeling. Like hardship is on its way and that it’ll catch me off guard when it arrives. Maybe I’m wrong…

    Also, more concretely, I received notice this week about a large bill that I now have to pay much sooner than expected, and in larger installments than planned. It immediately put a huge strain on my financial situation, and it came out of nowhere! Like I really thought I had it covered and neatly planned, and it pisses me off because I was just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. but I guess not yet ?

  2. (((Elsa))) That makes me mad that someone did this to you.

    What makes a person think that his behavior is okay? Was it what he experienced as a child?

    1. Maybe. I was beaten by his father (my grandfather) as well, but found him to be laughably mild in comparison. I’ve written about it before. The words in my head at the time, “You call this a beating?”

      I was surprised and humiliated for him. If you’re going to stoop to abusing your grandaughter… for this?

  3. I also wonder what would drive your father to do such an utterly cruel and unusual thing. He proved that you are one tough cookie – that’s for sure.

    I, too, have been thinking a lot about having been hit in the head… I ‘m reminded of a girl I knew in high school. One day she got hit in the head with a soccer ball, and it made her completely deaf in one ear. She went through the whole process of grieving her loss, until a few weeks later, she got hit in the head again with another soccer ball. Her hearing was restored! It makes me think about how things can be knocked into place just as violently as they can be knocked out of place.

    Mercury is hitting my Pluto at 8 degrees, which begins a little choo-choo train of planets around the same degree in Sagittarius and Capricorn. Mars, along with the full moon in Aries, has activated all of my fire and air placements. I feel on fire in all the right ways right now. I live for these kinds of sparks. When they dissipate, I feel dead.

  4. I’m not sleeping these days, at all. Having vivid, scary dreams that having nothing to do with anything, or so it seems. Prior to this I slept like a baby, every night, no exceptions.

    1. I have been fighting insomnia/lack of sleep for several years now.

      One thing is I have. Scorpio Stellium in 9th house (BIG!) and then I have natal Mercury in Scorpio as well. Uranus is closing in on him, and so my anxiety has skyrocketed.
      It’s been so tough. I don’t get enough sleep a lot of days these times.

      I don’t find myself dig up stuff, already been doing that a lot with all the Capricorn action in the 12th house – but now it’s kinda like crystallization time …. Things take form, become clear. Insights transforms into actionable intentions/plans.

      Still, my anxiety haunts me. So, I have decided to try out anti depressants to see if it helps. You can call it another form of insight that is transformed into action. So yeah.

      This whole year has had a Uranus-falvour to be sure. Taurus is my 3rd house so it would kinda make sense in regards to anxiety.

      Also, Saturn squaring himself and Pluto has brought up more ‘YUCKY’ stuff than ever before!

  5. With an exact Moon Pluto square – and then 30 years of the progressed Sun in Scorpio – my experience has been the elimination and release of trauma involves its recapitulation.
    On the other side of the recapitulation we acquire resilience.

  6. Very depressive thoughts. Having a horribly hard time talking to my crush, as he seems to have lost his sense of humor (bad sign) and wondering if we’re going to lose contact. Freaking out about that.

  7. Tr Mercury is conjunct my 9H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and opposing Tr Uranus in my 3H Taurus. I am seriously considering if living in my current house and neighborhood will benefit me in the future. Also, these quarantined months have challenged me to reassess what’s important to me.

  8. While I was suffering from a gallbladder blockage, I had a disturbing dream that some creep hacked into my website and changed a lot of stuff around. I could see him in the dream but I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

  9. 2 friends discussed things I had no answer for. Their fears. Not feeling safe. Odd. I am not a stranger to those fears in these fearful times of popularized meanies. I get it. I just burnt out on it and had to let it go and focus closer to home. I really don’t know how to help them. They know the monster. They were both married to the monster. I think that makes it worse. They know what that is and they know the result. I told them to turn it off, don’t listen to it, don’t watch it. Both feel the need to keep an eye on the monster. What is it about the monster that sets us on edge, keeps us on watch. Seems like the ultimate control.

  10. Well then, I am not so different from my friends. My monster is not in the TV box, it is much closer to home. I had to take my own advice and shut that monster down. I am not involved. Click. Dial tone. My favorite is, Oh no I think I left something on the stove. Gotta go. I am not looking for it, but I am now more aware of the monster rising. I don’t know what stirs the monster. I don’t think I need to waste time on that Just need to turn it off, shut it down. What a great Halloween gift!

  11. My mother used the ‘I’ll bang your heads together’ threat continually with my sister and me and occasionally carried it through. I too remember the pain and then also not wanting to be near my sister afterwards – or my mother unsurprisingly.

  12. My did it to me and my sister once, while drunk. Her strategy is to forget about things like that so she can believe that she is sane.

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