What Kind Of Man Do You Like?

The soldier left this morning but quite inexplicably he is back home tonight. I had to drive 2 hours to pick him up and bring him back and will have to do the same in the morning but hey. A gift is a gift.

“I didn’t clean the house,” I said on the way home.

“I’m appalled,” he deadpanned.

Now that is my kind of man.

Your kind of man is? Where is your Venus?

10 thoughts on “What Kind Of Man Do You Like?”

  1. Taurus, fourth or fifth or sixth house depending on system used.

    Despite the fact that I tend to be attracted to men with issues, I’d still like someone practical and down to Earth (albeit somewhat open mind-at least to my way of thinking :P). Wether I myself really fit that description, that may be another story.

  2. Compassionate, spiritual (but in a grounded way), and full of life. And older than me 🙂 and thinks I’m the greatest. And the love has to be BIG.

    Venus in Leo, in 12th
    square saturn and neptune
    Sextile jupiter

  3. My kind of man cleans the house! lol!

    Just kidding…I’d like a man who can deadpan a line on that topic!

    Venus in Leo 12th, conj. Mercury. No idea of my kind of man; every man I’ve had a serious relationship has been utterly different than any other one.

  4. Mine will say things like, “That’s it for you” or “you’re fired” in such circumstance. I laugh my ass off.

    Mine is the kind of man who loves me deeply and intensely; Venus in Scorpio. 🙂

  5. Hahaha, Goddess! Sounds like my guy:

    Me: “Ugh. I didn’t X, Y or Z. Sorry.”

    Him: “You’re fired.”

    My guy is a Gemini to the hilt, with a moon in Virgo. Very intense and OCD when he has the occasion to be, especially if it involves his vehicles or his tools. Loves to tinker, play with small engines. LOVES to TALK about all his interests.

    My Venus is in Pisces, but my moon is in Leo. I don’t get the connection. 😛

  6. Er…I meant to add my sun is in Pisces, too. Sun, Venus in Pisces, so how a Gemini/Virgo attracted me, I have no clue.

  7. my kind of man walks softly and carries a big stick. And considers sex as important as sleeping eating and bowel movements (thank you, universe, for scorpio). Isn’t afraid to have a painful conversation when the time calls for it. also doesn’t mind when i sleep over at my best girlfriends’ houses and spoon them all night. ha ha ha. sorry, but those gals were the ones who met me when i was a down and out and so they are like family and VERY important. Very very very important. also goes for the male friends in my life that date back. My type of man accepts my friends, me and my interior life/independence.

  8. Avatar

    hmm… my kind of man? good question. and i feel like answering it today.

    someone who can shoot hilarious comments straight and hits a bulls-eye. I always appreciate awkward smiles and even a gaze adrift on the floor, but with a definite spark in the eye. someone who seems like a gentleman and is, except for the tomfoolery. someone who knows that the cards he’s holding are gooooood. someone who’s got a knack for looking at materials and analyzing it and making something damn beautiful. geekiness, strength, directness, a bit of silliness. yep… i am still in love…. hehe. damn it, what have I got myself into? =P

    Sagitt Venus 7th Uranus conjunct.

    thanks for asking the right questions, Elsa

  9. My kind of man is… someone I’ll never meet, haha. Manly, but unafraid to embrace his emotional and feminine side. Kind-hearted, artistic, intelligent and deep, but earthy and intense at the same time. Unashamed to learn. Venus in Virgo in 2nd House, trine Neptune and sextile Pluto.
    Oh… and long hair please.
    Dear Universe, send me someone like that (maybe not right now) and he’ll be a spoiled taken-care-of creature. Pretty please!

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