Venus Rules The 7th House

dandelionYour Venus shows what you like, what you are attracted to aesthetically. Venus rules the 7th house. If you have planets in the 7th house you will tend to like those things about yourself that those planets signify. Accordingly, when others have planets that fall in your 7th house you will tend to like those aspects about them that those planets represent.

My sun and Mercury fall in my 7th house. I like my ego and the way I communicate. My partner’s Mercury is in my 7th house. I like it when he communicates with me. His Neptune-ruled Mercury sextiles my moon, so it feels good and is an opportunity for closeness when he he tells me stories or we talk about things of a higher manifestation.

The 7th house not only shows what you like but on the flip side can represent open enemies. It’s not unusual to find you have dischord with someone whose planets fall there, particularly if they display that planet’s energy in a way that is not in concert with how you like to see that energy used. My partner’s Mercury is quincunx his moon. Sometimes he’ll talk about his feelings and sometimes he flat-out refuses. I hate that! When he refuses to talk about his feelings he feels like an enemy! Knowing these things helps me to modulate my response, that is to say it keeps me from kicking him in the shins when things don’t go my way, for the most part.

Do you have 7th house planets? How do you react to people whose planets fall in your 7th house?

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  1. Mercury and Venus in the 7th conjunct eachother and the descendant. I don’t really like the way i talk, it’s a sore spot (both Saturn and Chiron are involved), but i have always loved my creative writing, that used to be a very important means of communication for me.
    Mercury’s inconjunct my 12th house Moon. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to expressing my feelings. Yuk.

  2. I feel for you, Maaike. I’ve seen that aspect at work in my partner and it is indeed challenging. But when he does express his feelings it’s potent.

  3. so, let me get this right: if a dude has his mars in the 7th, he really likes his d**k 😉

    I love 7th house talk cuz mine is empty (but for athena) and someone I like has mars and venus there (different signs)

    I like understanding this house better 🙂

  4. I have to say, for my scorpio mars (probably the same for other water mars’) it’s a very soothing, nurturing placement, cancer mars.

  5. I have venus conjunct mars in the 7th (in aquarius) I like that I am so full of energy to do things, and also very creative. They sextile my sun and square my pluto. This pluto square really takes it to a whole other level and doesn’t leave much for the aquarius side of me.

    I once went out with an Aquarius, and his sun was conjunct to my two planets. It was too agreeable and I felt no attraction. The man I’ve been with for a while has mars and venus opposite mine, and it works like a spark. Go figure.

  6. Hey Maaike, I like it! I have Venus/Mercury in the 7th with Saturn/Chiron involvement myself. I deleted then retyped then deleted and retyped this comment about 4 times and it probably still sucks but I will say this, us types, we can have a real, natural charm about us.

  7. very interesting satori! i have mercury-jupiter in my 7th house. i think it’s fair to say i like the way i talk and tell stories. the thing about open enemies is really interesting. actually it explains a lot. i’ve only ever had a falling out with two friends. both of them had placements in my 7th house (leo) – one was a leo and the other had a leo mars. that said, i usually love leos!

  8. I have moon conjunct uranus (in Scorpio) in the 7th house. Still figuring out how this aspect plays out in life..Usually get along very well with Scorpios 🙂

  9. another good question. Saturn in the 7th. Yep. Little bugger makes me work hard on relationships, makes me commitment-oriented and loyal. Delays love, but I guess I’ve had a lot to learn.

    Bf’s Saturn also falls in my 7th – would be natural for anyone born within 2 years of me. So I guess I’m use to the energy.

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    My Chiron falls in my gf’s 7th… should i say she likes the way i deal with my wounds? or the way i use what i learned with my Chiron placement/etc?

  11. Usually my friends have a Moon that falls into my 7th house, men I’ve dated I’ve looked up the ephemeris and, if they don’t have the Sun, they have Mercury or Venus in Leo, I love it!

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    Someone I feel magnet like pull(my Venus [in 2’nd and opposition to my own 7’th] and their Sun is in my 8’th (rebirth?.. epiphanic for me) with Jupiter Mars and Merc in my 7’th ruled by Taurus. My Libra asc in their 7’th and my sun in their 8’th within 1 degree (no birth time) of their Neptune ?. I don’t know how my 12’th house (Libra) planets (and sun in my 1’st meaning in opposition to their 6’th house placements play out.(They don’t feel the way I do?)Many (past) friends and one ‘significant other’ sun(s) in my 7’th but now, that one would sabatoge (despite parenting a little bull and goat together)any potential good in my life if given the opportunity.(open enemies)

  13. I can see it working out that way in some cases, but I hadn’t thought of it that way till you asked. food for thought.

  14. In respond to MoonPluto question, I think you are right. I had a vedic astrologer calculated my birth chart and before I even say a word, he asked me if I am attracted to guys (Yes, I am a guy and gay, so deal with it!) because he said I had Mars in Venus, which I didnt understand at that time, until now. So, yeah, what planets that fall on your venus on 7th, you tend to prefer them over others…

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