Am I A Specialist Or A Jack Of All Trades?

degas little dancerSome people are born to specialize. I’m one of them. If the planets in your chart are bunched up, this would be strong indication you’re designed this way.

Am I really interested in anything other than sex and psych, relationships and religion & philosophy? I’m not! So why would I learn to read a horary chart? Surely someone is going to be (naturally) better at that than I am. Why not leave this work to them?

But if you’re stressed out of your mind, wracked with pain, you should probably come see me because I can speak that language. Not only will I not blink. I’m likely to have you patched up and back on the road within an hour. You may even laugh through your surgery!  Specializing makes sense for many.

Degas could paint and sculpt but most of us do have something we are good and  we fare well if we stick to it.

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Are you a specialist of a jack of all trades?

20 thoughts on “Am I A Specialist Or A Jack Of All Trades?”

  1. I’m a Jack Of All Trades with a splash map, and 10th house Gemini Jupiter. Very hard to be an specialist in anything.

  2. I’m a specialist, but I had to walk the life of a “jack of all trades” before I could claim specialization.

  3. Damn this hit hard. I’m all mutable, angular and heavy Virgo so Jack of all trades. It’s exhausting! but I so wish I could find a specialization cuz I feel like I’d just crush it.

    1. Me too. I have been a a Sales Clerk, Temp office worker, Receptionist, Admin Assistant, Marketing Assistant, and now am in IT. Not a Specialist but I assist (again) in the department (more hands on than tech but I do use it). My moon is at 0 degrees in Virgo/conj. Pluto. I also have been the scape goat many times at work. I finally won the trust of a boss who did not seem to like me and she and I can sit in her office and talk about anything like old friends. But getting to a place of feeling secure took many years. I’m ready, but not quite able yet to retire. Hang in there!

      1. After reading notches post, it reminded me I traveled to Germany and worked in Berlin at the Berlin Wall Museum helping package slides, answered for English speaking folks. I also was an Au Pair for a Holocaust survivor there while doing my other job (a real sweetheart!) who gave me shelter. And I curated and did art installations in a modern art gallery and set up openings. The last two jobs mentioned here were my favs. I have also been in a rock band and opened for lots of famous punk and a new wave band in the 70’s. I have mutable angles too. I hope to specialize in something when I retire but I’m not in a rush! : )

    1. I just have a natal Sag node and Jupiter conj my Sun. I have a gypsy heart. Less so since NN progressed to Scorpio. I have had several different trades in my lifetime. It was my trades that carried me to where I travelled next. I know I am ‘supposed to be’ one thing or the other. Be ‘called.’ But damn, to be free and move around at will or whim, what a wondrous life. Perhaps, if I live until my sun progresses to Sag, I can experience that freedom again. I heard some folk singers do Today While The Blossoms Still Cling to The Vine la la la. Oh my gypsy heart. I am good with my life and all now, but sometimes ache for the rambling adventure.

  4. PurpleStarGirl

    I have most of my planets in my 3rd house so I guess that means I’m a specialist. However since it’s taking on Gemini energy, I suppose there’s a jack-of-all-trades within that house itself as Gemini could be versatile.

  5. Specialist here; Jupiter/Neptune conj North Node in Scorpio, H6, (all planets tight on East side of chart), only a specialist, I can’t see the woods for that single-one-adorable-highly spirited fabulously tall, handsome-green-green TREE ! I sure do love that gloriously adorable chatty Tree, who calls me, chats, sings to me, night and day!

  6. I’m def a specialist although I’ve been shut down for awhile under oppressive energy please god see me through it.

  7. I have 7 planets, including personal planets in the first quadrant. I definitely like doing things my way lol. If I spend too much time in follow mode I need to escape.

  8. Stellium in Virgo and house VIII with 7 planets and Midheaven set to Neptune all well aspected except Saturn in Aries 3rd house in yod with Neptune and moon / Uranus.
    Much confusion always in finding the ideal profession. Taste for many subjects
    I suppose specialist in commerce

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