Stellium In Capricorn – Heaviness For The Holidays – Fear For The Future

stellium in capWith the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn over the holidays, many are feeling blocked, burdened or downright sad. This conjunction packs a punch, that’s for sure.

Capricorn-ruler Saturn has left Scorpio for Sagittarius. Most see this as a positive, but there is a trade off. We lose the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto. It makes me think of this post – High Flying People Come Down To Earth.  I have seen this manifest in a number of ways.

My life-long friend, Ben, drove 1000 miles to see his mother for Christmas.  He arrived on Tuesday.  Two hours later, she had a heart attack in his car. She died and was resuscitated. She’s unconscious and most likely suffered brain damage.  So that’s his Christmas.  All these planets square his Moon in Aries.

On another note, if you have a gamer in your life, I am sure you know that hackers have takes X-box and PSN offline for Christmas.  A lot of disappointed kids out there, ya think?

It may seem I should write about a person’s mother’s death and a video game in the same post, but the effect of these two things is the same on some level.

If these huge companies, Sony and Microsoft are this vulnerable, how secure do you feel?

I know a lot of people spent Christmas alone. They fear (Saturn) for the future (Sagittarius) – will it always be this way?

It won’t always be this way!

Saturn is squaring Neptune at this time. It’s important that you don’t let your fear disable you.

I am going to write about this over the next two years, but if you’re losing it, get my workshop – Staying Stable As Structures Dissolve. It’s bargain to save your sanity.

How you are faring at this time?

22 thoughts on “Stellium In Capricorn – Heaviness For The Holidays – Fear For The Future”

  1. This described how I have been feeling lately. I wasn’t expecting it, especially since Saturn just left my Asc. But this fear of the future and feeling vulnerable seemed to be lurking behind every shadow…so I did my best to stay as busy as I could, which helped. I have felt my energy increase more and more since September, so this has been a huge help as well.

  2. Better than I thought! The New Moon was in my 4th, though, so I think this is a factor.

    We spent Christmas with my Husband’s family. The biggest incident was my Husband’s two nephews colliding while snowsliding – we even got snow to Southernmost part of the country on 22nd, and some more Christmas Eve morning – and the younger one piercing his lip. This is not news, because although he has great motoric skills(right now, it seems he might have real talent for soccer), he is accident prone, and gets bruised, a lot.

    Today, which is still holiday, was my in-laws 45th anniversary, and we had lunch in what’s pretty universally considered the best Italian restaurant in the country. I know one of the owners from the time I was a new student in town back in 1995 or 1996, and would save money to have a cappuccino and a piece of tiramisù at his little coffee place once a week. My Daughter had her first pizza. It’s not that she ate much of it, but it was a good one. I had amazing antipasto of small, meatball size pieces vitello milanese and gnocchi, which my Daughter enjoyed. I left the restaurant feeling the way I felt after Sunday Lunches at my ex-MIL’s – completely relaxed and euphoric. I now think Italian style Sunday Lunches – including some good wine (we had spumante from Marche and a moderate amount of Aglianico) and definitely some good carbs (except for my FIL, who has a diagnosed celiac dicease) are the secret for living a happy and long life.

    1. I know what you mean…growing up, we would sometimes have Sunday early dinner at my Italian grandparent’s house, my grandmother and great grandmother (before she got Alzheimer’s) were the best cooks in the world…and you always felt full and jolly afterwards, and it seemed like everyone was in a good mood after those dinners…

  3. I gave up on ever finding real romance or a life partner today, so there’s that. Maybe it is just fear but everything about my life experience so far backs this up as a logical outcome. I’m not going to let it disable me, though. I can still have fun at least.

  4. Worst Xmas ever. Just moved to a new country and my roomates, one of them a friend of many years from my natal land, made plans and nevr bothred to ask /share. I spent Christmas alone and, with so little money left from the move, settling, I couldn`t afford dinning out not ven cooking at home. Ugh. I felt hurt by my friends. If it had happened the other way around I wouldve at least said Hey come with us. It also highlights the generational differences: They all said Bye Lili, we love you. I felt compelled to ask Really? do you? But thought it best to shut my mouth. Resolutions: Move out as soon as possible, prioritize my needs. Friend cleansing is in progress.

    1. Awww…that is just plain mean spirited of your friends! I wish you could have been at my house for Christmas! We had so much and when I read posts like yours where people spent the day alone, I get so sad knowing that I could have shared and would have been delighted to do so.

  5. I did a Tarot reading for myself yesterday. Got the Eight of Cups for the near future, and Death for the final outcome. Next year’s going to be a wild ride. I’ll just hang on tight and enjoy whatever I can.

  6. Thanks, Elsa. This site has been a harbor for me these past few weeks. It’s been a heavy two years. Heaven and Hell. I feel the Capricorn heaviness but truly don’t mind it. Saturn tops my chart and it’s in my tenth house so I’m hardly a stranger to heavy! And I have a mutable grand cross so I am not freaking out over Saturn in Sagittarius. I’m weather proofed and ready.

  7. Pluto has been trine my 3H Saturn for 2014,continuing through 2015. I lost my job before Christmas but I hated that job anyway. Have no idea what sort of work I want to do, which doesn’t make job hunting easier!

  8. The only capricorn I have is my MC. But I do have sag sun/venus (which btw square saturn, uranus and pluto) I’m worried about saturn in sag as its currently moved to my 8th house and will cross my sun and venus. But I dare say how could it get much worse as the last 4 years?

  9. I feel very lovely at the moment but I know there is something lurking ahead. My three children are all under my roof, which at the ages of 19, 22 and 24 may change at any holiday in the future – they’ll marry and I’ll have to share them.

    The future and it’s changes will involve my marriage. I can’t stop my desire for some sort of freedom I’m not finding with my husband. Where he once found my dreams and creativity a delight it now seems he finds it frustrating. Where his morale compass once held my feet to kept my kite from floating to high and far away it now takes all the wind out of my sail. Both of us loved parenting together and I’m wondering if that was what we were meant to do and if we should move on.

    I have a Libra Stellium plus Uranus in Cancer and he has late Libra planets conjuncting early Scorpio planets plus Mars in Capricorn.

    I was single for 11 years between my first and second marriages and find myself missing space and time to myself.

    My brain is on overdrive — I got a lot of things to do and I want to tackle them all head on, but physically I’m so burned out that I just want to nap all day!

  11. Ah yes, there is an undertone of heavy, like all this stuff coming up, good stuff, realizations but I’ve been so busy with holiday stuff and job stuff I am not taking the time to contemplate. I try to sleep enough hours and get up in time to capture my waking thoughts from my subconcious. I’ve been thru the neptune square natal saturn transit so I know how fluid everything can become, how hard it is to do what I thought I was supposed to be doing, so I think I’ll do okay. Noticed today that I was walking through what seems to be a magical world with no grasp of the solid. Du du Du du du. I know from that personal transit that I might as well go with it. And kookoo pants I can’t count the times I heard people in the workplace today mention napping. 😀 I thought it was residual from everyone stuffing themselves yesterday.

  12. I definitely feel this. Saturn’s in my 12th now.

    My workplace has changed hands ( again) and we will officially finish the transition in January. New name, new uniforms, new rules, MUCH stricter company. I worry that I won’t be good enough for my new employer.
    This spring, looks like me and hubby and our roommates will move. We don’t know where yet.
    Next week Hubs and I will start fundraising in earnest for a mobility van for him. That means we will have to get comfortable approaching people for help with setting up events, and get over whatever hang-ups we have in this area, QUICK.
    Toastmasters starts back up on January for our club, and I haven’t given a speech in months. Time to get back in the game. (Next year the organization will overhaul its education program, so I do need to pick up the pace and finish up my projects.)
    I’m sure there’s more. I do sense a heaviness this season, and that things in my life are about to get PRESSURED.
    This month, several residents of mine died. I just received word yesterday that one we sent to inpatient hospice has passed away. December has been a rough month, to say the least. Flu bouncing around, people dying, people losing their mojo, ugh. I look for bits of joy wherever I can just to get me through.

  13. So sorry to hear about Ben’s trip home and I hope he has some help to deal w/his situation.
    More than any other Christmas, this year I’ve heard of people who were alone that are normally w/family or friends. Those I have talked to who were w/family or friends don’t describe their Christmas Day w/much excitement.

    1. Yeah, Christmas Day was pretty blah for me. I just get the sense that most people don’t like each other much these days. I tried to break up a yelling match between coworkers at my job–no luck. This Christmas was almost like another day to me. :/

  14. Absolutely worst Christmas ever for the people I love! Sick and dying people and pets, friends going through tough times, relationship separations and friends moving away. I am one jaw-gaped Pisces rising.

  15. Yes, even my nieces who usually love Christmas said it felt just like another day. We couldn’t much get into the Xmas spirit this year. Also, I felt like no one really cares or really loves me, which I do know my loved ones care about me, but that was my gut feeling and the whole day was pretty much a downer. Hope next year is better.

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