Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Libra

king and queenFriday afternoon, the Libra Moon quincunxes retro Jupiter then heads into conjunction with Mercury in the night. The airy mood is jumpy and full of sensation. Emotional regulation pivots on the ability to intellectualize gut reaction: Feel the feeling, but interrogate the meaning. A lot to learn, perhaps.

The Moon passes over Mercury to oppose retro Chiron in the morning. It then conjoins the Libra Sun in waxing conjunction with the south node, the new moon eclipse.

We learn by doing, learn through making mistakes. We also learn when we ping off the mistakes of others. And then, sometimes, it’s all rolled up together and we’ve got to peel off our own drama and needs because we’re ready to learn our lesson even if others we’re wrapped up with are not.

If anything, they may recognize that need once they see us addressing our own. We’ve got to do our part so that when others do their part, well that’s 100 percent.

The Libra Moon goes on to conjoin the south node on the point of a yod from retro Uranus and retro Neptune. At the same time, Mercury perfects its own opposition to retro Chiron. An insightful but open mood gives structure to the plan. Aha moments come along with an upgrade in attitude. We can get what we want when we accept that we are fallible. Being fallible is a strength. Those who don’t think they can fail can never fully win, because they can’t conceptualize what it takes to get there. Embrace valuing the tactic that WORKS.

Nighttime takes Saturday’s new moon into square with Pluto. Transformation is uncomfortable… unless you like change and extreme pivots. Some think it hurts so good.

Sunday morning, the Moon finishes in Libra and moves to join Mars in Scorpio. As it heads into conjunction with Mars, it trines retro Saturn in Pisces – watery action guided, supported, and steadied by the invisible hand. A mood to move, to flow. Sacred flow.

The Scorpio Moon goes on to sextile Mercury-ruled Virgo Venus: opportunity for pleasure and profit, centered on a very real and tangible understanding of desire. Who is making this opportunity possible, making it happen, shaping the vacuum of need? There’s nothing wrong with it, but you must realize it’s important to KNOW.

All weekend long, Venus moves closer into trine with retro Jupiter in Taurus (Venus-ruled). We want more, we appreciate more. What we want is real, tangible, and perfect. It’s an ideal, but not in a fantasy sense. Perhaps what we used to want wasn’t possible because it didn’t make sense. So what makes sense? Maybe we want that.

Overnight, the Scorpio Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter. Sleep deeply, dream big.

The new moon eclipse takes place at 21 degrees Libra. Where does this hit your chart?

22 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Libra”

  1. My plan for the weekend? Staying in for sure!

    Avoiding going anywhere near the city, due to certain current world events there will be protests happening (it will be in every major city around the world too). I can intensely feel the collective energies, and the current mood is very UGLY, it’s almost menacing.

    I’m trying to do the good Libra thing and stay impartial and neutral about it. Both sides really are suffering badly, there is no excuse for war from either side.

    I just hope (albeit rather slim) the Eclipse provides a positive breakthrough in negotiations, but I’m not holding my breath and waiting for unicorns. This Eclipse is just the starting gun.

      1. Tracey C Doherty

        Much love Warped, with 3 Scorpio planets natally, I’m vibing with Pluto at my DC. this eclipse seems to be doing a tango with all that!

  2. I’ve made my “Raerae-inspired “ Penny bun for new moon, which is in my 10th house, with a copper penny tucked into a food bank bun, a wish:intentions wrapped around a birthing candle dated we’ll be off to the water’s edge to see if the tide is right be floating the goodness on an outgoing tide.
    Thanks again to you Raerae for the ritual and Satori for navigational juju👍🏽❤️

  3. moon neptune Saturn conjunct.22 23 26 libra..in a wide t square sun cap..uranus cancer..should I stay or should I go..been intense pluto back Sq saturn..rest renew gather strength..alot finished from 2020..new canvass..new highway..was stuck..now I’m unstuck..need funds move forward..car died..need wheels and a prayer

  4. We had our referendum yesterday. The idea was to create a Voice to government for our first people, so they can have a greater say in their own affairs. It failed badly. Uncontained misinformation did not help. The feeling in the street was heavy with an under current…l wont leave the house today. l feel ashamed.

      1. Thank you. l dont know what to say to my neighbours. And how to explain this to the children…they understood. It was an opportunity to bring us together.

        1. The feeling will pass in a couple of weeks as the country does some deep soul searching. In the meantime, just tell you children that as citizens, you did your best.

          I don’t foresee a new referendum on the issue for decades (look at what happened after the referendum on Oz becoming a republic failed to garner enough support) but that doesn’t mean that more meaningful action can’t be taken to improve education, health and life outcomes for Aboriginal and TSI people.

          1. Is this a land issue at heart, i. e, who owns the land? Because if the aborigines have more political power/a voice then surely what will be spoken about is the land, and then… resources.

            1. Sophiab, what you might be worried about would have to go through gov. this was about being heard. Self determination.

              1. Thanks for the explanation Dianne. I’m not worried, just trying to understand what it’s about, as I’m not in oz.

                It’s funny but in the times we are living in and with what happened in oz with the pandemic, lockdowns, mandates, etc, how harsh the gov/bureaucracy/admin got, I would think everyone in oz should be concerned about having a voice and self determination!

          2. You get it Estella and sadly you are right. l did hear International courts mentioned as a way forward. Australia doesnt get that we are one of the few counties that hasn’t got this done ‘fear…following lies told’ it is an effective tool. Work for some not others’. No heart.

          3. I saw a comment, Estella, that goes way back…l couldnt find it. It was a misquote too: Trust in Allah but tie up your camel. l have read Tracey Marks…but the quote came from a bloke l my street. Arabic background. l def. did not think of it first but neither did she.

  5. Right now, it’s Sunday morning where I am, so Moon has joined Mars in transformation-oriented Scorpio, trine Saturn of blockages in Pisces, among other things, healing. I think this speaks for Australia, which is now a divided country after yesterday’s referendum, and for me, who is wondering why haven’t my new meds (wonderful though it is in so many ways) worked???🤔

    Personally, while my meds have made me look like my old self, and I’m an beyond grateful for that, it’s been no silver bullet to shed the 8kg that my stupid, now-retired, thyroid put on. I’ve been reading every single article on med and lifestyle pertaining to my condition that I can find. Research, endocrinologists, naturopaths, other patients yadda yadda. 😩

    So under the current auspices of the planets, I am contemplating what more can I do to improve matters. 🤔

  6. Yes. Divided. l dont say more atm. Needs time to really sink in, in more ways than one…

    l have been hearing about so many throat throat issues– thyroid esp.(4th) (Taurus Uranus hitting fixed planets?) The last before you,Estella, was a Leo. If you have found something that works (for you) l am so glad. That is half the battle. Ive got Uranus in Leo 6th. I was a meds refuser, that was a good choice for me. Proved right over time. Stay well. Be well.

    1. my bad. Not saying this is 4th hs related. l know 4 people with thyroid issues…and now l walk away from the machine.

    2. Thanks for the good wishes, Dianne!🙏

      I wish that a healthy, working thyroid sans medication was an option for me, but after a lifetime of Pluto in Libra (also my chart ruler) my thyroid is too far gone. It did not help that I was a sickly kid who grew into an adult that had gestational diabetes.

      This is the healthiest I have ever been. But it takes a huge amount of work (Mars in Virgo is my other chart ruler) for me to get here.

      Tr Uranus opposing my natal Uranus was more peaceful than I would have anticipated. There was nothing that I didn’t anticipate – not even the total shutting down of my thyroid. That was a decade in the works. 😬 Maybe it’s because Uranus aspects my AC and my luminaries and so many of my planets, that it’s a familiar merry-go-round for me. 🤔

      With Uranus in the 6th, your approach to health and everyday life is unorthodox and it works for you!!!

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