Weekly Forecast: August 28 – September 1, 2023 – Pisces Full Moon

river full moonMonday morning, the Capricorn Moon moves from sextile to retro Neptune through conjunction to retro Pluto, highlighting their ongoing sextile. If you wish to feel it, the emotional power available creates an opportunity to flush out ingrained resistance to personal, divine flow.

The Moon then moves to Aquarius and a trine to newly minted, Libra Mars. Do things feel different? It’s a new way to go, a forward-facing, pro-social, balanced approach. The mood is at once controlled and exciting, as though anything could happen. Feel free to be the one who acts like anything is possible.

By nighttime, the Aqua Moon opposes Juno in Leo, and Uranus stations retrograde. Do you need something from someone? Something different? Chaos feels like passion, but this passion is best expressed in committing to associations with a solid track record that make you feel proud of yourself, as well as doing good for others.

On Tuesday, the Aquarius Moon opposes retro Venus in Leo, squares Jupiter, and sextiles retro Chiron before going on to square retro Uranus. The mood is fresh and invigorating, but it slows just enough to bring focus to EVERYTHING we want. Everything, everywhere all at once? How are we to make sense of what we’re after?

All week, retro Virgo Mercury heads into trine with Taurus Jupiter, and we’re reminded of what makes sense. It’s also a chance for a huge epiphany. Take advantage of the slowing of the scene. It blows up the picture so all is visible. It’s a LOT. Tuesday night’s mood illuminates a chance to learn something unexpected, unprecedented.

Wednesday the Moon continues in Aquarius, moving through the midpoint of the Neptune-Pluto sextile. The mood crackles with novel pleasure as it pixelates fairy dust arching to the darkness.

Once the Moon hits Pisces, it heads into conjunction with retro Saturn. It goes on to oppose the Virgo Sun: the full moon. What’s real? We’re tethered, feeling a responsibility to the past. If we let go of something, will we feel free? Or will we feel lost? In this state, nothing is truly lost. You can let go for now, let go into the flow. Trust it.

That doesn’t mean anything good or bad. But it does signal the necessity to drop a burden. The burden may be the feeling itself. Perhaps. What drifts away feels like the right thing to lose, maybe the right thing you couldn’t let go of before, the fantasy?

On Thursday, the Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter. Whatever culminated, however you feel personally, trust that it was necessary. You can feel emerging meaning! That is your new tether/ballast/steady support. It’s not an anchor now, it’s an engine.

The Moon goes on to oppose retro Mercury then sextile retro Uranus and conjoins Pisces ruler retro Neptune. It sextiles retro Pluto overnight. “You had the power all along, my dear.” There is no place like being at home in your heart.

Early Friday, the Pisces Moon finishes its Pluto sextile then heads into Aries to oppose Libra Mars. Sometimes Pisces Moon can leave us feeling a bit out of it, especially with so much going on. However, this time it’s refreshing – like a crisp morning after deep sleep. Ready to go. With so many planets retrograde, look for unfinished business you can whip into shape and finish with flair.

Let those quick fixes wander into beautiful beginnings. You end something and it frees up energy to start something new!

The rest of the day, the Aries Moon heads into trine with retro Venus in Leo. Rawr! It’s okay if you enjoy it too!

The full moon takes place at 7 degrees Pisces, in waning conjunction to retro Saturn. Where does this fall in your chart?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: August 28 – September 1, 2023 – Pisces Full Moon”

  1. As it pixelates fairy dust arching to the darkness ♥️♥️♥️♥️ in my 6th House. I am decluttering like there’s no tomorrow, enjoying the chaos it is generating, and planning ahead for remodeling a room that has been oh so under-estimated for eight years. It will be my winter nest😇 thank you Satori, always right in point🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Pisces in the 6th and Virgo 12th house. If I didn’t know about astrology I would be floating, thinking I’m depressed. But I know that retrograde Mercury is a chance to go deeper for some treasures and Venus retrograde will end soon.
    Mars will conjunct my AC soon, life will look and feel different by then. There’s a ton of impatience I need to reign in, Jupiter in Taurus sits opposite my Scorpio Moon and Neptune still square my Sag Sun.
    The full Moon at 6 Pisces doesn’t connect with personal planets or angles, I’m content to receive whatever it brings along between the 6th and the 12th house. It’s an internal affair.

  3. The full moon will be on my natal Moon in Pisces at 7* 6th house, Sun in 12th. I just realised that means a full moon in my lunar return so I will go check out the chart. With Uranus stationing 1* from my Sun, the energy feels uncanny, with a strong sense of unseen forces providing support and guidance – telling me, there’s no need to be afraid, trust.

  4. Full moon in 2nd house. I have been concerned about finances and resources. Maybe I need to have faith that it will work out.

  5. She? the Full Moon is in my 2nd House, too. We are surrounded by the wild fires of a very dry tinderbox environment. Rain has finally come to dampen. Us very sensitive, hunker down; find the ways through; help our kin to get through their rough times; give thanks; read good stories; fold in laughter and kisses. Values worth living/loving.
    Satori…thank you this is a good star story ❤️!!

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