Weekly Forecast: March 4-8, 2024 – Appetite For Change

Jane treesThis week, the Moon moves from the end of Sadge through the beginning of Pisces in the last quarter before the new moon in Pisces (early Sunday). The mood is flavored by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, then Neptune. The mood expands, contracts, electrifies, then diffuses. It benefits us to dream up our appetite for ultimate satisfaction.

Mercury is part of a large stellium in Pisces: Saturn, Sun, Mercury, and Neptune. On Monday it perfects a sextile to Uranus, and the senses are tuned in to the fantastic, the new, the weird. It’s likely we’ll get a shot of electric inspiration by midday. It then spends the rest of the week closing in on a conjunction to Neptune (exact Friday morning). Special psychic powers? Maybe, but definitely relax your mind and open to the possibility that truth can come in many forms… and often just when you need it.

It’s also important, though, to be aware that being mislead or misunderstanding can also be a thing. Keep your believies loose, time will tell.

Aquarius Venus pulls away from its longtime conjunction to Mars and makes no new aspects this week. It’s a good time to be inquisitive with your values and consider where they can be improved. Or just live them, and see how they work!

Mars closes a sextile to Aries Chiron on Wednesday and then heads into square with Uranus, exact Saturday. We’re in the process of implementing solid, new gains in function, so don’t be worried if we experience some problems in the process. It’s a chance to see the cracks or flaws and fix them before they worsen.

Monday morning’s Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune then moves to Capricorn midday (with no more major aspects). This coincides with Mercury’s exact sextile to Uranus; so if you’re not sure about what you’re seeing (hearing, feeling, thinking), give it time.

On Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon sextiles sign-ruler Saturn, trines Jupiter, sextiles the Sun, squares Chiron, then trines Uranus. That’s a lot, but Capricorn moods have stamina. There’s early intensity, a glide into creativity, a stick in the spokes, then innovation that leads to gains. Mars is there with the assist, in the form of a sextile to Chiron. Take advantage and move things forward. Learn from it; the learning makes for easy improvement.

Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mercury then Neptune. Persistence and great timing create a stable mood for tuning in to the subtle nuances that precede revelation. The Moon moves to Aquarius in the afternoon, right into a conjunction with Pluto. It feels like change: ride it out, but go where it sends you.

Thursday’s Aquarius Moon sextiles Chiron, conjoins Mars, then squares Uranus overnight. The mood fosters tweaking recent improvements in a way that is both easy and rewarding. The challenge is in knowing when to stop tweaking and move on to something new.

Friday morning, Mercury conjoins Neptune and the Aquarius Moon conjoins Venus. Consider the ideal… your ideal, the ideal for all. Do they coincide? In what ways… or what ways not. The magic is in the considering. Raise issues within yourself, not to fix or control but to understand and integrate. Our values also improve in this way. The mood is pleasant and we are NOT bored. We need stimulation, but we also need something different.

The Moon goes on to Pisces in the afternoon… drifting on out without any major aspects till it hits Saturn on Saturday. The variety of moods is vast, but all are highly sensitive. It’s okay to float with it as there’s an end in sight. How deep is the water? Relax and you’ll float. Drink and drugs are only for the experts on Friday night.

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  1. I am hoping our “something different” enters with the blush of spring, then ever so lightly with one gabillion new petals of magic and scents , new curls and twirls to the landscape , a full blown pregnancy of Ya-Hay!! It’s a new-born Season just waiting to be held and loved every second forward “baby, I been waiting for You!!”

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